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I level up and never do patroles, just the story missions. I do play the occasional pvp though. #5.1.7
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presentation alone? #3.1.2
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Im pretty sure you just have to invite them to your fireteam to chat so I dont know what you are talking about. I use the ps party system anyways though. #2.4
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60 is the bare minimum you will see for a AAA title pretty much everywhere. That makes it a very bad score. To think ghost is rated 2+points higher at places like gamespot is a joke. #1.1.4
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Skyrims combat is garbage and npcs are pointless. The only good thing about skyrim was the landscape. The quests and caves were repetitive and the gameplay wasnt good at at. Destiny has a lot of the same issues as skyrim except combat is funner in destiny. Demons/dark souls is 10x better than skyrim and doesnt really have a told story. #1.2.7
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It is definitely a good start. An expansion with new unique guns, missions, and some npcs could make the game what everyone wants. #2.1.2
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what are you even referring too #1.2.1
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exactly it and 8 or 8.5 is a good score too. #1.1
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it is much than cod, battlefield, or titanfall. #1.7.2
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pvp and gameplay is very good. Yes you just go places and shoot things but the mechanics are good so its fun. There are some different enemies and strikes are fun with 2 friends. I dont even think about the story when playing the game. In some games the story just doesnt matter. Also I am always doing some mission so im not just wandering around so the worlds are fairly big to me. I would like it if there was a little bit more to explore and more loot to find though. I also agree that it woul... #1.6.2
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hype should never affect game reviews. The game is the same either way and most that play it like it. #1.1.18
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it doesnt matter what studios they opened 2.5 billion is a crazy amount for minecraft and could have been used in other ways. How in hell do they expect to make billions back on minecraft and how long will that take.
@bleed If you think ms has unlimited money you are just being ridiculous. MS has shareholders and everything they do, especially for 2.5b $ needs to be profitable. If they could spend whatever they wanted the xbox one would have some games right now and would have been... #2.5.5
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this game has already sold to everyone that wants it. Games that get that huge do it because everyone wants to check out what everyones talking about. People play it then move on. ms would be crazy to think that mincraft will continue to sell or that minecraft 2 would make back the well over 2.5 billion $ it would take to justify this purchase. They would be stupid to not release it on ios and android, but even if they did make it exclusive to ms devices, everyone would just play on pc. #1.1.15
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ya id give it an 85-87 #1.1
ya that makes sense? #, really? #2.3.2
Do you know what liberation means. It doesnt matter what type of game they chose to make if it was their choice and all the decisions are made by them, it would still be liberating. They wanted to be more independant and make something that wasnt halo, so they did. #15.2
ah they should have added more of that fun in. #13.1
mcc will not get the best shooter of this year being a collection of older games. #4.1.4
im sure you know exactly how much content destiny has. #2.3
but what gave the impression destiny was a story based game? When did they ever talk about how great the story was going to be. Video games arent just story over everything, there are a lot of different games. I honestly couldnt care less what the story is in these open world shooters. I didnt care in borderlands or dark souls either. I dont get why some people want to hate this game so bad. I dont hate on the games i dont like or didnt buy. Reviews of games with terrible stories still dont g... #1.4.2
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