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Can you really walk around as a chick wearing nothing like that? Or is that a mod? #28
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Possibly, but it's all about game selection for me and the Wii had nothing I was interested in -- HD or not. #4
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Sooner or later mobile gaming and home gaming will be the same thing. The phone/mobile gaming platform you have in your pocket will connect to a TV wirelessly and it'll also be your home gaming platform you can play with a controller.

Things are getting smaller -- what's to say we won't all have everything that is a PS3 now in our pocket within 5 years? #1.1.11
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Doubt it.

If they can put the same stuff out year after year without updating their technology and 8 bazillion people buy it -- what motivation do they have to improve?

I hope I'm wrong though. #37
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Here's to hope Sony didn't force them to change Warhawk too much to succumb to shitty market pressures (i.e. COD).

Server lists (official, player ranked, player unranked) better all be in as well as the arcade feel of the game! #56
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3 weeks left, can't wait. #1
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GG completely destroyed KZ3's multiplayer, not just with the gameplay but the features whether on Killzone.com tracking your profile, your past battle replays, or having an indepth clan system system that you can manage from the game or website.

In-game music - gone, squads - gone, some maps aren't compatible with team deathmatch even though that makes no sense, etc. The game was rushed and it shows.

For people that want to ex... #4.1
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Can we find someone else to quote from now on?

Sick of seeing this guys name. #10
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I am a Killzone fanboy yet I can't justify paying for these maps when KZ3 still isn't finished. There's still quite a few features that were stripped since KZ2 and are absent in KZ3, plus the amount of bugs and changes that I think should be made to the MP to make things fun again.

Plus, if they only have 1 of these maps for Warzone and the other for GW then no way I am paying $5 for 1 map, since I don't play GW. Not sure why GG does this. #7
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Warhawk 2/Starhawk will be the final game to be announced at this year's E3.

You can quote me on that! #44
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So is this another reason why Demo's and open beta's can be incredibly damaging?

What's the point of putting a demo out that's an older build giving players a false sense of what they'd actually be buying if it'll only enrage and disappoint? Just for the media attention maybe? Even if it's bad? #40
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Bunch of butthurt PC nerds is all this is .. move along .. #68
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Never did the article say there aren't going to be any sniper rifles in the game. There are.

However, there won't be many circumstances for a one-hit kill unless your target is weakened, or possibly if your sniper rifle is buffed by an Engineer and has armor-piercing rounds given by a Soldier. #34
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I think I've read this about 3 times within the past couple months just to remind myself just how great Brink is going to be. #1
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I'm more interested now that I've read this.

Happy endings are for babies. :) #3
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Didn't buy BLOPS either. #3.4
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No Boltgun from KZ2?

What's more badass than a gun that literally bolts enemies to the walls like ragdolls? #5
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Amazon has paid for at least 2 brand new games in 2010 for me because all the credit they give.

With Release-Date Delivery, there's absolutely no reason for me to buy games anywhere else. #4
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Enter ..
.. Brink. #14
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Article is to be Updated
See note from IGN author:

"Before people freak out that there's no new information here, these articles are designed to be updated over time, so feel free to bookmark this page as we'll add new info when we receive it." #24
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