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if ur not gonna sell the game, what's the problem? #77.1
of course it needs to be. the sony kids are whining over nothing #70.2
boo frickin hoo! you don't have to buy anything you don't agree with. move on! #63.2
I guess the gamecube shoulda been called Nintendo 65? #39.1
Xbox is just fine #40
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition should be free the month before Rise of The Tomb Raider releases. #21
fantastic platformer #1.2.1
1 achievement shy of completion =/ ...online requirement #12.2
go to xbox.com, set them to download, have ur friend download the games and return the 360 back to u #8.1
My fav franchise. This was very ambitious so they're getting a pass. IDC, call me a fanboy. #16
Life is Strange is pretty interesting #35.1
Not all successor's need to have a damn number next to it smh u lame! #36.1
the smaller version of the playstation was called psOne #18.1
It will not be called Xbox Two. We all know why the current Xbox is named One. I always wanted the Xbox to have numbers after it like the Atari did. #23
price and pedigree is selling the ps4 #1.1.22
Playstation Nation love the sack #7
IGN podcast said they should release earlier to coincide with the official art book AND avoid the other shooters coming out in fall/winter #1.1.4
against the right crowd, it's fun. It's really not that different from taunting someone that opposes your favorite sports team #8
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WTH did I just read? #6
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