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OMG! Wow, I was just thinking about if they ever decided to do this! WOW, my heart just grew 100x. Oh how I love and miss MGO. I hope the community bounces back, especially after what the phantom pain did to MGO 3. >.>
Definitely looking forward to playing this again.

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I agree with your statement.

OT: Your avatar on the other hand, no.

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Forget a remaster. I'm looking forward to a proper dead space game that will have all the horror and gore of ds1 and ds2, with the nice fast action of 3. Minus micro transactions.

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Ha, I see cod fanboys are still clinging to their dying franchise. Ghosts will remain and always be my last COD purchase. I would prefer to see something entirely new.

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Might as well. GTA V still goes for $60 retail price. It's so popular, it would be silly not to consider the game.

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Not at it's current price. When it reaches $35-$40, sure. i purchased my copy from amazon for $47.99 and even then i feel like that's too much. xD

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It's a decent remaster. Definitely not worth $60. I have it day one, that however, is only due to the fact that i was able to purchase Skyrim: SE for $47.99 with amazon prime. And even then, a solid $35-$40 would be more reasonable.

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if its not, this is complete bs false advertising. fuck their policies and other excuses they may have for showing products that may not actually be available. Companies are taking every sleezy turn they can pull off these days.

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I agree the multiplayer is great! It also requires individual player skill, not just who has the better weapons, team, i.e. However, i disagree on the campaign. Yes, it isn't the most difficult, but it had so much replay value and experiences in it alone, not to mention the awesome dlc packs released. RDR is an all-round great game in my opinion.

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Simply put, Yes.

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You'd be surprised. This Battlefield has far less issues than its predecessors. It's smooth and crisp.

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Kudos, this made me laugh. xD
- Exactly what it is C&P.

OT: I've already purchased BF1 and it's been great so far. The campaign is refreshing and the mp is on point. I may just wait for a price drop on TF2.

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GTA IV was great, GTA V could take some tips from it. It was realistic, gritty, and the multiplayer was awesome.

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Looks like another copy and paste. Garner revenue, drink mai-tais in my rarri type of release.

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Well, i thought this would be more. I actually like to own the content i spend money on.

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No external assets, however with the content in-game already - there should still be a great array of mods available.

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LOL this had me rolling. Thumb up.

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For sure, i am getting BF1. may wait for Titanfall 2 and im considering cod IW - only because of the Modern Warefare Remaster. -_-

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I thought the profiting success of GTA V overall was obvious... Especially with the microtransactions.

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I agree. This is practically pointless. (To me at least) I've put months into Skyrim as everyone else. The removal of mods killed it for me. I still play Skyrim on my ps3, which is still full of bugs and frame lagging. Why should i buy the exact same product that will more than likely have the same issues if not more, for a $65 price tag. No new value.

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