MLG. Those who can't play Halo, play CoD, and those who can't play CoD, play zombies.


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Lol yeah people use BC because Xbox doesn't have a lot of good exclusives to play. Simple fact.

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Agreed! Dragon Force or bust!

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Just a friendly reminder that the sharpshooter will not be compatible with Farpoint when it launches next year. :(

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@Ju I've been saying this since all of this started. There's literally 122 4k blu ray movies out right now. I find it ridiculous to believe if you have any of these movies you waited until Sony's GAMING system to play them. You watch movies on a media device. Not a gaming system. That's what the Xbox is for. A media system. All that TV TV TV TV. It's so obvious it's just Xbox fan boys it's ridiculous.

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I really don't understand. There's about 100 4k blu ray movies. You mean to tell me you've owned said movies and didn't have a device to play them in the first place? That makes no sense.

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How many of you actually have 4k blu ray movies anyway? There's like only 30 of them on the market. You mean to tell mean you've owned said movies and didn't own a 4k blu ray player already? Pfffff. If so y'all are idiots. Sony is so smart here. They know the future is streaming.

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For me it's never been an issue of driver support on one over the other, but customer support from different brands. EVGA has an AMAZING SUPPORT TEAM, and ever since I just have chosen to stick by them. I'll pay the price for better support with my parts, that's for sure. :) I do think this generation of cards is very intriguing on how closely they are performing though.

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I am manager for GameStop and can confirm what he is saying. North woods is the Black Ops 3 Alpha that was provided to us last year.

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@hvd222 How can there not be a trade in program? I am a manager at GameStop and we currently give $200 store credit for ps4s and sell them for $319 pre owned. Funny thing is, they still sell extremely well pre owned even though it's only a few $'s cheaper. That shows you the buying power of the customers. Trust me when I say this system will still fly off the shelf, even if the upgrade is only like $250 credit. Still a good bit of money for the average consumer.

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Length doesn't determine a good story. There are plenty of games out there that are extremely long with very mediocre stories...

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There's no interest to be earned..are you deliberately stupid? If I pre ordered a game and decided even 4 years after the game releases I didn't want it, I can get my money back. They take pre orders to determine how many copies to send to stores. You're not gonna send 100 copies to a store that pre orders 2 copies. That doesn't make sense. Use your brain.

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It's like a new Corpse Party! Looks great.

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@JDoki I like how you get a disagree for stating facts. Gotta love N4G.

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Best FF ever? I'm not convinced are you kidding me? So summons are now get out of jail free cards?

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Obviously I was being sarcastic with the amount and you're right I have no doubt the Ai isn't going to be that great anyway. You're words literally stated you'd rather better graphics than better ai. Your words not mine.

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Are you fucking kidding me? You'd rather have stupid AI and 100 more pixels on a piece of grass over better AI? Please leave the gaming community kthx.

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All those graphics.
Can only play as one character.

What a fail. SE is a shadow of its former self.

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I'm not but people's idea for "lack of content is just crazy. There will be plenty of content, the game will be updated everyday. I will play Single Player yes. It will be good fun for when I don't feel like diving into Crucible. At the end of the day though, I play FPS's to play online. I grew up playing CS on the PC. Eventually I moved to Halo, and when Halo 2 came out that was it for me! I love story games trust me. My favorite game of all time is KOTOR, I'...

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*sigh* Bungie made Halo. Halo is all about multiplayer. All I care about it Crucible. Thanks.

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They already said content will be updated daily. Why are people upset?

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