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How many more for Zelda to catch up to Uncharted or The Last of Us?

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Download Blockada and you'll never have issues again.

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Yeah, if only people were buying the X

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Lol my man. You again talking about 3rd party games that look better on the newer, more expensive console. You don't even own this game.

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I have no issues with boob streamers.

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I don't think going 3rd party is a good idea. Let's say MS goes 3rd party and Sony doesn't. Then why would I buy an Xbox when I can play all the games on a Playstation device? This would diminish hardware sales for MS and people would buy more Playstation consoles.

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Oh, the irony is too much.

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Don't be silly LP. Who needs software when you have hardware? /S

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You can do way more things on a PC than on a console, so I'm not sure where you are trying to get at when you sah that PC gamers focus on power.

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I thought that the Forza (main game) and Horizon were developed by different people.

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I can imagine Amazon executives saying to each other "hey, let's go to N4G to see what suggestions their users have for us"

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So, if you are a man with no muscle, does that mean you look like a woman?

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I see what you are doing ;)

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Lol, Septic of all people talking about fanboys. Talk about irony.

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