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"MLG. Those who can't play Halo, play CoD, and those who can't play CoD, play zombies."


Actually if you paid attention to the first cut scene they did explain it. #1.1.3
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Actually if you jump on reddit the community seems to be pretty torn on Xbox. Lots are complaining about it being nothing like Halo at all. Which is kind of sad honestly because to similarities imo, are staggering. While the general consensus on PS is pretty positive. It's weird. #1.2.7
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Time to put my 780ti to the test. Haha #7
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Tell that to kingpin and evga. #5.2
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God dude I remember hearing that so much back in my old apartment when I use to play CoD4 for hours. Id take a break and grab a drink or food on the main menu and hear that damn thing loop every 5 mins lol

Good times. Good times. #9.1
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That's strange I was just playing last night and running the escape from lion's arch event and saw at least 100-200 other players with me. Went to the airship to unload my bags and was put into overflow because of how packed the areas are right now. And I'm not even on the most popular server, so you sir are crazy. #1.1.3
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The Xenoblade SKU for new has been cut off. I don't think this was an intentional thing because its been gone for a while now. They just hold things at the warehouse. So I don't see why people are flipping out. Especially since the game was GameStop exclusive in the first place. #3.1
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I've been saying this for so long now. Its crazy to think otherwise. #1.2.2
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Its because Watch Dogs was there original concept for AC3. I still firmly believe that. #3
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Oh trust me I'm not defending them in anyway. I was a long devote xbox fan for a while (mostly because of competitive gaming). In fact, after all that's been said lately, I really wouldn't doubt this is real. I just think its funny with all the negative PR, this kind just curses up a storm in an interview. #16.1.1
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I want more proof on the legitimacy of this document. This so called "Engineer" is speaking on behalf of a reputable company and likes to throw around "shit" quite often. #16
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I'm upset not because of how the game looks, it looks amazing! I'm upset because this is the 3rd trailer in 7 years and we still don't have a damn release date. I barely know anything about the story, who those guys were on the latest trailer, why everyone is fighting who they are fighting. Don't you think after this long we should have a lot more info on idk....THE GAME! Instead we get another trailer, a platform switch, and still no release date. I'm sick of getting... #10.2
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I completely agree. While I do agree this game looks and probably will be fun to play. This IS NOT a FF game. Turn based games are not dying. There are plenty of great turn based JRPG's that have come out in the last 5 years that are simply astounding. I always like to throw out Radiant Historia lately, because that was probably one of the best DS games I have ever played. You're crazy to think the original JRPG is dead.

That being s... #1.1.17
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You could be right. GameStop is getting copies pretty early. #30.1
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Apparently Halo has given birth to multiplayer gaming effectively.

What a joke.

I love me some Halo, but wow really? #8
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Yes it was, indeed!


I think the success of brotherhood really made them make some changes to want they had planned with the series. Thus, Watch Dogs was born. It all makes sense when you really think about it. #1.3.3
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I am thoroughly convinced that Watch Dogs was the original concept for AC3. Once Ubisoft realized how big AC had gotten and that they could milk it like crazy, plans changed and the original AC3 became what we see as Watch Dogs.

I mean seriously though, AC was supposed to be a trilogy and now AC4 is coming out? #1.3
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Finally a read not bashing the company and who understands that it is a business first. Great read!

I've been a Store Manager for GS for well over 2 years now (been with the company for 6) and while it's not the best job, it's certainly not the worst.

For anyone who works at GS currently, I think we can all agree that RSB's are the worst thing ever. lol #8
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Nothing more indeed, though the ending of Infinite kind of makes you wonder the possibilities. :D #1.1.1
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Totally agree. I like the game because it is different. #1.4.1
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