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And you are surprised everyone didnt do what ever you did? #6.1
They have to. A lot of people are at max and if they add more gear then everyone will be. Being at max takes the fun out for some people. You dont need to grind to get to max if you don't want to. Just play and have fun. #1.2
@baodeus you got disagrees because you dont seem to get how it works. Your question makes it sound like you think you can download a friends game and play it for a time limit. What it does is let you take over for your friend or play with him. If there is a limit to this then no one really knows. It is basically the system far cry is going to use and they set up a token system, so it seems like it will be up to the publisher/developers. #2.2.17
Suspend resume works just not in stand by like it is supposed to eventually. #1.1.5
With all the changes its definitely separated it's self from the souls games. I'm excited to learn how to play all over again. #2
You know sso has a review embargo too, and dc also released a bunch of gameplay videos, right? Not sure what your point is or shy you would compare them. #4.1.1
You can't say thats all from the sdk update. Theres also the fact that ghosts was basicly a launch game and they've had more time #1.1.6
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i am the opposite. When I play a game where a huge part of it is combat I would like to actually PLAY and not just do the same thing and kill everyone. ACs combat just felt like a waste of time and is the reason I havent finished one since ac brotherhood. #8.1
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Ya in 2 you could just hold block and smash counter until everyone was dead. There was only that one enemy you couldnt counter, but then you just do the same thing with dodges. It has been a very shallow combat system which ruins the game imo. #5.1.2
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ac combat has been frustratingly bad. #4.2
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It was extremely easy and boring, counter then, kill, kill, kill. Its the reason I haven't enjoyed the series lately. Combat has sucked so it makes it feel pointless to play. #2.4
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yep destiny is the only game people use exploits. #6.1
Ya it would be quicker if these people just ranked in vanguard or crucible and bought legendary stuff #5.1
ya everyone complains about no mp and then in games like ac dont play it or wonder why they included it. #10.1.2
the titan punch isnt one hit unless you are referring to what I think you are calling the shoulder charge. Not sure what you mean by shotgun spam, but yes shot guns are op, however that doesnt really unbalance the game. every class and person has a quick way to kill someone, thats how this game is set up. It seems to bother some that call it unbalanced but its how destiny works. If you didnt worry about dying then its just how the game is. I like it because no one is trying to go 20-0 and be... #6.1.2
im so sick of everyone complaining about stuff like that. Everyone wants new and bigger and that seems to be it. What new can you really expect from every single game? I agree with you, if its fun then its fun. #10.1
what do you really expect to see in the video that would impress you? #6.2.1
crucible is fine. I havent seen any major balance issues. Everyone just cares to much about dying in pvp. #6.1
ya bungie really wanted to spend some money so that a huge site like would give a good score. Dont be stupid. #5.2
" It's the fans that assume anything done on the Xbox One can be better on the PS4" well, It can... It doesnt matter what they are using the power for, the ps4 has more of it. Also locking the res doesnt have much to do with the ai really. #1.1.36
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