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As soon as I saw the main image I though "Dualshockers"

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Lol yeah. People want all the new stuff from the beginning.

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The article's heat is no the only thing rising right now.

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How to check ticket replies if you deleted the notification?
How to make it to the forums?

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Yay me!!
And yeah, yay the other winners too (even the good sports who didn't win, like Beans)

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Or you can just... you know... not go to their website?

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The PS2 is the best console because it had the best games.

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Just a thought, but it would be nice if Spotify Premium was automatic for PS+ members. I'd even go as far as to say that I'd pay an extra $10 a year for that.

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Man, I would not touch Abriael's VR stuff. Yuck

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You don't live in Seattle, do you...
Beautiful city with a lot of different landscapes. Would make a great city for GTA.

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I do get a laugh when I read "they listen to the fans"
Some people have very short memory.

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Highest-rated exclusive is an Indie that just dethroned another Indie game from the top? Lol

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Anything to back up your claim? Didn't think so.

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I'm a Sony fan, I'm not a Crash Bandicoot fan and even I thought it was silly to remaster old titles instead of a next gen game (or both)

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I think you'll get to control the son after the tutorial (the E3 gameplay)
OT: Not a big fan of the new voice actor.

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Didn't read the article, but did he really say he wanted to make developers aware of it? Didn't they say that they spoke to developers and asked them what they want for the new console???

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Lol, you are not even trying now. Sad as usual.

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