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Oh well

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believe that some people take that " it does everything" for real..

Xbox fans and ps3 fans... ya both of you

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Read the latest game informer

they have a topic about the RROD.

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Runescape. I got up to lvl 90ish.. and i just stopped. it go too boring

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i dont get why you people fight over who sold more.

you still payed 60$ and YOUR THE ONE THAT HAS it and that what counts for most of the people(i hope). is that they have the game not how many people have it.

its sad to see what happening this gen

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oh well, were all gamers.

some of us have more fun then other because of the system we chose.

if you own all 3. your getting every peace of the pie.

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that "xbot" start stuff on their own articals.

and "droids" do that too?

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It depends on how many trophies you have.


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not to be a fanboy but most of 360 games sold well in u.s then any other country. so u.s is used as Main country for most of the 360 owners.


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Lmao, but not nice

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... lol sony doesnt even need a lawyer here. they can just say didnt you effen agree to the terms?

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im getting it for my lil brother. i guess he'll hve fun with it. i wonder what would happen if you punched it lmao

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