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that doesnt even make sense for this game

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lol you actually just called this propaganda? Where do you guys get this list of words you must force in, but dont know what they mean?

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how would they be offended? you are projecting

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Great job hiding your sexism. Why do women scare you so much? Why do you clowns always show pride in your ignorance? Its like you still have a sad need to act like a fool for attention. "SJWs" lol

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@skull that is a dumb argument. Not wanting to put swastikas in a game isnt changing history. dont be foolish. try getting your history from books, not video games. no one is forgetting what a swastika is because it wasnt in a video game.

This historical accuracy is just a fake argument because you cant be honest with yourself about the real issue you have with it.

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There is no temp software fix.

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Not going into rest mode wont help you with any problems.

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Yes exactly, eject disc, put disc back in. Why do we need these "update x is bricking x" for every device and every update. It is usually nonsense and from like 5 people on a forum

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destiny is one of the most played games. what are you talking about

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what exactly were you expecting to see to make you happy though? The gameplay in destiny was always great, so im not sure what you guys thought you were going to see.

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its annoying when every sequel people act like they expected some entirely different game in 2 years. this should be exactly what was expected. its a 60$ new version of a game. The way they handled the dlc for the last game makes me refuse to pay full price for this one though.

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People watch movies on discs?

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Yeah. You can actually fast travel to save points. This is just silly

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Suspend/resume and the damn pause button makes this whole argument pointless

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@tankcrossing your comment was hilarious and foolish

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Yeah it sounds pretty awesome. I probably won't get one myself, but they could convince me

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Playing with a friend was a lot of fun. Was good on the hardest difficulty. Its not a perfect game, but thats not a great reason to cry. Its a game thats fun with friends. Im not sure its a great sp game in anyway but thats fine.

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@thecomentator while true, the differences in resolutions gets smaller and smaller the higher res you go. You cant actually see the differences.

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I thought it was ok at first but it seems to simple for multiplayer to be a main mode. after playing for a bit, i could block every shot and then just hit r1 when ever someone tried to guard break. it seemed lacking in depth. It was cool at first but i think it would get old fast

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I think the reason this didnt sell as well is because 5/6 were so disappointing no one was going to buy a re game.

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