being black...


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just bunch of complaints man!
the driving is slow? then you must be playing with Sports Car pack:/

I am not annoyed with the Team Kills, I'm more annoyed with the farking idiots who play as a cop and ram you even though you are a cop too.

It's alright to do so as a racer but as a cop is just irritating because you are on the same damn team!

Other than that, all of the authors complains are flawed, he better go back to playing ...

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it's like bunch of kids fighting.


-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

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I haven't bought Black Ops, Gran Turimo 5 yet and the game sold millions already!

so piracy will not affect games sales!

what affects the game sales are used games!

when you buy their games, don't sell them or it will anger the publishers!

It's alright to pirate games, publishers don't care.
Devs do not care because they know idiots and fanboys will always buy their games!

if you reall...

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I can't stand all these farking idiots who think they are loyal and innocent because they paid for the game!

Are you that retarded?

I just rented Assassin's Creed AKA Assman Creed (after years of release), I am not enjoying the game, it's boring and dragging!
Though the game sold well without me buying it or others buying it and rented it!

Therefore no matter if people pirate games, it will still sale because there are loy...

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had an Xbox 360, sold the piece of sh* and used saving money to get PS3!

Happy with the decisions and what the Beast has to offer!

why disagree when I'm happy? gtfo!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

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lol...she simply yank of that guy's head man O_o

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

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it's essentially the same as SSF4, while SSF4 is the same as SF4.

All you get are additional contents, all costume DLCs and features that made the 3DS awesome work with the game.

Look out for DOA Dimensions instead

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

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wow no reports? the xbox 360 fanboys, anti hacking and Sony workers are asleep!

please hackers make this possible:

Picture snapshot when watching a movie
more emus
online support for emu- Kaillera Client (I want to play co-op AvP)
font styles (tired of rounded font)
Unleash X
ability to upload own custom dynamics

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wow man!
this game is not released yet!?

what's taking so long man!? O_o

everyone will soon be moving to 3D!

3D on 3DS
3D on PS3
3D on PC
3D on....oh wait...XBOX 360 can't do 3D (if you disagree then you are just an xbox 360 fanboy)

Anyway...hope it's a lot like Hard Corps on Genesis, that game was dead hard and dead fun at the same time!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

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get her out of here!

I nominate Raiden

"Metal Gear Solid.......Rising!"
I like that guy's voice how he says his name in Rising trailer "wink wink" to this -_O Bayonetta

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

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cool cool!

submission even got approved...nice to see that!

like i said earlier, Monkeys do grow on trees! so why disagree stupid fanboys?

nice dynamic theme, I don't remember XBOX doing something like that O_o.

lol...I love my ps3 man! in fact I'm gonna go turn it on NOW!

time to get ready for the usual Marvel vs Capcom 1 and Alien vs Predator.

yo...hackers! Make the emu enabled for ...

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even though this does not get approved.

I'll let you know:

PS3 is winning!

if I become a game designer: I will make a game EXCLUSIVELY for the PS3!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

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I will get disagree again but it's true.
women are made of meat that men wants to devour!
reference- check PS Home!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

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no...he learnt it from your mom.
if he sleeps with mom, expect her not say anything to her friends because her friends will follow and cheat on husband.

You are the troll now get out of here.

This place is more Xbox 360 fanboy than ps3.
Ps3 users are just reporting them because they work for Sony and don't want their console to be hack. They want others to pay £40 up front because they do so too!

Articles about Kinect...

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I like gamesmint because they bring good news about games but not regularly.

and I really dislike them for trash articles such as this they publish!

it just makes them look like a socialist games site or wanna be games journalist!

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!>:/

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Tecmo Koei is on the list

Ni-Oh preview

Ninja Gaiden 3 GDC:)
that is why it's even sicker!

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I can't wait to try out this DLC, once again use the Chainsaw move and listen to the Vampire music.

about Laura, she may look young but shouldn't see be around the age of 34yrs in a form of a child?

ref- Interview With Da Vampire

disagree sons, I don't care
if you comment below me and it's negative then you are inferior to me! Think positive.
positive thinking like ps3 is better than xbox 360 which is a fact and n...

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what will Sony do?

they can go fark themselves!

I paid for the OtherOS and they removed it without compensation!
WTF? you think monkey grows on tree?

disagreeing does nothing, it only proved you are butthurt.

Yo! the emulators better have online function man!
I wanna play Alien vs Predator co-op on FinalBurnAlpha!

Come on guys, where is XBMC and the sweet tasty ass homebrews?
Bluray ho...

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just get a ps3 man!

no good exclusive character on xbox 360>:/

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:) 2012
devil's third 2012 :/

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salarymen trying to sell the game to everyone.
instant fail

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:) 2012
devils third 2012:/

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