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Why would you need an article to compare things for you. You know what the games are so no need to go declaring a winner every month. Whichever system(s) you have, get those free games. #1.1.4
MS quarterly numbers for the gaming division arent just xbox numbers. Xbox loses them money so they mix in the profits from things like android royalties to make the numbers look better. #1.3.5
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This game is looking to be one of the best games in a long time, and made by a dev that seems to care about the players. All the should worry about is delivering. This happens with ambitious projects and its a good sign they arent compromising and cutting parts to save time. #1.3
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That would be head tracking. Eye tracking would be pretty pointless on a 3ds. #5.1
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@Angel they can still see you on their friends list #2.1.4
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Ya the 20$ price tag is just insane. #3.3.2
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I agree, i actually liked the missions. Who cares if the environments arent all brand new. What do some of you want these missions to be. I will say though that this dlc is stupidly over priced. #3.3
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Everyone can say they are anonymous so it is pointless to say anonymous did anything. Lizard squad members could be part of anonymous. #1.1.3
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lol them claiming responsibility every time someone cant sign in #1.1.9
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They don't have anything else to do on Christmas thats why they need attention on the internet #3.1.2
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Because it doesn't make sense to ask why not sony. If you cant see it then you are just being a fanboy. There are plenty of online services, so why not say "why not them". Asking why ms is fair, but you are assuming they have real reasons or this little kid bs could even be justified. Some people have this stupid idea that this crap can even be justified by some kids with superhero complexes.

Plus THEY ALREADY ATTACKED SONY LIKE A MONTH AGO as plenty of people... #2.9.3
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The idea of them bringing down a SERVICE for ever is idiotic and doesn't even make sense. Plus calling out that you will bring down live on Christmas is stupid because xbl/psn usually have issues on Christmas anyways, it's Christmas. #1.11
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steams updates take a long time and yes psn has a bug slowing messaging right now but pulling up the ui in game and joining parties, checking trophies, jumping into a friends game, or inviting a friend, all work much faster on consoles. The whole ui of both consoles is much better than steams. #3.1.4
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not saying it doesnt, im saying consoles do it better. #3.1.2
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That just isnt true anymore. Pc gamers seem to think console gamers buy games through the systems store like they do. Amazon has sales on all games and i think most people got SOM for around 35. Gamefly is also a huge savings over any steam sales. Gaming pcs also use more electricity. Yes though, digital only indies drop price much faster on pc.

Ot: this article is stupid. #4.3
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Steam is fine but I would take psn/xbl over steam because their ui, parties, and updates are better. If you are referring to sales id take ebay/craigslist/gamefly over steam. Steam workshop for mod support is great though. #3.1
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Never once said that, just said not all 8 year olds are the same. Just because someone is 8 doesn't mean they will kill hookers after playing a game. Thats just stupid. Being 8 doesn't make you insane and 8 was an exaggeration. Its up to the parents to decide what is right for their kids is all im saying. Maybe you were an idiot when you were 8 but i wasnt. #6.1.3
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While i get what you are saying and agree parents should pay attention, being in 2nd grade doesnt make you react to a violent game any different. Pretty much all of us grew up on some violence in games and movies and by 2nd grade you understand what a game is. Its up to the parents to know what is appropriate for their kid. Being young doesn't mean you are stupid or insane. But yes, if they were really in second grade, that would be very young to be playing the game. There are more age-ap... #6.1.1
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no one I play with has ever had issues. You should see if theres something on your end you could do. Obviously you are not the only one, but very far from the norm. #2.3.3
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that half hour of pointless farming just to get 5 marks? do a tiger strike in 20 and youd get the same thing and, be able to actually PLAY the game. an hour of looting chests for acendant materials? Just do the daily story, a pubic event, or the raid. If you werent wasting all that time farming you would be getting more legendary equipment to scrap and get acendents. Marks and strange coins are easy to come by, farming for materials is just boring. #1.2.10
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