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live does maintenance too they just dont tell you way in advance. A few people have sign in issues just like the psn. The only difference is for some reason sonys psn maintenance is reported like they shut down the psn which isnt even close to true. I have never had an issue during psn maintenance. #1.1.10
lol the hypocrisy #14.4
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its a disagree, it doesnt do anything. O and the giants suck lol. #3.3
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im so sick of hearing people act jaded about things that become popular. The show is ok. Every sitcom becomes predictable after a while and the characters become much more "characters". Raj for example is way over the top. But the show is fine and theres no need to hate it. #1.2.8
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seriously, I knew what this was going to look like before I saw it. I get that they think this style of cover appeals to gamers but when theyre all the same like this then it will definitely not stand out #1.2
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what you just wrote doesnt make too much sense. You explain how sony cant compete in todays cheep tv market where people wait over 6 years to get a new tv, and then say they shouldn't invest in new markets. Your formula leads companies to disappear. Im sure they will sell enough to make at least some profit and its a new market that could do very well on the ps4 #4.1.3
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how did you get that its based off halo? The only thing they talked about was the design of the character and the fact that he would be wearing a helmet like master chief. #4.2
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lol what, you actually read the article? #2.1.1
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lol "consistently worse since they introduced the online portion in UC2" you cant really say consistently worse when there has only been one game since just to try to make your argument sound better. So you think uc3 was worse than 2 just because of mp. #4.1.4
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did everyone miss the fact that the director from evolution said he left because his son is very sick and wanted more time at home? I just doesnt make sense to connect all these people leaving. Im sure sony decided to lay off some people and its no big deal. #1.10
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Ya are still acting as if they said something bad when they didnt. It really isnt a big deal. Its a company that makes video games, not the president. I was more surprised about the net code tweet after all the people still having trouble with bf4 and saying they are going to use quantum entanglement as if its impossible to have servers that dont suck #1.10.2
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If this joke is low then no one can say anything anymore. Surprise wii u isnt going to run frostbite because it isnt powerfull enough. We all knew that already so whats the big deal. Hey guess what xb1 is weaker than ps4 omg! And ps4 is weaker than some pcs Omg! You dont say that. #4.4
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How is this joke bad in any way. Are people really going to cry about ea joking that wii-u is the most powerful next gen console. Seriously, if you think this is going to far and are crying about this then I am embarrassed for you. I get that some wii u fans are mad that ea isnt supporting it, but its not going to change. #1.10
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Thats correct, so we should expect this game to be maxing out the ps4 because thats just wasting resources. After all this time they should have been able to max out both the xb1 and the ps4 individually. I hope this isnt a situation where the console versions are made for the lowest common denominator. They probably should have had more for the pc too. #1.2.4
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Did you even try a different game? Were you signed in? "f Microsoft manages to make this kind of situacon rare on their end i am free to demand that kind of quality service as well on this end" It IS a rare situation. Me and everyone I know had no problems getting on and playing. You know you arent the only person who is on the psn right? If the service went down all the time then ya i would be very frustrated but that just isnt the case. Please save this whole, I work for my money... #7.2.2
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thats the thing though, the severs do keep running. I had no problems playing. Some people do but thats what happens with every maintenance. You should only have issues if you havent been on in over a week. Xbl has people with connection problems too, it happens. You seem to have this crazy idea that they just shut psn off, which just isnt true #7.2
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I would think this is a big deal if it actually shut down but I never have issues playing during these maintenance times #4.6
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You seem to be under the impression that ms has less games because of some quality standards which is not the case at all.
By the way, the term is "sift through" not shift through. #2.3.7
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ya its pretty bad and a lot of people seem to have not noticed. #8.1
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Oh good. This is great news guys, there will at some point be atleast one game made for the ps4 at some point in the 1-20 year frame.

Why even send out that tweet? What did it do for anyone? #3.2
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