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I thought it was ok at first but it seems to simple for multiplayer to be a main mode. after playing for a bit, i could block every shot and then just hit r1 when ever someone tried to guard break. it seemed lacking in depth. It was cool at first but i think it would get old fast

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I think the reason this didnt sell as well is because 5/6 were so disappointing no one was going to buy a re game.

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Why would trump be in it? Why are trump fanboys so scared of hearing thoughts about him.

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Trying to split all humans into 2 ways of thinking is just plain stupid. Politics has nothing to do with zombies or video games.

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Dont humer his bs as a real opinion. He really doesn't like women and he's trying to get attention by being inflammatory. Its typical really.

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The game isn't about his daughter. You wanted more development for her? You are just trying to me ridiculous.

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@greyfox that might be the dumbest argument I've ever seen. Women quotas? Women are the majority at most schools. You don't have to be stupid, you just choose to be.

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Hey korn, if you have women issues, there are counselors for that.

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@81BX haha if the damn president can do it than so can I. Seriously though what is feminist politics. Why are some afraid of women

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When will you people stop crying about game characters. Its his game and he should do what he wants. Its his art and its embarrassing that the topic still makes some of you so uncomfortable. Im sorry, but it is time to grow up, and move on.

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seriously, people need to stop writing about this. no one cares except for a few who cry about everything. there are gay people and gay characters, no one cares

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lol smooth, what exactly is your goal with these comments? Trolls using the "no i have this game" bull is old and extremely transparent.

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lol someone didn't read.

Haha getting all upset makes it even better. You are confusing it with procedural generation. They are talking about the way the environment is populated as you go through the world. Most games have some way of doing this. All open world games have some procedural stuff or else every npc and the whole area would be exactly the same every time you went there.

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every step bungie milked the game for money, over hyped and under delivered on dlc, and didnt attempt to fix what the fans actually had problems with. The gameplay was great, the game sucked

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there is no reason why there wouldnt be cod vr. I dont get what you are trying to say. you can play vr with a controller.

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intuitive and "easier" arent the same thing. ps vr is very simple to set up and and really doesnt require you to make space in your room. it isn't kinect. You dont seem to have tried it. Sorry but gaming is mostly a solo experience, with the exception of online multiplayer which isn't effected by vr.

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you havent played it. he will probably be a "partner" as much as pandora. its not like the little boy is going to be side by side with kratos during crazy fights.

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its just click bait. they knew they could get attention for trying to act like the cool kid who doesnt like what everyone else liked.

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maybe you just have feminine hands lol. i didnt see anything wrong with her. Her hands were very feminine, just dirty with a tat. You thinking that looks manly is on you. And calling her "butch" because she hasn't been to the salon in a bit is just silly.

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@ultranova you mean are we doing THAT right now, together? oh yeah we are

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