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OMG!!!!!!!!111!!!1111!!!1111!1 !!1
you get in to a space ship

Lol look @ butthurt xboxfanbioys disagreeing , Keep them coming boys

sorry i don’t play generic shooters
@further below
at least im better than you

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typical MS
they want to milk the cow as long and as much as possible

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im not surprised
this has been a generic RPG since its second installment
the only thing that sells this thing is
1-Peter's hype
2- xbox360 fanboys hype
Because if this was a multiplat then no one would’ve cared about it

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they are working on the PS4

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All and I mean ALL MS games programmers should buy + learn + memorise this book as the back of their hands
because this man know his shit unlike them

because then maybe and I mean MAYBE they could make a proper game

yah i remmeberd maybe cliffy.b needs to buy it too
to make a better MP for his next game


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Xbox 360 Slim Sells Like Hotcakes in Japan = outsold the PS2 in japan but didnt out sell the current gen consoles

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vgchartz always show the same article with updated numbers every time NPD shows their numbers no matter what or no matter who sold more
so yah go troll somewhere else

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i loved the first one on my PS2, im getting this on my PS3

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i hope that its a new game

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*God of war 3 spoilers*

well if i can smash someone's face tell hes his eye balls pop off like Kratos did to Hercules
or if i can rip someone's eye or head
or if i can pull some titian’s finger nail and then cut his guts outs out

all in HD eye candy graphics
then yes

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according to xbox fanboys anything that doesn’t sell 2 mills on the first day is a flop

so yes AW is a MAJOR FLOP i repeat MAJOR FLOP
6 years of development down the shitter, Nice job remedy you made too human 2

anyway on topic
xbox360 outsold the PS3 by a small amount in the USA, but world wide the PS3 sold more by a BIG amount
like always

@pramath1605 below
Alan wake is A FLOP you hear me ??

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alot of tears

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no wonder since this game got the graphics of a PS1 game

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FL0O000O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0 O0OP

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YAY another NATAL stuff
@ basicsameh514
where have you been this gen ??
they havent made a single AAA game this gen
let alone the flops that they made

RARE is dead

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cant you guys see ?
its not to promote something, sometimes big co-optations do advertise stuff but not to promote them, they do it to send a massage to everyone
that they are still in the picture and still in the game

this is to prove that the Play station brand well live to reach its 4th installment

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you guys still give a shit about this midcore overrated series ?
heck its made by a pedophile for crying out laud

but if this game got good reviews as a proper gamer
I'll be downloading this game as soon as it hits the torrent sites
and play it FOR FREE on MY PC with MAX SITTING

game on people

"The game looks substantially better"
yah i know i mean look at...

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another PS3 title since their games flop on the 360

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this list fails
i mean really ?
4 multiplats ? and there is TONS of PS3 exclusives waaaay better than those

look he even listed MW2, and Demon's Souls > Elder Scrolls. is this a joke ?

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the only way MS can "WOW" me
if there name was Sony

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