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So, let me get this straight. You knew from Destiny 1 that this is a social game, and you still got Destiny 2?
Also, if you are a loner that's your choice, there are thousands of posts on Bungie's forums regarding people who want to meet other people to do raids/nightfall and other stuff.

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20117? Damn, what's the future like?

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The hell are you guys talking about? This is like the 3rd time Xur can be visited.

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Lol my man Kionic eating some humble pie.

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Yeah, don't get the second game because the first game's controls were awful. Makes sense.

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Great game

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Hardware wise maybe, although it is obvious because the X is newer and more expensive.

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Because one game crashes?

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"I would probably choose features and benefits that I use daily over games I'm not buying or interested in."
Wow, that's just silly bananas.
You can downplay exclusives as much as you want, but that's one of the main reasons to get a console. I don't need a $500 machine that does stuff that my TV can already do.

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Oh, u so cool. Please tell us more.

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Lol, 1st, you didn't answer my question. 2nd, I always said that the more expensive, newer XOneX is more powerful.

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But dude, are you even buying the new Xbox? Thought your PC was more powerful.

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Also, according to Edge, Tetris is better than Ocarina of Time and there is no Uncharted 2. Interesting.

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Hate train?

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Wow dude, why do you get so offended?
You must be young, or an invert who is just fishing for likes. Go back to Catfishing females on the internet.

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Haters be like "is more of the same, so I'm gonna go play COD"

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