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Lol madden a chess match. #1.1.5
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Actually 50 would be good for a lot of them. #1.2
I sucks because I really like destiny's gameplay but i just can not support this bs. We all know, all the dlcs out now should have been in the original release and this new dlc should be 20$ at the most #1.2.1
@timotim then your ps4 is just a tv peripheral by that definition. Also the morpheus is a vr headset so I could possibly connect to a lot of devices. #1.1.9
You made a whole lot of comments for not caring. #2.1.7
Every kickstarter has the same trend, but hey, lets over react and write an article. In its last couple of days it will raise a ton. #1.9
I don't think this is a big deal at all. They explained them selves. Whos the idiots that think a game costs $2m to make? Kingdom Come Deliverance has the same funding structure, and i backed. Kickstarter isn't donating your money to them, it's basically paying money for the rewards. For 30$ you get the game. Its preordering except giving the money directly to the devs instead of gamestop. If they weren't clear about where the dev money is coming from then it would be unfair,... #1.18
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Skyrim had serious ram problems on the ps3 and if you think they were just to lazy or didn't care enough to fix them then I don't know what to say. The game was very broken but it's stupid to think a company would ignore an easy fix for fanboy reasons when they have paying customers. They just weren't good ps3 developers and didn't take the extra time needed to improve. I would agree that they seemed to have pc/xbox as lead platforms but everyone needs to have a lead platf... #1.2.2
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Great game = high praise and who cares about reviews. People who play it enjoy it. People who don't, read a few articles and get the idea it has a ton of issues. Besides some frame drops in certain situations it played great from day 1. Of course with a game this size there were some glitches a few people had but that doesn't mean its not a great game. They have done a great job getting patches out too. #1.1.7
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Its crazy that they can sell you a season pass, then expect you to pay more for the only real substantive expansion. I have been absolutely done with destiny. I actually liked the game a lot but the dlc prices are ridiculous for something that takes one night to play through, and should have been included in the very lacking, original game. The greed here is insane and out op principle I wont get this new expansion or most likely destiny 2. #2.2
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Ms showed some good stuff like bc, a new controller, and fallout mods (also on ps4) but their main games were halo, gears, and forza, which i found very unexciting. I also probably wouldn't ever use bc. #1.1.16
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I am actually surprised that ubi had so much good stuff. Starting it off with a new south park was awesome. I really want to play for honor. The division showed more great gameplay even if people want to complain about one trailer not looking like another. Add in the 2 tom clancy games, and I am very impressed. As far as the conference itself, they killed it with just dance and the host being very unfunny and forced. It is tough though because ubi games have been very disappointing lately but... #1.3
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I think the reality makes it better. I don't think casting magic makes a game more fun. I hope they have a few large battles to go along with the seige battle. I love the witcher but i am very much looking forward to this game. You can read their blog to see their attention to detail and realism. They are actually focusing on making the alchemy and sword sharpening, minigames and make them fun. They want to get rid of the stupid parts of rpgs that most devs don't take the time for. #1.2
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@ griever you find most of them with out buying them and most of the merchants sell duplicates.
I was poor at first when I thought you should buy food and was mostly dismantling stuff but stumble across a couple of battle fields and youre rich #1.1.10
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I had one contract on ps4 where I couldn't make bait, but that was it. #1.1.2
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Bloodborne was one of my favorite games too, but doesn't mean you have to act like a child and troll a different game in the same genre. Broken combat? Lol staring at the crafting screen? It helps to actually play the game. At no point would you need to stare at the crafting screen, and the crafting screen is only at smiths. The witcher 3s combat isn't really all that different than bloodborne, just not as impressively tight. #2.5
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Uh at a video game, yeah. #7.2.1
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I never thought I'd like something more than the souls series, so i am a huge fan of bloodborne. It just wasn't the same great experience throughout and the vast majority of boss I could beat my 2nd try. It started off great but didn't maintain that or carry through to ng+ very well. I was able to beat the game on ng++ for the platinum on mine and my friends game in 3 hours. If they would have done more with pvp and kept some of what made ds1 so great it could have been better. Do... #4.3.4
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I was pretty amazed in ds1 every time id open a shortcut and be back at the firelink area. It was very impressive and creative level design. #2.2.2
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Hit detection sucked in ds2. There was that stupid spear thing people would use in pvp that had like a 3 ft square around it that would count as a hit. I also never liked how the enemies hits would go through things. DS 1 was better imo in world design and covenants. #2.1.4
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