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i just wish the move controller had an analog stick or a touch pad section for movement. Having to use the separate controller is stupid

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How do you know its a stereotype? Its just a younger guy who is dressed like younger guys who live in most cities

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Jez you guys know so much about the new character from one trailer

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Very true

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omg there is going to be like 3 whole people who are outraged. this is so serious. conspiracy

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@ neco the wadge gap is a checkable fact. dont be an idiot. You are just wrong. Do you get your news from someones blog, or facebook?

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a hotel said someone should put pants on, OH LORD. Who cares really? she can wear what she wants but the hotel has always had the power to refuse someone. Stop trying to turn things into issues and conspiracies.

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No, they are definitely fun. No they dont make you giggle, but they are more fun than any other game this gen.

people need to stop with these articles trying to justify why you suck at souls

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If you say "pc" then you are an idiot.

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I agree with cousin. Who tf cares. Why does every majority group always act like they are being persecuted when someone else speaks up. If its a crazy complaint then who cares. why get mad about it like a child.

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you are right. Neo and scorpio arent the same thing simply because of the power difference. Scorpio is a huge 5x performance jump making it pointless if it wont have exclusive games. neo is a more modest bump to give an option to play current get games at a slightly higher frame rate or res.

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Scorpio should be considered xb2 (??). The gpu difference isn't a 900p to 1080p bump. It's pretty huge if it really is 6tflops they would need to make games specifically for it to use it. Unless they really want to waste power on 4k which most can't see or use with their tvs.

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It doesnt matter how long its been going on. They could have thought the legal stuff would be done by now but it wasn't. I dont think thats why the game was delayed. The flood was obviously a huge problem

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my only problem with the move controllers was them not putting a joystick like device on them so you cant really use 2

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the fight had software problems

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How could you say they are doing anything to be pc (i think people saying and complaining about pc are dumb)? There are people of all skin tones in sf bay.

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@pistoles those 2 quotes aren't even close. No one in America supports illegal immigration, the problem is trumps said mexicans are "sending" (wtf) their rapists and murderers and some might be decent people. He also wants to deport people who have live here since they were 3. Obamas qoute was him stating that they are focusing on deporting known criminals and not the average hard working families. That is not the same. Idiots think illegal immigrants are all here to be crimals...

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Hey look, rainslacker posting something stupid, im not surprised. Races aren't real and you can't act like a race or skin color. Nice job trying to rationalize prejudism though.

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@anubis. You are talking about some sort of genetic mentality that is passed down, but thats not real. Humans dont think with some singular mind and it doesn't take time for "humans" as a whole to not be racist. Most aren't. Society and the way kids are raised change racism. Some people just have a problem with people who are different. Putting others down was always the simplest way of making your self feel better. Plus people keep perpetuating the idea that there are huma...

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If you know anything about the game you know it is based in reality and a real time period. Their whole thing with the game was no magic and no dragons

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