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Actually, it's for Free! No need to buy this (though I presume there has to be a donation button somewhere).

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I was wondering why does the flashlight have to tip down when you run... but without that, the game would be a bit too "safe".

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Well, Xenophobia has its origins in Psychology. Phobia being an "extreme, irrational fear of a specific object or situation." It might apply to certain creatures, like Spiders. The problem is that, by clinical definition, it appears after a traumatic event. It could be the case that a person in a Fantasy setting develops Xenophobia due to his or her experiences due to earlier interactions, but what of a simple dislike of other races, which is not clinical in nature?

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I shall useth the Encyclopedia Britannica: "Racism, also called racialism, any action, practice, or belief that reflects the racial worldview—the ideology that humans are divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called "races," that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits and traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural behavioral features, and that some races are innately superior to others."

It is true th...

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Are you suggesting Frictional Games should start up their own Movie Studio? That could actually work, seeing as they have the right idea of what Horror should be.

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The Pale Man was incredibly well played. The movie itself was incredible. I recommend it to anybody who did not watch it yet.

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I am honestly not amazed they added zombies. If they made a new World at War game or Black Ops without zombie mode that could mean the end of the franchise! Well, perhaps not, but people seem to like the mode.

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I hope Aliens will still be able to attack your base. The fact you had to keep an eye on everything, enemy UFOs, protecting towns, and then protecting your own base made this an excellent strategy title.

I am a bit dissapointed you are limited to only 6 men groups. In the classic I always imagined my small "Company" disembarking quickly, splitting into squads and then searching for the enemy. When they gained their ranks I liked organising them accordingly... The me...

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Well, afraid I never played Battle Tanks on the N64... I was more of a Golden Eye person. But, World of Tanks is free, and with the new Patch it will be easier for newcomers to make a solid start.

Give it a go!

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True, but a tiny bit of realism never hurts! At least some pseudo-realism!

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Or Half-Life 3?

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Did a quick search, here is a link to an extensive review: http://www.mmoculture.com/2...

I could not find a version of the main site in English.

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Yes, yes and once again, YES!

Not to worry some of you, but there was a new Dungeon Keeper game, called Dungeon Keeper online (or, DK3).

It was released in Asia as an MMO, and although I wanted to write about it: 1) I could not understand a thing and 2) It was no longer Dungeon Keeper.

I only hope if there is another proper DK game, it will be like the classics.

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I heard that during the closed beta the French tanks at first could not fire their main guns, and instead a white flag was to pop-up from the top hatch.

Going back to being serious, the French tanks are not *that* horrible. They have some big weaknesses, but we shall see what will the future updates/patches offer.

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Indeed! And even if you are more of a casual gamer you can still enjoy some very fun rounds with players of around equal tier.

Well, usually. As long as matchmaking does not stick you as the "loltraktor" in a Tier 8 battle (which rarely did happen!)

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Enjoyed it a lot myself. It is one of those games where you have to think a bit before you act, and learn something new, rather than just use whatever you learned from previous games.

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At first I thought the "f" was a typo. Now I see the game actually has an f in its name... What a confusing game name... I still have no idea should the f be a capital F or not!

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Hum. It does look good, at least the bits and pieces showed. But, like you said. Many questions remain...

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I am sceptical. Of course, I would like Last Light to be beautiful, and really impress me with its complex view. But when Game Producers make such claims I think of many games which failed in their promisses.

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My fear of any game related city is... would I become one of those "Standing around on spot" NPCs? Or maybe one of those generic NPCs that keep on bumping into walls? What if I ended up in a nice town which has to be destroyed by some army of demons or monsters? If *I* had a choice on the matter, Rapture is my City. That is, as long as I did not end up as a puppet under control.

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