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Bored already Nehhh where is my back button.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare...the Best FPS of 2016? No! and it needs to die out already. Doom took that crown.

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haha inaccurate my arse.

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Good let it die.... same old engine same old gameplay good bye.

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confirms 2016 release? we will see about that.

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I had so much fun with crysis 1 if only they made another game like it I would let them have my money day one. Come on crytek make something like crysis 1. That's what people wanna see and will pay for.

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Cant wait for this one.

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I dont see nor feel any hype for this game. Bye

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6/10? dude do you even game? it just shows how clueless you really are about games.

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I don't wanna mention hes name this guy makes me puke and hes fake ass wife.

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Yep, The news 1 year from now will be more rapists on the loose. I dont think this is good for gaming or kids because alot of them will be playing naughty games at a very young age.

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Another MP only star wars game? No thanks good day to you sir.

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They Just Need Time? yeah time counting all that money.

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If EA is involved with this game you will be disappointed.

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NVIDIA GTX1080 Is Up To 50% Faster Than The GTX980Ti its still slow! this card should be double the speed of 980ti in-stead they give you 15% to 20% and next your another 15% speed increase nvidia/AMD are laughing in your faces people wake up.

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Nice Graphics for this engine.
The matrix?

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Not another call of duty game.

(we are under attack get over here now!)

I heard that sentence in every COD game. lol

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Yep, today we give you streamed only for some sections of the game and tomorrow/next game we are gonna fit the whole game on streaming.

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Nope, it can't be goty because the witcher 3 is the winner!

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