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Lol dude, you are so sad.

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Lol nice to see you back to "normal", Septic

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You are mistaken, the PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide since it launched

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My brother from another mother seems a little worried.

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Yeah, Abriael is into that kind of thing.

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Most of Nintendo's decisions make no sense.

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When you have no new IPs and have to play old games on your new system...

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Well, that's a dumb comment if I've ever heard one.
First of all, LeFlop has always played in a very weak eastern conference, second, his Finals record sucks, third, he keeps team hopping to get help getting championships.

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He'll bring everything, except new IPs ;)
Here is my prediction though, there will be some Halo/Gears/Forza announcement.

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Saying the truth is being negative?

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At least they have games to show, unlike other consoles showing old racing games.

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@Deep-throat (what a fitting username)
Horizon says hi. That's the appeal of the Playstation brand, there is something for everyone.
That's one of the reasons why so many people moved from the 360 to the PS4, because of games.

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It would be pretty dumb to assume that Skydragoon believes that Alloy is a real person, but you are not that dumb, right Roadkillers?

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Nintendo fans are so funny.
News "Multiple reports of Nintendo Switch consoles exploding injuring owners"
Nintendo fans "Yeah, but did they die?"

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I never had to change any of my PlayStation consoles and I had them all (except the Pro, of course) for over 8 years.

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Can you shut up about the "wait till E3"?
Didn't you Xbox fans do that last year too?

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Sold more than Halo 5, what does that say?

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4th reason to buy an Xbox... exclusive games? lol

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Looks awesome, but yeah... no.

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