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They were off by 2.5 million? Can you PM me some details about that?

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Mario hit dat.

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Isn't Rising technically MGS5? Just because they are taking the numbers out of the titles doesn't make it any less of a sequel. Like Call of Duty: WaW is technically CoD5.

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Well if you think about it computer power doubles every 18 months. The Xbox 360 has been out slightly over 5 years so since it was released in 2005 computer power has doubled 3 and a half times. Ergo computers are nearly 9x to 10x faster than they were back then! It's definitely time for a new console.

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Why are people from the US not allowed to see the video?

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360's frame rate stays at 30 while the PS3's fluctuates between 30 and 25. It's not a huge difference but it IS a difference so I guess Crytek's challenge has been rebutted.

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I'm assuming by your name that LOD = Legend of Dragoon? I would LOVE to see another! gillri also raises a good point with Heavy rain. I've noticed PS3 has been a bit better about this with games like LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, and the revival of Killzone.

I also agree with NYC_Gamer. I mean these are good franchises, no doubt, but I'm just getting bored with buying the same games year in and year. Here's a new Halo. Here's a new CoD. Here's the next F...

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Yeah games without manuals are considered "incomplete" and usually are worth a bit less when you try to re-sell them. I always try to buy games that have manual and original case.

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Look at all those flamebait reports. Does anybody that comes here actually know the difference between flamebait and a differing opinion?

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Wow it never ceases to amaze me how kids who live in their parents basements always think they know better than professionals who do this sort of thing for a living.

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What do you mean? I haven't gotten the game yet so how is the equipment system worse?

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Nope the two versions look exactly the same. IGN was full of it!

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I never understood why IGN is always hailed as like the pinnacle of game journalism...

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I think it is more a culmination of the crappy graphics, crappy story, and 5 hour campaign than a poor metacritic score. It got that metacritic score for a reason.

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I'm gonna have to say Jessica won because she was right. :)

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I wonder why that review was allowed up on Metacritic in the first place?

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Yeah it did. RRoD was caused by some of the internals melting.

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Hackers hurt the gaming industry. If you're a gamer, why would donate to a hacker in his battle against the industry? It makes no sense!

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This is why you should never register your games.

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First of all Wii Play sold over 25 million so selling 13.8 million isn't "topping" it. And second of all, Wii Play isn't even the #1 game so beating it wouldn't make Black Ops the best selling game in history. Wii Sports sold 75 million copies. Let's see Black Ops top that!

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