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Yeah its surprising. Im very surprised they delivered so well with ps vue. Its better than my old cabe and 1/2 the price.

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They over hype and under deliver every chance they get. What's really better now? Its the same game with more mindless quests.

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Yeah it would help VR. I wonder if ms will have something on vr when Scorpio launches. Either their own or full support to the 3rd party vr headsets.

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I have had a 4k tv for almost a year, and have never even thought about buying a 30$ 4k blu ray, let alone a uhd blu ray player. Movies are usually filmed in 1080, the tv upscales obviously, an streeming for 5$ or what ever is just better. Almost no one buys blu rays anymore yet everyone is complaining about this.

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So it isn't "premium" but if i swap my hdd out does that make it now "premium

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"Premium product" doesn't actually mean anything yet you guys are arguing about it. I don't get what problem people have with the ps4 pro. What on earth were they expecting? The ps5? Its a mid gen upgrade. It doesn't have more ram because it simply doesn't need it. Throwing in things so that moldybread thinks its premium would just pointlessly raise the price. The thing costs 400$.

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your old ps4 still has value

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oh stop

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Its a system with 2.3x more tflop gpu. Yes there are differences. how much they matter is up to you. the price difference between the two isnt 400$ its 100$

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did you really have a problem with uc4s frame rate or do people like you just like to say that, knowing you dont care that much

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if people were expecting more then im really shocked. The specs were leaked. how were people expecting something way different than the leaked specs

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I really don't know anyone who actually thought a ps4 update would play native 4k, 60fps. that would just be stupid

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1. most of what you said shows a lack of understanding of streaming technology. 2. the people who want a uhd blu ray player could buy one. And no one is buying them.

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lol yeah thats why the pats are hated, "cheating". the people that bring that up are the people that don't know any of the facts. their hate comes from 5 afc championship games in a row, 10 in 15 years. Every team in the nfl has been caught doing something, yet everyone hates the pats. I wonder why. they also hated the steelers, cowboys, and 49ers. I wonder why no one hates the jaguars.

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so you guys judge the presentation by who was in the crowd? what exactly were you expecting to see. How much do you need them to tell you. It is a more powerful ps4. It is going to play ps4 games, but better.

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picture dark souls, just a lot worse.

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the majority of games in vr will use a joystick

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me too. I thought the move tech was fine but the controller wasn't that great. I really expected a ps4 version. they need to add a way to control movement on it like a touch pad, similar to the steam controller. having to use a nunchuck thing is stupid.

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what makes you think hes a "punk meathead diva"? why judge and be so angry?

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Hes not good.

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