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I'm sure he has a great life, he's being paid to play video games!

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Well it's better than getting nothing back right?

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The next step is for FPS games to make it so snipers cannot fire their weapon unless they are fully scoped in. How often in real life do snipers no-scope people?

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Because 360's are better games?

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This article is ridiculous. Just like how Killzone obliterated Halo right? Why do PS3 fanboys always exaggerate and hype up EVERY exclusive? Then they wonder why they are continually let down...

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Not sure if the was supposed to be good or bad. Losing 10% of your userbase really isn't something to be happy about. Especially when that means 7,000,000 PSN users never came back.

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Of course it does. DICE have never really made a good game on console. Stick with CoD.

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Love the picture for this lol.

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What in god's name does "hits out" mean?!

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This happened weeks ago, why are we still talking about it?

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1UP should be taken off Metacritic listings after this embarrassment.

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Page 2. Top right. <3

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Tretton did a great job but I always like Reggie best. He's just such a cool guy lol.

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More armor abilities? I think you mean less. And by less I think you mean zero. They ruined Reach for me.

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I thought that the controller was the console until they showed that video of the devs and Peter Moore referred to the console and controller as two separate things. Thanks Peter!

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I agree none of them were that great but I was most excited for Nintendo's with the WiiU and tons of new game announcements. The others just seemed a bit more bleh if that makes sense. Though that new TV Sony had with the unique split screen co-op was awesome. Just wish it was a little bigger.

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All multiplatform games look and play better on 360. Not trying to stir anything up it's just true. So why is this article so surprising?

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Hmm sounds vaguely like this article from weeks ago:

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I'm sure there will be a bunch of Kinect crap like last year.

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Some mandatory installs take hours though!

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