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Thats why i buy digital. Thats too much for me

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lol dont tell people jesus wasn't white. They believe in a light haired white guy from the middle east. Even though those depictions of him were based off of a young zeus.

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Yes those pedophiles always follow the laws right? People used to want to go in bathrooms and assault girls but werent aloud to so they got a gender change just to go in the womens room. That makes a whole lot of sense. Its not like being a pedophile is illegal anyways right? Are there now gender checkers at bathroom doors. What is wrong with people from Georgia/NC. Its a damn bathroom, take a piss and leave. What are little kids running around naked in your bathrooms. Why do some people feel...

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you want me to touch the game?

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@rainslacker There is no such thing has human races. You are referring to old terms of pseudoscience no longer used as a whole in race terms. As proved many times, including from the human genome project, me and someone from asia have the same genetic differences as me and my white neighbor. While people were able to determine skeletal differences among different color of people and thought they concluded race, they were using a preconceived ideas of races, and there are more examples of simi...

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Yeah you can't always pay attention to social media crap. They don't always mean it. Most of its just trolling to be a pain in the ass. Should there be more female and other types of games? Sure. Is that the witchers problem? Not at all. If every game I had to play involved my character having sex with every guy, I would be pretty annoyed, but the devs make their game and the characters and that doesn't make them bad people.

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@rainslacker "It's no different than cross-gen ports, outside of being simpler on a hardware level" thats not really true because every cross gen game so far has been across vastly different system architecture. The porting is what causes those varied results. The much more logical and direct comparison is 2 pc gamers with the same cpu but one has a 970 and the other has a 980. One will have a higher frame rate or would be able to increase the resolution. The game engines are pr...

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@Eidolon what are you talking about? "There creativity would have to adhere to ps4" wth is your point. Thats what they are already doing. The neo doesn't change that. Games are already developed then scaled down until performance is acceptable. They don't need to remake a game for every single hardware configuration. Yes the neo would just have a higher frame rate/ res. Thats the point of it. Have you ever heard of pc? Neo existing doesn't hurt the ps4.

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That would be tough to make into a game. Unless you played multiple characters or they wrote a lot of their own side story, there wouldnt be a lot of video game action. I would definitely buy it though.

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gta games are some of my favorite games, but you guys are just being crazy if you think they are THAT different from each other

It is a sequel so thats not a terrible thing, but they are pretty much the same.

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most devs/publishers cant. They spent over a quarter billion on gta 5 (the witcher 3 was no where near that though). Most devs/publishers couldn't or wouldnt let the cost rack up and not feel the pressure to just get something out. Ea and all the big publishers shareholders would kill them. Going as long as rs does with out putting out something that makes money is also a huge risk. If gta 5 flopped bad then rs might not exist anymore. Take two lets it happen because they feel confident i...

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@kreisen I am going to assume you only follow console games because cd isnt new or unknown or anything. They shouldn't worry about making any specific title, just make a great game. As you pointed out, the witcher games werent originally on consoles (w2 came late to x360) and yet they sold a ton. Why? Because it was a great game. It really doesnt matter if the devs are well known, just that the game gets good reviews from websites/friends and it has some good advertising. Most people who...

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"gaming is my hobby and if there is a device out there that can play my games smoother and make them better looking you bet your arse I want it,"
So you want it then. I didn't say you were wrong for wanting it, you would just be wrong for not wanting it to come out just because you want it. If you want everything game related thats better, you are still going to need a lot of cash because a lot of pcs out there destroy your ps4 and if you buy every new upgrade, it will...

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Sorry at the time I assumed your intelligence enough to think you would know what I meant referred to the capabilities of the api. I wont make that mistake again. Your claim of the need to change from a low level api is what I was referring to and your statement about the api is idiotic. The cpu is the EXACT SAME CPU with a higher clock and the gpu just has double cus. That would take a minor addition to the api. Its cute that you got some basic job on a team that does computer work but you k...

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@rainslacker Do you always try to make straw-man arguments by twisting peoples words? Where did I say there would be no change to the api? You tried to twist my words in your poor argument. The fact that you think having to add to the api to account for ONE more system that is running almost the exact same set up with more cus and a higher clock speed. Are you kidding me? You dont know what you are talking about. The fact that you would bring up dx in comparison because of 2 systems compared...

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@rain most of your "possible scenarios" are just silly because they are releasing 1 new system. 1. Not 20. The api wouldnt change at all. Why on earth would a console with the same architecture get rid of the low level api? that would be silly. Devs not taking the time to realize the hardware? Its just a scaled up version. The original ps4 will be supported as long as the other ps4. There is really no reason that wouldn't be true. The rest of them dont even make enough sense to...

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Aenea The problem is, you are acting like this comes down to just opinion. The fact is, sony is releasing a version of the ps4 that is slightly more powerful for the people who want it and it will have no affect on the current ps4. Games are already made scale-able and it is nothing like pc where the configuration possibilities are endless. They both have the same architecture. Anyone who acts any different is definitely over reacting or doesn't know what they are talking about. If you...

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what don't gamers over react too?

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