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lol c'mon, you gotta think Michele is hot at least. She doesn't even really look like a fighter and has a kickass body!

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IGN stole my story I see. I asked this question to a history professor who is also an expert in asian studies months ago:

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Dang the PS3 lineup for this year is already amazing!

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No because that still wouldn't help you. Let's say you wanted to trade in a game for credit towards a Gold Edition only sold at GameStop. You would get $25 in credit for the game. But if you sold the game yourself, you could get $35 in cash. You could then put this $35 in cash towards the Gold Edition anyway. There's literally no reason to EVER trade a game in.

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I am very sad to say the 360 is dying.

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Great blog post man! Hackers and pirates are ruining gaming:

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Hey thanks for letting me know. I tried my best to find every one for each console but apparently some aren't listed under the exclusive lists. I'll add those two. If anybody has any others I missed let me know!

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Oh no they got me! I only went there to gather information for my anti-Geohot article I published recently though so I think I'm okay. :)

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Hahahahahahahahaha he's one to talk with the ridiculous storyline of Metal Gear Solid!

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Wow that didn't take long...

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Well the bust is pretty cool.

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I'm really hopeful the next generation of consoles will be announced soon. These images look great!

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Not really. Killzone 2 sold 750,000 in its first week.

Let's say Killzone 3 sells 250,000 in week 2. 125,000 in week 3, and 75,000 in week 4. This wouldn't be unusual, Killzone 2 sales decreased week-by-week in a similar pattern.

At such a rate, KZ3 would barely break a million copies.

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Because now the number of copies being illegally pirated is starting to surpass actual game sales. Gamers are so brainwashed that they are actually siding against the industry and supporting hackers like Geohot! Something has to change...

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I'll probably check it out.

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I was surprised when I got mine to see I had only played 31 hours last month.

These are stats from January though based on the fact it tells us the most frequent achievement and avatar item downloaded from January. So when it says "last month" it doesn't mean Feb.

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Yes, MAG is dead.

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The fact this can even happen proves Black Ops is a very broken game...

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Oh I agree! I wish they still made turn-based RPGs. It's a good game and definitely worth a buy...but is it really still a role-playing game?

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As Michio Kaku said on Gametrailers, it will probably take awhile for people's eyes to adjust to the system.

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