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I really hate this shit. Girls can be gamers and don't need to be quizzed or judged if they like games/nerd stuff. Majority of the time too not everyone is going to be into the same shit you are and are usually into things for different reasons, this goes for guys and girls.

Also I really hate the "she's to hot to be a gamer" stuff too.

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PSO2, TERA, Defiance(is coming to 360) and maybe Elder Scrolls Online will work since it only has 5 action buttons.

Seriously though PSO2 and TERA need to come to PS3/360 or next gen systems at least.

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Just a heads up, the lead gameplay designer of Battlefield confirmed the new system would be shown tonight.


Also BF4 has a pretty (very) good chance of showing up tonight as well.

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Lack of respect? If you are thinking of some of the poorer CoD ports thats the fault of the developer, not the publisher. Also you don't buy something to support that publisher, you do it to support the developer who in this case hired a lot of people just to work on the PS3 version of the game.

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They showed some footage from 2011 in the vidoc...

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I hope 343 is slowly realizing they messed up, they are finally taking instant spawning out of a lot of gametypes and Team Throwdown is pure classic Halo settings with a 1-50 rank system....hopefully they just change the rest of the game to that.

Also it wasn't Bungie who said that, it was a contractor and that was a few years ago so things MIGHT have changed.

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Well the game is coming out this year, I am expecting them to pull a StarWars 1313 and Watch Dogs by showing off the next gen version for the trailer.

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They are showing it on Sunday the 17th according to their Facebook.

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Yes, pretty sure everyone saw the XBOX 360 and PS3 tile card at the end of the trailer.

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The Phantom Pain aka MGSV is also listed for 360/PS3 right now. Obviously the games will probably be cross-gen since the Fox Engine is pretty flexible and already made with next-gen in mind.

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While I agree with you on the treating it like its still exclusive part, I completely disagree on the other part. When the game is done everyone should enjoy it.

But still a better title would be "The debate: should Ground Zeroes be saved for Next-gen?"

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Geoff Keighley just tweeted this (related to Bungie's title for the Destiny Leaks)

Guess we know whats being revealed at the VGAs


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No if you read Bungie pretty much confirms its real, they even revealed an extra bit of concept art on their site.


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There is always Portable 3rd HD.....oh wait....Japan only.....

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No, Microsoft is having server issues, its effecting a lot of things but mostly Halo 4 MP (mostly joining friends)

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The guy gave Uncharted a 3/10, guy trolls fan bases for hits.

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From the Review:
"However, Halo's campaign co-op supports four players now. I think this is new. Did Reach support four players?"

Sites like this get on Metacritic..... :/

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What sucks is that this got put on metacritc, brought the score down because someone decided to be a troll.

I hope they don't work like Obsidian and get bonuses based off of metacritic....

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Until there is Halo Kart racing or Halo Party 7 I would not consider this milking, there is still a story left to be told in the Halo universe and fans still want to explore the universe. If you don't like it fine, about a few million people will.

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You know 343 was made to make Halo games right? I mean they are even named after a character in Halo

Bungie no longer makes Halo and they are currently working on Destiny which is a 360/PS3 and next gen title, so there is your new IP you wanted from the FORMER Halo studio.

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