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Hamsterfist himself posts up this "article" to grab hits for his site...

All it is is a top ten list that can be found on any blog or online entry. Hell, you could create a signature in some random forum with your top ten list.

Not only does this opinion piece lack any news, the reasoning and explanation behind why he considers one game better than the other lacks any depth whatsoever. Granted, everyone's top ten list is pure opinion, but the way you go ab...

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Though I have agreed with many of your statements in the past this one is utterly ridiculuous. The point is, any game targetting a specific group, whether its based on solely race, religion, or sexual orientation should be banned. Now I did not find Resident Evil 5 to be wholly offensive given the circumstances of the game's setting in Africa, but this game clearly represents ignorance and hatred towards gay people and has no qualms about it. It portrays gay men as sexual predato...

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Exactly. Jeez, this article/website that posted this so called "leak" is just fishing for hits. Damn that pisses me off. And most N4Gers don't know any better given that few watch Scoop/keep track of IGN. Oh well.

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Wii fanboy much? I really don't see how your insults of the other HD systems/gamers has anything to do with the article. And frankly your total defense of the Wii/The Conduit is unnecessary. Between your assumptions of HD system gamers and your defensive points, half the time I don't understand what you're saying (ie your runon sentences and incomplete thoughts).

On topic, imo like others said the initial sales aren't bad considering its mixed reviews, ...

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Damn, I wanted Flower to be $5...

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Completely agreed. I stopped reading the comments after the few first ones. Then I happened to catch yours as I was typing my own response to all of this. You can read it below if you like.

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I knew this article would only attract a bunch of homophobic and ignorant comments. How bout this: Fact - the gaming community probably consists of more homophobes than any other population, outside of religious groups and er sports fans. Whatever, you guys can bicker all you want, I for one won't bother reading any more of these comments.

And as others have noted, I fail to see how comments like "down with gays! but lesbians are okay!" aren't bigotry or hatred or igno...

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Excellent posts Matpan. The medium does matter and for videogames particularly, noticeable differences can be seen with 30 vs 60 fps (and with blurring we see greater realism, motion, and fluidity for games despite running at 30). I agree completely with your posts though, as 24 fps is really only needed for movies.

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Yea I know. Just calling out SpoonyRedMage on his/her apparent fanboyness in bringing up Sony and trying to bash them....yet again.

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How did Sony get into this conversation/article again? And Sony never touted Sixaxis to be the emphasis of their games, or even gave the impression that they were trying to offer 1:1 motion tracking. Yes, it was a shoe-in gimmick to their controllers that I found unnecessary, but do any of their games (minus PSN titles) really focused on needing it to be accurate? No.

Sony's only real efforts were to try to enhance the games' experience with them. You can't say the same about the...

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Before you even bother looking at the article, let alone the title, just take a look at the contributor. If it's N4PS3G, you know it's something bashing the PS3 or favoring MS.

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The major fact that's missing from your point is that Activision churns out games that really don't push anything except their "bottom line", and that is, money. Do you really think they would try to make better exclusives to 360 if they only stuck with them? Look at every release of Guitar Hero, milking the franchise solely for profit. What games besides the CoD franchise are they really good for (which I attribute to the talent of Infinity Ward anyway). This recent statement on...

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What annoys me most are comments stating that the PS3 is completely inferior to 360 in terms of textures. Perhaps this is true in the hands of unskilled multi-devs, but one look at Uncharted 2, hell Uncharted 1, and you'll see some damn fine textures. The buildings and walls come to mind. Simply amazing.

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lol at Best Platformer going to R&C: Crack in Time. The series has certainly been some of my favorite games, but I can't say the same about the score GameSpot gave to Tools of Destruction, calling it the total opposite of what was said in the vid...perhaps redeeming themselves for the crap score they gave ToD?

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Yet another fanboy to add to my "Ignore" list.

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N4PS3G has to stop with every article he/she submits, all biased toward the 360. I would call out other contributers that I see who are biased but really, all he ever does is hunt for "news" that tries to bash the PS3. Everytime I see a headline with "360 beating out PS3 yadda yadda" I look at the contributer and lo and behold, it's N4PS3G. So predictable. Such a troll in his own way. He's only contributing to the constant flamewars that plague this site...that fuel both ...

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Is it just me or does N4PS3G only post "articles" that favor 360? And surprisingly many of them are from Kotaku...

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completely agree.

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Watch all the media outlets say how disappointing Sony's conference will be because they didn't have any 'surprises' of the show. The fact that they have so many exclusives coming out this year and early next year should at least be on par with MS's game announcements (which were largely known already).

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Zach Braff? Umm don't you mean Haley Joel Osment? And stop spreading rumors that you have no confirming proof of...

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