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He shared many of the concerns i had as well. Then gun play isn't good and the ai was awful. You could just wait behind cover for one enemy to walk over at a time. I didn't really like the answers given for end game and story length. #2.1
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Destiny had much better gameplay but crap for content. If the division was actually a tactical shooter or had the gun play of R6 then it would be much better than destiny. I just wasn't that into the gameplay and garbage ai in the division. I have been so excited for it too. #3
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Size is hard to determine game to game because you have to consider scale and travel speed. You also can't go in the buildings that make up the majority of the map #3.1.1
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There are plenty of exploits, glitches, and other crap people we're doing. They have seriously been listed every so i am not going to make you the list. The dz had a ton of issues like invisible players, camping the entrances, wonding people just enough that you don't go rouge but they shoot you.

How is the rouge system not arcady? A timer that puts an emblem over your head for killing someone but then goes away when the time is up. The whole dark zone system is flaw... #1.3.3
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Wellyuk is right, the original pvp they talked about was a situation where you could run into someone else at any time and they could be friend or enemy. It sounded almost dark souls like. Instead because some people are scared of online games they turned it into an area mode that is just dumb. They talked about this being an mmo, but with these changes its just a coop rpg with bad ai and gun play that is a let down to the tom clancy games, and also has a mp free roam mode. The dark zones wil... #1.1.10
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I thought the dz was a huge disappointment. The rouge system was very arcady and silly. It there is a lot of exploits too. I liked how they were planing pvp before everyone wanted a sp only option. #1.3
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Lol i love when people rant and whine about whiners. Why do you get worked up that people have problems with the game? #2.3.2
I found this game to be very disappointing. I was very excited for this game after seeing all the videos that they showed for it and reading more about it. I was expecting a tactical TPS that was an RPG MMO but this game isn't tactical at all. The combat is dull and dumb. Its much more skyrim than souls, witcher, or destiny type of game. I think the movement/cover is very basic and lacking. The gun play is the same. There just wasn't the fun gameplay and skill involved to make me wa... #4
im going to guess he likes the nfl #9.1
that is a rounded number used to make the authors point in his opinion piece. The official numbers are not hard to find. Government debt starting rapidly increasing in the 1980s. the % increase in national debt has been going down after the spikes that were caused by the recession as they did after the great depression. The economy is improving, not declining. You seem to like the washington post as they are the writers saying another recession is on the way. Another recession is always on th... #3.1.2
Thats fine and all, do what ever you like, but i just dont see what was learned in this. Why write something after only typing "_ _ video games" into google and spending 2 minutes writing it down? #1.2.1
sort of a small and random list. Why write when you don't have the actual opinion of the candidates. Sanders not voting on a tax bill that was in no way about video games, but taxes seems irrelevant.
In case you actually want to read about the job creation act and its effects,
I would say Trumps twitter is 100% reactionary to... #1.1.2
just fyi the projection for 2016 is 18.8 trillion #3.1
It isnt like a fallout type setting. Is right after a disease outbreak and the government organization "the division" is then called upon. It takes place 3 weeks after an outbreak and you think the government would have to scavenge for ammo like in a wasteland game. It isn't really a survival game either. I also don't think I would make a decision to buy a game based on pistol ammo #4.8
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Some people were interested in the game for other reasons than it looked pretty #1.1.13
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Thats not true. You are probably game sharing if you can't use your games offline. #1.2.1
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I disagree about it being a broken mess. I play on ps4 and haven't had many problems. Some disconnects but not many, and ingame has been flawless. #1.1.3
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Ypu are happy you didn't buy a game because on one afternoon you wouldn't have been able too play it? There is some logic missing there.
@ indiyman what are you even talking about? Digital download single player game can be played just the same as disc based. Both copies are played from the hdd.

Some people don't freak out over the rare hour or two of downtime. #1.1.12
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It really wasn't that bad. #1.12
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People still think it's cool the act to good for things most people enjoy? Cute. #1.3.4
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