You've been XBONED


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Tru dat. Sony needs an install base 4 times the size of Microsofts to keep up with the game sales that Microsoft produces. All these Sony fangirls just sit on this website talking about how good their shit games are. They don't even buy or play them. They just praise the game cuz it's on playstation and shit on games that are pc, nintendo, or xbox exclusive, eventhough they never play them either. Lol

You've been XBONED!!!

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Nintendo sucks. The Wii U is crap compared to the Xbox One.

You've been XBONED!!!

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Lol. I guess it's true when they say the truth hurts. Look at all these Sony Trolls bashing georgeenoob when he speaks the truth. Here they come, flocking like a flock of birds evading a predator. You'all that upset with his comments? Does the truth hurt that much?

You've been XBONED!!!

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Lol another Sony Troll trying to be a know-it-all. They just a bunch of nitwits, who are struggling to comprehend the fact that even Sony themselves implied that Microsoft kicked their asses at E3.

They have to stoop to as low levels as booing Xbox One Developers. Lol. Awww were your feelings hurt. Just except the fact that the Xbox One is greater than the PS4 and the only reason you are buying the PS4 is because you like riding Sony.

You've just been...

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The Xbox One's cloud will make this happen. You just wait and see.

You've been XBONED!!!

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The Xbox One's cloud will make this happen

You've been XBONED!!!

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See Foxgod knows what's up. ESRAM kicks the shit out of GDDR5 RAM. Plus the Xbox One is easier to code for than the PS4 again. So all you delusional Sony trolls gonna see that the Xbox One version of the games is going to destroy the PS4 version due to the fact that it's easier to develop for and that ESRAM is better than GDDR5 RAM. In fact the Xbox One's cloud is going to make the Xbox One games even that much better.

You've just been XBONED!!!

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Lol you Fony Fangirls are delusional. Have you been to the future to see that the PS4 is the superior version?

Get your head out of your ass and realize there ain't gonna be no difference. Besides all the Xbox One games are running at 60fps. I did not hear of one PS4 exlusive running at that. Yet the XBOX ONE games were far better than the shitty PS4 games. You just delusional to not see that. Can you please enlighten me from what you saw on screen the difference in...

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You are living in a dreamworld to think the PS4 is gonna be the best looking. In fact you ain't even gonna be able to tell the difference. They both gonna look the same. Besides I thought graphics didn't matter. Wasn't that what Fony fangirls spouted all throughout the PS2 lifecycle. You all are a bunch of hypocrytes. XBOX ONE's games were way better even Sony themselves admitted it. You Fony fangirls need to get over yourselves.

You've just been XB...

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We the XBOX brotherhood should stand against these Fony Fangirls. They becoming too obnoxious. Watch as the XBONE starts Xboning the PS4 when the price drops to $400. The watch all these Fonies come on here and start stating that the US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and UK isn't the whole world crap.

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Yah you tell'em JerkDaNerd7

The Xbox is gonna XBONE these Fony fangals. They gonna get XBONED next gen. Think they got the most powerful machine. Ha how come the PS4 games look like shit compared to the XBOX ONE's?

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yes you are

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takes one to know one

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XBOX rules

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I have read this article 4 times, and not one quote from the article has Cerny say those exact words that the title quotes anywhere in the article, and yet the article quotes him as saying such words.

Gaming journalism is becoming even worse than tabloids

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If you loved the original trilogy on PS2, then you will love Sly 4. However if you are going into Sly 4 expecting something new to come out of a platforming game then you will be disappointed.

I however loved Sly 4. Liked it better than the original trilogy even.

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when you click download, that download stays in your download history. So say you want to play the game a few months down the road. You can just go to your download history, re-download it and play it as long as you are subscribed to PS+ at the time you want to play it.

Even if the game was taken off the store, it remains in your download history forever.

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Maybe the part where it says "even if there is NO INTENT of actually carrying it out"?

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What is the purpose of these articles when they will just eat their words in the end

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Look man true that the games will not use all the 7GB of RAM available. The reason the PS3 has that much RAM is more for the developers.

This gives developers more accessiblity to test out new ideas, add more gameplay features, etc.. without waisting as much resources and time on compression technology as much as they have had to this gen.

Also sure current 1080p pc games will only use 3GB max on graphics cards. That now leav...

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