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Shoulda asked what she would do if the guy started fappin' over the mic.

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It's also a storyline disaster.

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I wouldn't. The "new" Perfect Dark game sucked so chances are a Perfect Dark 2 would also suck. The original is and always will be the best. I wish more people played the XBLA version online.

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All very good reasons. I played Reach a couple of days ago and melee'd the farmer you meet in the first level. Then I died! I was like WTF!

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I don't understand why they make you use your fingers as a gun. As Kevin Butler already demonstrated, it's laughable. I get the whole "you are the controller" bit but can't they at least make some peripherals for it? Having a light gun wouldn't kill them for god's sake and I'm sure most people know how to pull a trigger.

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I'm sure it's just more stuff for Kinect. :(

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Oh the irony. People pay money to a hacker who helps people pirate games so they don't have to pay for said games, yet they are paying him!

When it comes down to it, I'd rather pay game developers and publishers to continue making great products than pay some stupid kid who is working to put people in the industry out of business.

Anybody that donates to this guy is not a real gamer and is basically drawing a line in the sand that they are against th...

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As you can see in the last paragraph, I said that Bulletstorm is definitely worth the $60 price tag, but if you know that the price will likely drop in the next few months, you might as well wait and save yourself a few bucks.

Think about it. If Bulletstorm goes down to $30 within a few months like Vanquish did, you could buy BOTH for the price of one (assuming you don't already own Vanquish).

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And yet people still somehow support pirates...

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Wow that is pretty crazy. Why would anybody buy it for that price when GameStop is still taking pre-orders for $99?

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From the article: "Bungie’s most recent release, Halo Reach, according to Bungie the final Halo game they will ever develop, managed to reinvigorate the series. The innovative load outs feature and the game’s return to simplicity, garnered it critical praise from many hardcore gamers."

Um, no it didn't. Hardcore gamers hate Halo Reach. There are threads on the MLG Forums all talking about how they want to get Halo 3 back on the circuit to replace it. The people ...

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Yeah I would probably go with an old one if I do decide to pick a PSP up it would only be for Crisis Core, War of the Lions, and maybe God of War.

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Well they often have deals for current Gold members to extend their subscriptions as well such as the occasional discount and the Xbox LIVE Rewards program which gives you free Microsoft Points for extending.

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Okay I disagree you with. The PISTOL was one of the most powerful weapons in Halo: CE. I still remember playing Blood Gulch 4v4 system link and everybody used pistols because they were the best.

Anytime a pistol is the best weapon in the game, you know it wasn't made very well or very balanced.

The most balanced I would say was probably Halo 2. That's why it was played so heavily in competitive circuits like MLG.

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Just further proof that fighting games generally don't take skill to be good at.

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Just look at this nerd. I bet he gets bullied at school which is why he devoted so much time to learning his way around software, as a distraction from all the time his face has spent submerged under toilet water.

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Actually, Mystic, the gaming is better too. There are far more players on XBL than PSN (despite what Sony wants you to believe). That's why such good games on PSN are ghosttowns.

The games that ARE populated, nobody uses their mic so the experience is also better on XBL.

The level of competition is also higher on XBL. This makes sense because the original Xbox catered to the most hardcore fans and is where pro circuits like Major League Gaming thrived. ...

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Xbox Live is a superior service. That's why you gotta pay. You can pay for something of high quality or get an inferior service for free. I'd rather go with high quality.

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He was told that he wasn't allowed to do that though so that would be committing a felony.

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Hey at least it is video game-related.

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