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360 fans should go out, buy this and savour the last good game for their console.

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woww, it looks like forza 3!

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the last straw these 360 bots is "ps3 is last!" even though 360 had 1 year headstart in US and 1.5 years in Europe.

can't compete anymore with exclusives, graphics and sales?

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well damn you ken kutaragi how do you know we need to have 2 jobs at once? are you sent back from the future?

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failure of the year and next year and next next year = KINECT

oh wait, will it reach 2 years at all?

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please webster add a new entry in the dictionary called "KINECT" which means failure. thank you.

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kinect is a mistake.

btw, it was deliberately staged. i think everybody can see it.

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i played diablo 1 on ps1 and its great so what's your point?

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who the hell curse N4G??

i'll give them KINECT as a punishment. i'll bet they will repent in about 5 minutes trying to make it work.

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wow, another staged footage. who the hell microsoft will fool?

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this is microsoft answer to all ps3 AAA titles left, right, up and down?

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wow, microsoft is crying hard now.

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you'll hate stat on halo wars

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both pads actually. the ball is doing both. lucky bastard!

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360 fanb0ts are their beta testers.

microsoft has a cult following of idi0ts.

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xbox 360 <--- lol!

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there is no hope in japan. microsoft should really think hard if they are going to make a new concole next time. if its only have the US market, it will never be profitable for them so they better leave the console business.

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so microsoft is at it again releasing a crappy unfinished product. to me, it seems like everything microsoft is doing are all "lets hope it works" approach.

what a joke.

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it would have sold better if it had not degraded to accomodate a subpar console.

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crappy product is crap. it has microsoft "seal of quality".

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