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Way to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the article.

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You're right. I'm apparently terrible at math. It should have been 26 years, not 17. Sorry about that.

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Um.. The 17 years is because Ex-Patriot is a direct sequel. MIA was a spiritual successor, like Hard Corps: Uprising is to Contra: Hard Corps.

I'm glad your experience was better, and my review was written based on playing the PSN version, so maybe there's a difference between the two versions.

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You are most likely correct. PS3 Debugging stations have the same "install package files" in the XMB that you see on hacked systems.

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Alpha Protocol was one of my favorite games this Gen. I loved it and I've mentioned it in several of my "best of" articles. I tell SEGA all the time they need to make a sequel. :p

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John is an SRPG fanatic, so you don't have to worry about that. ;)

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We should have one of those up soon! ;)

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I approve of these choices.

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Child of Eden is the only real reason I want a Kinect, tbh.

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Agreed. No reason why they should bastardize Resident Evil. RE5 is still fresh in people's minds, and it hasn't been shelved for a while like Devil May Cry has.

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Dante's Inferno isn't a bad choice. As a matter of fact had this been a top 15 or 20, it would have been in there. I edged it out just slightly because it did pretty well. I wouldn't include Heavy Rain though, because from where I stand having platinumed it, it's highly overrated. It's good, but it's not as life changing as some have described it. It's ironic to me that a lot of the same people that praise Heavy Rain are the same people who have described Final Fan...

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Nah, I didn't base this on sales. Just on my personal experiences. I can't even tell you how many "hardcore gamers" I've spoken to who all had the same reply when I mentioned Bayonetta "eh, I never tried it. no real interest".

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Enslaved is definitely on my list of things I plan on playing before the end of the year! Glad to know it's as good as I've been hearing it is!

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That's kind of what my point in posting it here was, to give people who may have missed it a second shot, especially considering the recent price drop.

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Mega Man 2 being released for 3DS = winrar!

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New MK looks great. Funny to see Boon become a liar though, after swearing he was done with them after Armageddon.

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Awesome video. Almost makes me miss my Wii. Almost.

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They should have ended the COD franchise after CoD2, imo. This story just keeps getting sadder though, for IW.

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