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Problem is that those same reviewers that complain about Reach, have given 10s to Modern Warfare 2, that is hypocresy on their part, and lack of a coherent standard. #5.2
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I all against piracy, I do not want pirates flooding PSN as they do Xbox Live, but for the record, Sony has to get its act together.

For the moment no bans at all on PSN, Microsoft is light years ahead in that area.

Secondly, dumbing down the PS3 and removing functionality is plain ugly, if the PS3 is backwards compatible it is quite nasty from Sony to remove it arbitrarily.

For the moment pirates are winning the match. #1.1.7
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Lets see how many rabid fanboys believe the idea is viable commercially or easy to implement in future games...

Cool concept, but it is a DIY tool for modelling and such stuff, not playing. #1.2
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Just proving that you have to try and "best" anyone even in matters you did not even know about them 2 hours ago, by reading links on the net.

Awesome, try going to Spain for a change and see for yourself, it would be surprisingly enlightnening.

I have been last week in Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona and Ibiza, and you sincerely got no idea whatsoever, apart from your 5 minute "culturization" on the web.

But hey, you are... #1.2.10
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It is just awesome how a guy from his computer screen in the Americas goes and tries to establish the standard and reality of a place he has never ever been to. Cool.

Cockney is infinitely much different to English, than the "Andalusian" accent is to Spanish. As I said, is Texan a dialect?

It is a simple as the fact that if you go to Spain and speak about this Andalusian dialect people will take you for what you are.

Your cool... #1.2.8
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Where are all the rabid fanboys that were discussing and complaining in the previous post of Black Ops versus Reach? Making the news reach loads of degrees?

Where are all the Killzone this, Crysis that, Gears tat, oranges for me, lemons for you people?

Wow, how things change when there is no bilis to sputter...

By the way, again the comparison is not so hot, the website seems to prefer choosing better doctored shots of Black Ops, I will... #1.2
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They have been working for LESS than two years on Black Ops, WaW was released on November 2008, and the Treyarch team continued support in the form of DLC and was not put into full gear on Black Ops till almost New Year.

And it is not pessimism, is just realism, Black Ops will share most of the essence of CoD4, WaW and MW2, it is just the fourth iteration in three years of eaxctly the same formula. #1.1.1
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Man, you really know zil about Spain and its languages.

Saying that Andalusian is a dialect when it is just an accent is plain wrong, as it is saying it is the most spoken dialect of Spanish.

There are NO dialects in Spain, there ir Spanish, different accents and different altogether langueages, as in the UK.

Read a REAL encyclopaedia for a change, and get your act together.

American English from Texas is a dialect of... #1.2.6
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European languages, including Spanish from Spain will be supported in Spring. #1.8
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To the people that flock this site, just bragging rights.

To gamers, well, it is an awesome game. #1.1.13
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Stupid comparison.

Not similar shots.

Campaing and cutscene for Black Ops versus Multiplayer shots of Reach.

Not same league, try better next time.

Havent read the word Killzone in the original article, so someone is trying a little bit too hard to be a fanboy. #1.1.1
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Not enough tits in comparison with all the blood and the zombies.

Next time more of an equalized mix please. #1.3
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Of course they are not submitting or relenting, it is the basis of their marketing and publicity strategy.

No Taliban, no Fox news, no media outcry, no product hits and no presence in consumer mindset.

Talibans are here to stay, EA is not going to lose sales because some little morality issue.

Bad press is better than no press at all. #1.3
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Milk in?

In almost 10 years the saga has produced 4 full titles, an RTS and an expansion.

Other sagas in the same period would have had 11 releases.

Call of Duty since 2005 to 2011, 6 years, would have produced 9 titles, counting since 2003 would add a 10th title and one expansion.

Gears of War would have produced 3 titles in 4 years.

Killzone and Resistance and Uncharted have similar numbers.
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Now LAG is going to be fun to see hehe.

This feature can backfire if Treyarch is not careful, in other games it works because network problems are rare.

In this game it can open a can of worms. #3
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Buying CoD is like being thrown out of a trendy club and the next day be again in line smiling at the bouncer.

You want in because everybody plays it, not because the place or game is awesome. #4
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CoD saga the best compilation of mini games ever!

Kill one get three free! No one else gives you so much bang for your luck! #9
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Black Ops is the new Mini Game collection to beat.

Yo kill three guys, get the MiniC4 Car mini game, kill two, get the Missile Minigame, kill three more get the Support Helicopter Minigame hehe.

It is like entering an old school Arcade and playing each game the mini games hehe. #4
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Not considering the 200ms KZ2 latency versus the 67ms CoD4 latency.

That is why many people think CoD controls are great and KZ2 are not.

KZ2 takes more time to get used to as it is not as fast and responsive. #1.42
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KZ2 is the superior game, but to me is like having a nice car in your garage just for showing of wary of, letting it out.

Check the KZ2 for seeing how many people are playing little over than six months after release, 3 000 people, thats it. Peak hour in the US and still play time in Europe.

Go over to Halo 3, almost 300 000 people, add to that ODST and it is more than 400 000 people playing two years after release.

Seems that Halo is the car peopl... #1.35
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