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LOL that would be quite hilarious. I wonder how successful it will be if it isn't Halo-related though. I don't think people bought their stuff because Bungie made it, they bought it because it was a Halo game.

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I don't think that changing any of these things would make it much harder.

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I'm pretty sure I just read an article showing the PS3 had the lowest Metacritic score out of the three consoles in 2010 so...yeah...

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That is actually really funny. I wish I could have seen his reaction when he was told.

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This article is dumb. It's too puzzle-y? Did these guys even play Duke Nukem 3D? I just played through it again recently after Forever's release date was announced and I got lost A LOT. Sometimes it took me over 20 minutes to clear a level with a par time of 5 minutes. This is what shooters used to be. A real shame that games like CoD and Halo have spoiled the FPS genre.

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It's a lot of players but how many are now no longer going to purchase the game because of the weighty feeling and lagging controls?

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I guess I just don't get why she is blaming Microsoft for this. How do they make it too easy when SHE input her card info?

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Can this guy say anything anymore without it ending up on the front page of N4G?

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I think you are confusing ports with remakes. Porting an old PS1 or PS2 game is not the same as remaking it. You can already play Halo on the 360. This isn't a port, it's a complete remake. I don't think Sony has remade any games that I can think have been wanting FF7 remade for the longest time and they still haven't done it.

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But 343 is making a different Halo game. What is the point of making a remake when there is a brand new title just around the corner? It just seems really risky. With Saber working on it, there is a very real possibility of Combat Evolved's legacy being smeared.

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Hey at least one of the guys apologized for asking!

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And people thought Sony was playin around...

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I haven't played FF13 yet, don't have the time to invest in it just yet, but I have heard it is more action-oriented than turn based. Do you control just one party member with the others acting on "gambits" like FF12? I like controlling the whole party. This new system sucks.

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I only wish they would still make turn-based RPGs...

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This game is so broken.

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Just going based on the data. Not trying to start an argument.

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But what do you base this on?

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Halo 2's multiplayer was definitely not perfect. Button glitches nearly ruined it, but I would still say it's the best of the three.

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wiseman, actually I really don't like CoD so you are mistaken.

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I like to own physical copies of my games. What is wrong with that?

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