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Are you guys serious? You must have missed the reveal or anyone saying it out loud.

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Generalizations just make you look stupid

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The problem I have is that you spend all this time in combat and getting weapons for combat, then their combat is simplistic garbage. Also you do all this stuff in the world and the world doesn't react to you at all. the world is just good enough, to feel like it could have been so much better.

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especially with games like the witcher and dark souls out, and kingdom come coming out, why would you want to play skyrim. It wasn't that great then.

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Its not good for a company like ms to have a division that only makes some profits, the amount matters. The xbox ties up millions, so the profit margin has to be more than they would make just having the cash in simple investments. Ms, as you can see with their original xbox one + kinect reveal and release, want to own your living room and have that device you use every day.

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who wrote this title? Terrible sentence

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it says they are looking for people with dont starve together experience.

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No they are not investments, just preorders.

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the witcher 3 is one of the best games I have played. It shouldnt be in your backlog and nothing in the next wave seems to compare imo.

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Hes just reading off of the website and kickstarter page

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After replaying ds1, ds3 was technically better and the bloodborne inspired combat was better but ds1 was the better game. I beat the first 4 bosses in ds3 with out dieing and the pacing was off. I love the interconnected world of ds1. It was so impressive. It had a lonelier feeling and made you feel small. I loved ds3 but the bosses just weren't very good.

Dark souls was not the first. Demons souls was. A lot of dark souls players played demons.

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i just wish the move controller had an analog stick or a touch pad section for movement. Having to use the separate controller is stupid

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How do you know its a stereotype? Its just a younger guy who is dressed like younger guys who live in most cities

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Jez you guys know so much about the new character from one trailer

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Very true

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omg there is going to be like 3 whole people who are outraged. this is so serious. conspiracy

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@ neco the wadge gap is a checkable fact. dont be an idiot. You are just wrong. Do you get your news from someones blog, or facebook?

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a hotel said someone should put pants on, OH LORD. Who cares really? she can wear what she wants but the hotel has always had the power to refuse someone. Stop trying to turn things into issues and conspiracies.

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No, they are definitely fun. No they dont make you giggle, but they are more fun than any other game this gen.

people need to stop with these articles trying to justify why you suck at souls

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If you say "pc" then you are an idiot.

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