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Coolbeans: Yes. It is. It's very odd actually. I'm in a bit of a quandry on the naming. On my website that is what I named the page, but it's meant to cover all demos to help the reader, decide to download or not download.

So I want it to help gamers by saving the time of downloading a not so good demo, or at least one that I thought was not so good.

So, yeah, the title is not aptly named. In fact, now that you bring it up, it really is somethi...

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N4G-er: Yeah these demos are free. I guess the real cost is in the time it takes to download the demo. The time to install it (PS3), and use of hard drive space.

None of these is a big deal, unless you play the demo and realize it's a real dud and you either delete immediately, or let it hang in limbo on your hard drive never to be played again.

That's been my experience. So this is like an amateur guide I guess. Some direction as to what you can e...

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Thanks Errod88!
caseh, the Demo I think tries to allow the casual gamer to easily pick up the game and play it with some success and enjoy it. It's not necessarily a commentary on the full game itself but rather the Demo. With big names like Tyson, and Pacquio on the demo, it easily becomes agreeable to a casual gamer. That was my take on it.

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In reponse to Valenka I've added some formatting that hopefully will make it easier to differentiate between games.

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Wow. Lot's of good comments and insight. Seems different gamers have slightly different experiences.

I defintiely posted this blog as way to point out that I had an unfair, ignorant bias towards female gamers, especially in the realm of FPS's, which up to this point I had believed to be male dominated by the innate context of the games.

Worlds filled with guns, bombs, and killing. All gaming aspects that one would believe are more appealing to a male....

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Thanks to All. Thanks DrStabwounds.

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