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It doesn't need it, the game runs great. There is dlc coming soon. Why comment on if this ridiculously large and well reviewed game is finished or not if you don't own it. That doesn't make any sense. #12.1
Is it difficult to download a patch? You know it doesn't actually add 15 gb to the game size right? #10.2.1
People are mad about patching games now? Are you people serious? #4.2.2
I was just about to say that. #1.2.1
play with friends. Not every game has to be made for everyone.

The connection problems with this beta have been awful and I will now be waiting for some reviews before ever buying it. Hopefully the betta actually helps as they have 2 months to fix some server problems. The game its self runs good. #4.2
They may never have external hdd support for security reasons. Folders would be cool but im not even sure how much it will help. I wouldn't want friend notifications on mine but they should have options. My friends just send me invites, I don't need to see right when they sign on. I seriously doubt they will add support for Bluetooth headsets. They would have included it before. Those Sony headsets are old and im very glad they don't have Bluetooth support anymore. It sucked liste... #1.17
lol fps with objectives is your idea of generic? So someone should make this game with out objectives? Or is it the camera perspective that is the problem? #9.1.2
Which games are like this though? Do you know what generic means. Every one calls everything generic. #9.1
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Swiggins. Ive had times were it takes a while finding a game and a host migration glitch, but i think you are over exaggerating. I have had no problems with actual gameplay. #2.1.2
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Or some people have more fun with team work and you don't need to play with strangers. #1.4.1
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Stop writing headlines as statements, then adding a ?. Its just stupid #13
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There really isn't much content in the expansion. A lot of people finished it the day it came out. A handful of story missions and some reskined strings isn't worth the price. The menu updates and bounty changes came in a patch snd should have been there the whole time. Of coarse they admitted they messed up, they are cery good salesman and have continuously said only what fans want to hear. #3.1.2
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having nightfalls that people who didnt pay for over priced dlc could play, wouldnt have slowed progressed in any way. This game just has not justified its insane prices for me. After they way under delivered on their own claims of what the house of wolves would be like, why would I want to buy something else from them. THoW should have costs 5$ as it was basically a mp mode since most players didnt even finish poe on hard, because of how tedious it was. #3.1
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"Some people don't have microphones" Neither do bots..
"obnoxious 10 year olds, people blasting music" mute button, like bots.
I think some people just get too stressed out playing online. Just play it like you are playing with bots or play with a friend in party chat.
Bots gets old and predictable real fast. At least real players offer some sort of variety. That said, them including a bot mode cant hurt. #6.1.2
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Why play with bots? #6.1
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I agree unless they just turn around and sell op weapons/gear and make it a pay to win game. #1.2.2
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lol ya but that price was crazy. they were buying minecraft though because it became a huge pop success, not because mojang was a good dev studio. 2.5 billion for 1 game is a whole different story #1.7.2
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hyde it? You guys are just getting stupid with this downgrade bs. You cant downgrade a game that hasnt been released yet. Who really gives a damn #1.2.4
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who actually believes they would do a deal with ea? why on earth would they? The witcher 3 had a $32 million budget to make the game with a reported 35$ for marketing. Thats tiny compared to other AAA games. The company PROFITED 63.3$ million in just the first half of this year. That would give them enough to fund cyberpunk. Their DlC will also sell well too. Plus goty editions will come out next year. Thats not to mention all the progamer stuff they work for like free dlc and no drm, that EA... #1.7
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Bloodborne deserves a goty and would have easily won it in most other years. The souls games are probably my favorite games of all time and bloodborne was even better than expected. I think I might be leaning towards the witcher though. Bloodbornes pvp changes to invasions, ng+, and the bosses in the mid to late game being so easy disappointed me a little. #1.4
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