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I think PS4clONE is a better name :-)

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No way! Someone on N4g that actualy has a brain. Price is the key, its why the wii sold big and it why the Wii U will sell big, starting this christmas. Everyone keeps saying that Nintendo are screwed but thats because most people on N4g dont understand simple facts. When Nintendo stick a £99 - £129 price point on the 8gb Wii U come christmas the consoles sales will skyrocket, its that simple. Families and parents looking for a good value console will eat it up.

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Completely agree with you on that point, however, Wii U is going to sell by the truck load come christmas. The Wii U is already cheap in the uk (£149 for the 8gb) but come chritmas I expect Nintendo to put the basic model to somewhere between £99 and £129, think of the consequences of this for a second. A parent looking for a present for their child for example, are they going to spend £399+ on a ps4/xboxone or are they going to spend £129 max on a Wii U?! Its a no-br...

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Retro Studios, I know theres no chance but that would be a match made in heaven.

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Well look at that, someone on N4G that has common sense. I own both too and its for the same reasons as you - a good game is a good game regardless of the console its on. The same applies for the next gen, I will buy both if I can afford it because both have exclusives that I want to play ( Titanfall, forza on xbox one. Killzone, GT on playstation )

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Actualy I AM a core Ninty fan, for me they are the best developer out there, I just feel they've lost they're way a little. Metroid prime, Zelda WW and Mario 64 are all in my top 5 games and Ive owned practically every Nintendo console released. Now Im not saying that there were no great games on show, because there were, but there were no massive reveals and the ones they did have were dissapointing IMHO.

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Anyone that was in ANY doubt as to which game was better, was no longer in doubt after e3. BF4 looked incredible, us console gamers are finally going to experience BF how its meant to be played i.e 64 player online! Cant wait!! :-)

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For me,this will be the ultimate version of the best Zelda! The reason WW is my favourite is because of the total freedom it gives you, the open sea, discovering new islands, searching the sea bed for chests. No other Zelda comes close for me! :-)

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I think Nintendo should stay in the handheld hardware business ( obviously as they all sell like crazy ) But drop out of the home console business, I just dont think they know what gamers want anymore. Look at e3, they were a massive letdown-no Metroid, New Mario looked average, No new zelda or F zero or anything which us core Ninty fans wanted!

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"I see you masterbateing dave, uploading to facebook!" Classic:-)

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Are coming..... ARE!!!!!!;-)

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How much does that comment smack of arrogance!! Its like Microsoft think they can do anything and people will buy their products regarless of how many [email protected]#t ways they come up with to screw over us gamers! You f#cked up M$!!

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My predictions....
Console will be shown with a price and release date
Uncharted 4 - Will probably be left till the end of the show
Infamous ps4 gameplay
The Last Guardian - PS4 & PS3 trailer
Minecraft for PS4, PS3 and Vita
Gran Turismo 5 demod and on show floor

Price drop on console and memory cards
Infamous Vita revealed
Syphon Filter Vita from Sony Bend
Resi Evil Vita...

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If this is true then Microsoft is [email protected], Im not a Sony fanboy but with all the idiotic decisions M$ keep making Sony are going to have won the "console war" before it even begins.
The PS4 is likely to be cheaper than XBone as you dont have to pay out extra for a kinect sensor that lets face it most gamers simply dont want.
M$ are shooting themselves in the foot, Im buying a Wii U and a PS4 this gen!!

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Tell me about it! The psp sold massively, more than either the ps3 or 360 so in no way is that a flop! The vita, I believe is a slow burner, once the ps4 releases and people see the interaction between vita and ps4, vita sales will increase greatly. Watch this space!

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@3-4-5 Its a shame that more gamers aren't like me and you (cup half-full people).

We are spoilt as gamers these days: Online, free demo's, cheap games, variety and choice, great value consoles, very cheap mobile gaming etc.. Yet there are still those who moan and squabble about petty little things that just dont matter.

Just play your games people, and love life!

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@cannon8800 Gotta love how you stated bare facts yet still got disagrees.

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Dear Capcom, If you want more sales and old fans to come back then do the following...

Release a Resi evil that goes back to its roots, Revelations is close but it still needs a bit more horror.

Release a Dragons Dogma with 2 - 8 player online co-op.

Release a 2d Street Fighter on next gen with pin sharp characters and seemless animation, 100+ characters and more modes.

Release a Onimusha/DMC crossover, this would be so good...

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Yes!! For me Power Stone 3 would be a perfect xbox live arcade game, 4 - 16 player online would be amazing!

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Correct me if im wrong but Watch Dogs has drop in - drop out online multiplayer!?! This makes it a day 1 purchase and potentially a better option for buying than even the mighty gta5! Personally im buying both so its not an issue!

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