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"Borderlands 2. Darksiders 2 and Halo 4. Good times ahead:)"


Hahaha and all fhey did was make a Halo game rip off.
Im guessing Halo 5 will be destinyesq but open world bigger and better. #1.7
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Im really dissapointed w/Destiny. Obviously it was made for last gen consoles with its closed feeling wbere as say The Witcher 3 you can go anywhere. I know different games but Destiny's one lo cal per planet is disaponting. Definately not a 10 yr game IMO but still fun but very last gen limited I can just play Halo 5 soon for a better more open experience or the Halo MCC for a similar feeling tbh. I just expected more. #1.11
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Hahaha lmfao. Xbox Live goes down for 2 hrs btw many svc were still available but the rare times it goes down and little sony fangirls go screaming about it. The weekly sony down goes unreported. Maint they call it hahaha seriously you little kids bave nothing better to do???
Xbox Live is a true A+ on line svc for Xbox 360 Xbox One and PC and its refined and truly the best. Sony for years was like going to tbe goodwill store for clothes, 2nd hand and smelled a little but it still work... #3.3
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Dont forget Tomb Raider def edition the XB1 locked 30 fps was better and smootber than the unlocked ps4 13 to 60 fps bumble. #3.3.3
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eSRAM is a good add on consideding they used ddr3 but it's to little to do whats needed. Its getting done but this is a live and learn for MS. They'll never make this mistake again nor will sony.
That aside, im fine if a game is 720p or higher. It all upscales to 1080p and looks great so no worries here. Its all about playability. Past witcher games were....complicated so i hope fhey've made W3 control scheme much easier to learn. On the fly decisions needs simplicity i... #1.6
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Good game but sooooo limited due to being cross gen.
This is not the game we had hoped for.
You can see vista's but cant reach them and all those loading screens painfully reminds me that this is so last gen.
I enjoyed it and will in september but it's not what it was ..................loading..... ..............promoted to be. #7
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Should be titlded 5 ways Destiny is DIFFERENT than Halo.
Its definately not better and unfair to compare. Compare to Halo 5 then try to stake that claim. #1.4
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Its becoming less and less the behemoth it once was and now more similar to mass effect/Halo w/a small mmo element. Halo 5 will probably be the game that Destiny hoped to be.
If they added more better public event/s or actually bigger public events then we'd have more reason to hang out n play. For example a search and destroy mission in an unused story mode area. It only makes sence more area of a map will open/unlock with time, expansions they'll probably call them. I just h... #1.5
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If you believe that masterfox then you have 1 of 2 things. Either your suffering from Norweigen Monkey Pox or your just an idiot fanboy. #1.13
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Your a lieing joke. Also, anyone who wants a fair comparison wait for digital foundry's comparison on release editions and or this Beta.
Anyone can tweek the lighting settings and if you look w/o sony or MS goggles both look great. #4.1.5
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Yes there is a difference, as usual the Xb1 vedsion has a bit more color and details, however a couple times tbe ps4 had better lighting however this is dualshockers so of course they'd try to tip tbe scales.
What gets me is all tbe lieing denying sony fan boys. Your own eyes see which looks better damn yet you still lie. Wow. #1.9
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No, not a war but why is it some sony fanboys have to constantly be lieing little bitches? #1.8
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Please STOP with all the lies and trolling. Again SOME Sony fanbiys have become the biggest embarrassment in all of gaming. Constant articles and posts that are either lies or just stupidity. Xbox One is currently in how many markets? Ps4 is in how many markets? Exactly, this number doesnt change til september and THEN will you see the MS numbers catch up and surpass Sony. Atleast will be a similar # so lets let the consoles actually release first before all the lies start, m'kay sony fa... #1.17
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Yeah you mean the unbiased part about coñsoles or bc your a but hurt fanboy. #1.4.2
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I love reading the idiocy that spews from sony fanboys mouths. You do realize what you said isnt true, right?
The best console is the one you bought and play. #1.4
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Outsold? You must be confused. Their actually even but that is a great last gen fan base. This gen will be interesting to sde how it goes when all markets are launched. Especjally seeing the Xbox One release in china. #1.13
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Your wrong troll. The Xbox One version can always be juat as good if not better with the new sdk, DX12 and cloud processing. Sadly your thinking about release games come late this yr and next they should be equal or maybe each doing something better than the other. But def neither being a lesser version.

Edit: console versions of FC3 were better than pc versions. The pc was so bugged and choppy. Def Ubi's fault as pc should of been better. #1.1.6
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WoW!!!! Again NOBODY can ever tell if a game is 720p 900p or 1080p bc all games are upscalled to 1080p.
Look at 8 out 10 multiplatform games even if the rez is better if at all on the ps4 it still looks better on the Xbox One. Better lighting better small texture detail.
Unless your playing a game side by side (you arent) on two different tv and resolutions ,you would never notice a difference. Never. #1.1.7
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An obvious sony fanboy idiot at BusinessInside wrote this for hits. Yes MS did win but everybody won if your happy with what you saw. No dominance anywhere. #1.23
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The first was NOT multiplat, however i am happy on a couple FRONTS lol, Crytec has an oportunity to do something different yet really enjoyable in an open world fps.
Every fps doesnt bave to be a COD formatted clone so this style could really put some new excitement in the genre.

And just MAYBEEE we see the korean army go all Gangnam style on the battlefield:) Haaaaa #1.2.1
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