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Yeah keep getting that chowder splattered on your face dude. I'd rather stand up for myself than be bullied by Sony.

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Actually there is a link in the article to the subscription card on Amazon you're referring to. I agree it's a lot better deal.

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All fanboys are bad but some are worse than others. PS3 fanboys seem the worst in my opinion.

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I did play campaign on vet. Took 4 hours.

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Finally the game will be FUN. I'm tired of playing Shotguns of War 3.

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I think he is trying to say that if he's not having fun in a game, he's going to be forced into staying in it anyway which in the end makes the whole experience less fun.

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Good deal on Assassin's Creed: Revelations for sure.

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Just because they play a ton does not make them the best players in the world. Their K/D's aren't even really that impressive.

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I think that it is a great game personally.

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I just think they are more pleasant to look at for the duration of the game I will be able to gaze upon a beautiful butt.

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Because Battlefield is boring and Call of Duty is not. :)

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lol c'mon. When MW3 comes out, it would be very surprising if it didn't top the charts. Yes BF3 has less total sales, but EVERY ONE of those sales should be on the game right now while MW2 is two years old. Most of the people playing it don't anymore. It's pretty surprising to see that even that game beat out BF3.

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Not surprising in the least.

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The person who wrote this article obviously does not know what they are talking about. KDR is NOT meaningless in objective game types. Any pro gamer will tell you that there are people designated as "slayers" on their team who are SUPPOSED to only kill people in objective games.

After all, the other team cannot complete the objective if they keep dying right? This leaves your team free to do the objectives themselves. The better the slayer is at killing the enemy, ...

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The problem is the action combat in these games. Final Fantasy has always been turn-based. It's not a coincidence as soon as they moved away from that (FF12) the series started going down hill. Go back to turn-based combat, or Final Fantasy as a franchise is going to continue to decline.

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I got 0 gamerscore on this game still. :(

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Why did this get so high in temperature? What do you expect them to say? "Yeah Call of Duty is DYING." Of course they would say it's going up!

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For some reason this story took FOREVER to get approved.

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A fighting game? No way!

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