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i disagree. I think fans need to realize they fell in love with the game that the developers produced without all thier feedback to begin with and sometimes they need to just let the developers make the game they want instead of making minimal changes to core gameplay so that don't piss off their hardcore fanbase. #16
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I get fustrated by developers patching games(day 1 in particular) when I paid 60 dollars for them.

Either finish the game before you make it gold or don't complain. #11
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As long as it doesn't take the gangster route I'll be happy. While I don't respect the mafia, the history and culture are a lot more appealing to me then the urban gangs.

If we're looking at cities I wouldn't mind seeing new-orleans and miami as being the hosts. New orleans could add some interesting european/french influences, where as miami is known for drugs and latin influence.

I personally wouldn't mind seeing it cross the boarder... #10
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shipped and sold are the same thing. All manufacturers use shipped to retailer or sold to retail. Prior to this change, manufactured was used. #7.1.2
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Considering what they're now doing with halo waypoint, atlas, etc, I'm extremely happy to hear this.

Halo reach might not be crysis, or gears of war, or uncharted, but those games don't have half of the feature set that reach has.

Graphics aren't everything, and they'll only become less and less important the more technology advances. Visuals have diminishing returns, subdivision is harder to notice, texture resolution is harder to notice,... #11
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I think the engine is to specialized. Criterion made their engine with the notion of middleware in mind, hence it was more flexible. #10.2
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They have at least one major feature and at least one more new track to announce iirc.

Ovals are added so that people can test configs for their cars quickly matching top speeds and such. They also allow for some fun online gametypes like their mouse game.

The wheel support is shitty, but I think the game more then makes upfor it, especially if you have a fanatech wheel. (best wheel by a mile)

If anything, it's logitech just being cheap b... #12.1
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They're using point-cloud streaming, if it worked we'd be using it already. It requires data sets to be streamed over an Internet connection, hence The low hardware requirements.

Forget animation, these guys have no real way of calculating hit detection and collision, if they could they wouldn't be using a floating camera. Red flags should be popping up at the fact there's no player or player camera. #14
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Whether or not it's innovative is beyond the point, it's the fact that he's undermining everything else about the game to focus on the visuals and the media/general publics, opinion of it.

The game is more then just visuals, and what he's doing is just as hypocritical as the gaming press which he's lambasting. #2.3.2
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yeah, the problem is that jaffe has done nothing to help push the creative envelope except bitch at gaming journalism. Case and point, his calling all cars which he claimed was "creative" take on the twisted metal formula but was really just a rip off of cel damage.

When reviews said the game lacked anything special he blew up. Just like he blows up about everything.

He's a joke, and does nothing but sulley the name of gaming press in order to c... #2.3
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this guy is a piece of shit. His games suck, he's pulled through by his teams, and he's as opinionated and anoying as dyack.

Dear Jaffe, just because you made a game called "God of War" doesn't mean you're a God of videogames. #53
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Sony has a higher invested interest in new IP's. Unlike Microsoft, Sony, can more easily create movies based on movie franchises which can help spur on aditional profits. #25
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yeah, hence why I'm complaining. They're taking what was the sniper class and turning it into a "team" class. Well, unless a team is 2 players, then the sniper class doesn't need more. IIRC, snipers tend to run as a team of two, you have the shooter and the sentry.

Instead of figuring out the issues with the sniper class, accounting for them via good level design, they're just going to create more benefits for a sniper to play like a "team"... #6.1.1
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Why must developers completely break class roles to the point that each class has no variety. It's happening with tf2 and now they're going to do it to bf. (why does a sniper need a bow and arrow for mid-range attack, if you want to play a mid range character there's already the soldier and demo man)

Instead of taking the hard route and trying to balance out all classes developers are just giving these classes new weapons/equipment that makes them play more like a... #6
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eh, as long as the dont make the game a dusty mess like BC2. They should really think more about actually desinging levels that don't allow for camping instead of just throwing in small graphical tweaks to make up it.

Feels to me like they're taking the easy way out. #25
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they have great skyboxes. #4
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Now if only they could get the shrubbery, trees, and water from the original crysis and tessellate everything so that the textures actually looked like real objects and not just lower polygon models with normal maps. #19
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well, except they added custom shaders/code for:

Light shafts

as well as:
increasing polygon counts
high resolution texture packs

and running at a higher resolution to begin with then the consoles 720p or w/e.

This definetly couldn't be done on consoles, with how it looks now, don't kid yourself. Sure gta4 released now would look better then when it released,... #13.1.1
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kinect headtracking? look one direction shoot in the other. #19
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I'm sorry, what? risc, really? What's next, cpu's can only handle one instruction at a time? Maybe look into vetor processing or something.

The whole point of opencl, cuda, and compute shaders is to provide the gpu with an api which can perform functions of a cpu. #2.1.1
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