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"being black..."


Well said!

Movies that involves rape, audiences are outraged by them. Movies such as Irreversible and Ichi the Killer.

These idiots who defend the game wouldn't understand because they have corrupted minds, they are the ones who enjoy "Top 10 video game babes" or "Best Sexy video game babes".

People like this shouldn't even be taken seriously, since they repeatedly use the word "Rape" in video games, so they think rape is alrig... #68.1
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Now let's get started:

defenders of this game are the ones saying Resident Evil 5 isn't racist.

What as this world come to?

And I bet there's already an hentai game based on you the rapist, raping a child (lillcon).

"SHUT UP! Don't let it crush your mind that I wouldn't mind raping a dead girl
Perhaps am I just let you live a little bit longer"


&quo... #64
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if you can read this, then I can finally comment in the gamer zone.
by the way, defenders of this game are wanna be rapist:P #63
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The game is out for a long time, why make this a big deal?
Yes I would turn against the MP cuz he's acting like an asshole.

"I will be raising this matter in Parliament and hope that action is taken to prevent the game from being sold."

That's so lame! Japan love these sort of stuff, the game is based on simulation and hentai adult game.
Anything to do with hentai involves rape. Game was developed in Japan and should be sold in Japan.
There are tons of weird stuff Jap people do, and we don't need them... #17
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get a good life
Seriously...get a freaking life!
Simulator is a virtual training...if you are playing a rape stimulator, it means you want to be a rapist.
Get a freaking life and go and rape a real female instead.

Killing people in video games isn't a simulator, you are doing it for a reason. And the reason is to get to the goal or survive. Or are you trying to get to your goal or survive by raping?

This game was designed for two reasons. Elements showing how to rape, si... #39
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To the defenders of this game who bang on about "why should we not allow this rape game, but we can allow killing and violence in other game (or rape in movies)".

These sort of words shows your moral stupidity!
This isn't an ordinary game, it's a stimulation game. Teaching you how to rape. What? Because it's made into a game, you think it's not serious?
You can also take driving test online as a game simulator. So if that can be taken seriously why shouldn't... #4
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But you've got to admit, the hoe girl does have some nice knockers.
No wonder she was able to cum out the baby at that age with the help of a 13 year old's cum. #5
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fanboy begging
Another Itagaki fanboy...get the hell out!
The guy is a director not an art designer, code support, music artist, concept designer, game tester etc. He didn't make any game, he directed and produced games.

Because people hail him for bringing DOA and Ninja Gaiden, he too started buying it and kept boasting he made those games.

Itagaki is the head of Team Ninja, Team Ninja is part of Tecmo.

By the means nothing nowadays:/ You need to pl... #3
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here we go again
The same list again and again.
These journalism who have nothing to do should really get a life, it's so annoying.
All these sexiest articles are always the same listing of women you've heard off. #4
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Rapist #31
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oh well
Who gives a damn!
Now I can finally play Tekken games on 360. And we can now see DOA games on PS3.

DOA2 was on ps2, so what's the problem? #37
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please don't approve this piece of trash!

It wasn't funny, but annoying and over used!

The only original will be Nintendo 64 kid:/

Plus the kid never poo'ed in the video:/ #10
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watch the video here

Best part is 0:35:) #35
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Gamespot: don't trust reviews
Look who's talking, unlike their own flaw reviews and fakeness.

You don't need to worry about reviews!
Just look at the pros and cons written by different reviewers, then you can tell if the game is worth it or not. The final score means nothing (IGN final rating: Graphics: 9. Sound: 9.5 Story: 9.5 Presentation 9.5 Long Lasting: 9.0 OVERALL: 9.0) That doesn't make sense, because the overall should be 9.5.

When you read reviews, only look for the good poin... #64
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who cares
Why was this posted!?
Why do we want to know if he looks like Donkey Kong|!?

Seriously :/ #3
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Someone was telling me about this, you can exchange games you don't need for points and if someone decides to buy your game, you can use your earned points to request for a game you need.
Basically money doesn't get involved!

Which is a good thing since if you try selling your games at your game store, you'll get a bad price!

The only problem is, it may take a long time for someone to request your game, or you requesting a game #3
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broken link
Not only did it cancel the show, it disturbed my delivery!
I was supposed to be getting Devil May Cry 4 today. Now I'll have to stick with Left4Dead and Ninja Gaiden Black for goodness sake!

I need a new game! #5
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What ever! the game only cost 30 pounds, which means it isn't guaranteed for everyone to like the game.
If it's 39 pounds, then it's a Halo/Gears/COD sort of title worth purchasing! #28
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