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I would agree with you. except the person in the video is clearly terrible at the game, and equally as bad at showing it off. If it was intentionally leaked, I feel like it would show more objectives. At least something more than running in a circle then slicing a couple people.

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It will help, but I don't see it being some drastic change. That said, I'm mostly a PC gamer, so this is going to be amazing for me.

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OMG The swimming?! I feel like I'm trying to summon a dolphin everytime I go underwater. Flip flopping around like i'm doing tricks for snacks.

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It IS definitely fake. Do you think that Bethesda would release posters with terrible default fonts, and stroke around the letters like someone just learning photoshop would do. If that's the logo for Fallout 4, I will laugh, and make fun of them for years.

I can confidently confirm that this is absolutely 100% fake.

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I don't like that they're putting all their eggs in one basket though. I like the way they've done it in the past with more spread out announcements.

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It's only news because Sony won't have announcements.

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#1 Knights of Pen & Paper

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Matches well, I can see it. Why wouldn't it be? What else would it mean if not for that?

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To the garbage can.

To take a dump on bad games.

Because it's awesome.

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That's cool with me. Gimme those mods.

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Hey man, you watch enough of it, you gotta start getting creative.

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I'm not going to disagree with chrismichaels based on that, because I agree with everything else he said. You're right though.

All of us together, makes up the gaming community.

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Wow, I actually had no issues downloading it yesterday. It took 1h20m to download the whole thing at around 11mbps.

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You're still using free AOL disks eh?

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@Mikeyy I fully agree with you, other than the OS. Grab a Windows 7 basic OEM from a trading site for $8.

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I could tell you that I enjoy Destiny. I still play it from time to time.

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Pssh, I'm buying ND games day one all day.

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What kind of nonsense? 2-3 of those games?

I see at least 6.

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Lol, and people are agreeing with you. Nintendo is never short of great games.

Stop being such pansies, tell me how I'm wrong. I would LOVE to hear how Nintendo has no games coming.

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I'd have to go with:

Xenoblade Chronicles
Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
Mario Galaxy 2
Mario Galaxy
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword

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