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I think if either MS or Sony launch at over $399.99 they will have trouble moving the things. Only the hardcore will pick one up for higher... hell, it might even be their plan to do this to the early adopter.

I'm still hoping they have more sense.

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It might mean logical cores... but even then it's a pretty high number.

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Those of you who didn't like the story should not think about it so literally... because that's an awful disservice to the game. It has plenty of moral depth, and that was the real point of it.

There are a lot of things that are intentionally out there to get you thinking about what it all meant. If you take everything literally, you quite simply didn't understand it. That's not meant to be condescending, it's just the truth.

That includes...

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lowest rated maybe, but it's easily the best for me and many others. go figure.

and i was one of the one's screaming from rooftops that halo 1 would never be beaten. If anything, this game was underscored while everything else since 1, while they were great, were probably overscored.

Not by a lot or anything, but ya.

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Lance Hunt is Captain Amazing. He takes his glasses off when he transforms.

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lol u are scum. saw it already, but not cool.

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Who won? They all lost. Each had minor successes amidst many failures. I honestly couldn't pick a winner.

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I actually really liked the ambiguity of the breathe scene now. It was retarded before mixed in with everything else, but I now love it because it's like ME1. He's under a chunk of rubble on the remains of the Crucible/Citadel lost somewhere, with hope he'll be okay. Like it, but if you felt you needed more I respect that.

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It would have been nice, but honestly it wasn't really needed. the squadmates you take with you was an actual big problem and was corrected.

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We expected the end to be something else, and maybe it should have been... But what we have now is a good version of what they chose, as opposed to a completely terrible one. Negativity makes little sense here. They literally changed exactly what people wanted without overhauling the last third of their game.

A lot of people watched the ending slides on YouTube and were just like "sucks." When you play it with the plothole fillers and new final conversation that cha...

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Worst idea ever. You have to play it, they added quite a few changes before the very end that make vast improvements.

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Cut was necessary. Game was great and with this, it is now at the very least worthy. It's not ideal, but there was a lot of great stuff added and modified. I'm completely satisfied with it and I hated it before.

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It's expected that their characters are used a lot. It's always been this way. To rebut the article easily... check back when their games start to get stale. Never have yet. No two games are ever the same, and if they are similar (OoT/Majora or SMG1/SMG2) the former/latter are always unique in their own obvious ways.

Edit: This entire idea is dumb. If there's a reason to buy Wii U, it's because of the first party onslaught, not the other way around.

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There's tons of proof in video format from both the lead writer and project lead/creative director. Everybody knows about it by now so I'm not going to bother. Go look for it if you want to know what we are talking about.

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The Unreal Engine is notorious for texture streaming issues and it takes a ton of work to overcome it.

The platform is new, so we don't know. Seeing as how other games are pretty easily matching up, Batman can't be used as a fair comparison in its current state, be it alpha, plain trash, or whatever.

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There are aspects of it I enjoyed, but it does not hold a candle to the previous games overall. I'm glad I only borrowed it from a friend because I didn't even finish it.

It's nowhere near a bad game, but a title you can easily skip. Way too many auto bullet time scenes and cutscenes in general. Let me be clear, I love good cutscenes and storytelling, but they overdid it. Not a single story element was explored while playing... there was a cutscene every minute. ...

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The game was falsely advertised by the development team and that's why everyone is upset. In order to get the sale, gamers were promised what they did not receive.

I do think games can be art, but it's a bullshit disguise for someone to use if people don't like something about their game. It is first and foremost an entertainment product, and if it can't live up to that, it can't be considered art.
Nobody would consider ME3 to be art after that end...

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I AM the Nintendo

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Nobody wants to have anything to do with Mass Effect right now. Still waiting... this is me waiting.

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LOL this is so bad I love it.

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