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This actually happened to me last week. Except this issue has been addressed long before...


I called up Apple and contrary to others' statements here, they provided excellent service, sending me OVERNIGHT a new replacement even though I was out of warranty.

You can even get it replaced free of charge at your ...

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Totally agree. I'm Viet and she looks southeast asian to me...and totally unlike Faith. Since it's a photoshoot looks should be everything so why not put in a bit more effort to find someone more similar? It's not like any asian should be chosen just because Faith is asian...

Off the top of my head I could think of some friends that look more like Faith than the model used...

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I never saw this back when it was used a teaser for TGS.


A fanmade teaser mind you, but still cool. ICO 3 - The Queen.

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I never saw this until today. Granted it's a fanmade teaser for TGS but it looks nice.

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lol Pizzagaki. Bubbles!

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@ OP

I would've supported/been fine with you posting this article if you didn't respond with the "ALL OF YOU ARE GAY" crap like an immature 5-year old who got his feelings hurt by the other users.

...2NegativeCool...guess you're in the same boat with him.

Just put up the article and don't worry about what others do/say.

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Given it's new IP status/non-sequel status, underwhelming marketing by Sony, and the large difference in the PS3 vs. 360 install base, a million copies sold in 1-2 months is damn good.

Sure the Sony fanboys hyped it to hell and were met by the laughing retaliatory remarks of 360 idiots, but 1 million thus far certainly should be commended.

And there's also the prospect of total sales. Uncharted still has great legs and after a lackluster opening, has sailed past 2 mi...

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...which equally proves the demographic/lack of buying intelligence of the typical 360 owner.

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Played Uncharted 4+ times as well!

Amazing game through and through.

After the trophy support, I forced myself to beat Crushing again and I don't regret it at all. Such an adrenaline rush!

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Looks like it's shaping up quite nicely!

The only thing I really hope they can improve on (I'm even content if the graphics simply equal the first) is the fire. I wasn't particularly fond of the fire in the first game (see sections when lighting up the overhanging torches).

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Fake death? I hope so :(

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Again, like die_fiend, I didn't comment at all on Dead Space so I'm not sure why you brought that up, even though I most certainly agree that it is a much scarier title than RE4.

I have in fact checked out Dead Space and I really enjoyed it. I just have too many games to play right now that I'll purchase it later down the road.

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You do realize that if anything, Gears took ideas from RE4, and that Gears would be a clone of RE4, which is what RE5 is based off of?

Release date of Gears: Nov. 2006

Release date of RE4: Jan. 2005

Almost 2 years difference.

RE4 was and still is an amazing third-person shooter. And I'm not sure what you may consider as a 'true survival horror game' but I thought it sure as hell was one. Maybe not as terrifying or su...

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It'll create another nuke that'll destroy the world.

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