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Lol, what a pathetic list.

Final Fantasy II was a great game for it's time. I doubt this guy has even played it properly.

FFIV: The After Years, and FFXII: Revenant Wings cannot be considered proper FF games as they were released on handhelds simply for the purpose of giving the stories proper conclusions.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was an improvement over XIII, and a big one at that. Anyone who can't see that has been blinded by his/her... #16
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This post is so fail. Have none of you seen these screenshots before? If you play the original FFVII on PC (Like, the VERY first PC version), these screenshots came along. I still have these somewhere in my old HDD. These scenes never happened in the game. For example, Aeris never got to see the Airship, as shown in one of the screenshots (In fact, they are NOT screenshots). #23
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