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2025 = PS5

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My PS3 and PRO are right in front of me, in the same entertainment station. I do not want to see PS3 servers or support go any time soon. I still enjoy playing online for free, and revisiting great titles in my back-log. Not to mention, many titles are much cheaper now.

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I enjoyed it as well, it definitely fell under-par too it's predecessors - I however still enjoyed it, and it is a worthy Dead Space experience, I wish the community was not dead so I could replay and go for plat, but... that's gone. EA ruined the series.

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No more, please.

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Well, if these consoles are truly cloud-based only and no form of physical software: these will be the consoles I am certainly not purchasing, and will definitely switch to PC gaming. I love having the materials I purchase physically in my hand, and able to use whenever I please - sell when I please, give when I please.

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I agree! It was more than worthy in being a part of the Metal Gear universe. This game however, this is an insult.

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Rising was good imo. But it definitely makes more sense than this crap. Metal Gear is done and forever ruined. May as well go play the MGO2 OFW on PS3.

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MP only games are not worth the money long term. At some point, the servers and support will be done away with. As a gamer, I love value for my money. If I spend it, I want my purchase to always be there for whenever I choose to use. This is not the case with MP only games, as well as Digital copies of video games and media. You don't actually own any thing. I'd rather have a single player game I can play 10 years later, opposed to a multiplayer only game, that will be gone in half th...

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Oh wow! This is very good news! The original Catherine was definitely a nice hidden gem! I have been recently wanting to revisit this on my PS3, now there's a new game releasing! :D

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I prefer to own the content I buy, and have HARD PHYSICAL COPIES of my purchases.

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lmao, thumbs for this

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Un-Capped - yeahh, that linear talk is all bs, and they ruined dead space because they were greedy.

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Well put!

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Damn, I thought I was the only one. Thank god there are still people with brains.

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They must have used a retard control group for this study. Stop trying to push MT's into video games! Majority of the video games released aren't even worthy of a $65 price tag. Our games are broken and patched from day one; ideas are rehashed and becoming uninspired, and many dlc packs are infeasible or should have been in the game from the beginning. Provide us with quality, and respect, then we may talk about price. Otherwise, gaming as a hobby is becoming very stale.

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Majority of games that retail at $60 aren't even fully completed and are patched to death on release date and beyond. We aren't even getting quality for our money. The quality of games are decreasing and ideas are just rehashed and becoming stale. Give the people a reason to want to pay more. As of today, there are very few games that can be justified at a $60 retail price.

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I feel the mention of Xbox's sale relevant - competition is great for us consumers! Besides, Sony's sale is a joke, and if they see this, they sure as hell will know without doubt.

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The original authors of call of duty are respawn entertainment. Vincent and Zampella. I feel as if people have forgotten about the whole Infinity Ward/ Activision scandal that caused them to split and start Respawn. EA has a habit it turning everything gold into stale dried ash , we'll see how this goes.

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Micro-transactions, DLC, special editions, and price hikes are all bs. Theyre trying to get more money, yet majority of the time the products we buy lack quality, and are broken.

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Well put!

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