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Easy choice ps4 pro! Too many great exclusives to look forward too. Hardly any on the xbox.

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The hdr makes this game look amazing on the pro

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Its definitely not broken!

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At least get the date right when its releasing. Its the 6th not the 7th

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It wont be DOA because of xbox fanboys

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Funny thing is the ps4 pro is running at 1080p and it still doesnt look any different than the xbox running at 4k

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This game is going to be so broken and poor. Xbox are really struggling with first party games at the moment

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How can you call a game horrible after playing a 15 minute demo of it. Some people are too quick to judge these days before games even release

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Dont buy it then. Simples

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They shouldnt be blaming anyone other than the high prices they charge for games

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Best console? Most powerful not best!

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No it cant

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There will definitely be future uncharted games with drakes daughter for sure. What would be the point in showing that ending with him having a daughter. It sets it up great to have her follow in drakes footsteps

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Its not the 4k that makes it more its the terflops and RAM and other bits inside that bulks the price. For me it just doesnt have the exclusives to justify paying 500

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So because he already knows that the games on the one x will only look marginally better if any better at all, he now brings this up and this can be xbox fan boys excuse now

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Well then phil spencer is going to get a shock when he see's that the ps4 will continue to outsell the xbonex

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Far too high. I dont understand why ms think its worthy of being this price. 100 more than the ps4 pro when sony are already flying high is a ridiculous move

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It should be how do microsoft compete with sony. The scorpio isnt a threat at all. Sony have sold over 60 million consoles compared to 30 million for the xbox. Sony are right on top and will stay on top as long as they have the games.

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I would love to know how people are getting their hands on them. Cant get my hands on 1 anywhere!!

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The xbox needs games its as simple as that. The ps4 has had really good exclusives this year with a lot more to come over the next couple of years. Multi plat games may look a bit better on the scorpio but to our eyes it probably wont look much different. Games sell consoles and thats why sony is way out in front at the moment. It wont matter if the scorpio is more powerful. If it has ridiculous price and still no good exclusives then why would you even waste money on it?

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