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I have a sense of humor. But didn't find the vid funny to say the least. So no, I won't go looking for a sense of humor. That's intact thank you very much.

I will agree with you that I don't enjoy sifting through the other crap you've mentioned that's so prevalent on this site. But again, the quality of articles is in the eye of the beholder, and in my opinion (again, mine, not dissing yours because I can understand why people would enjoy the vid a... #28.2.1
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Out of all these comments here, I agree. It only took 60 some comments beforehand of how "cute" she was to get to the real matter, which is the fact that this article is 600+ degrees of nothing and rising. This is why gamers can't ever be taken seriously. A pair of tits and it's frontpage and comments out the ass of "oh godddd she's hawt." As for the girl, def. needs to ease up on the makeup and eyelashes...any more and she'd look like a clown or ghost.... #28.1
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As I recall, I think Troy Baker stated in April 2010 that he had done additional voice work for the PS3 version, so perhaps the additional work has already finished? That may have just been twisting his response or so provided it was an answer he gave at a Q&A session. And of course, there's Flynn and Patty Fleur they'd need voicework for as well. #15.1.2
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On top of that, the PS3 Japanese version was already released! The coding/port is done. Stick in the 360 English voices/dialog + PS3 Japanese port, slap it onto some blu-rays and voila.

Way to go Namco Bandai. #15.1
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Excellent, excellent point. Bubbles. #1.2
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Godmars does make an excellent point regarding the risks games seem to take less of this gen due to ballooning budgets, due to the need to appeal to this generation of gamers so fixated on graphics and spectacle that would otherwise dismiss a game without say, the HD treatent. They've been spoiled imo. When you have investors and companies to appease financially, developers have to think twice after seeing a monster FPS like Call of Duty gross $1 billion in a week. The same exact thing i... #3.2
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Part 3

On topic though, the current state of gaming imo, has a larger burden to innovate. The same applies to movies and other mediums. When a field or genre is new, it has more room for fresh ideas and pioneering efforts. Not to mention that if someone enjoys something a lot (for instance, sports-triumph-movies), nowadays, when a plethora of those have been released and done in a variety of forms, it's more difficult to do said project without coming off as overly uno... #8
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Part 2

I also greatly appreciated this comment you've made and it's actually another question worth exploring:

"Older music is heralded as the greatest in the musical epoch.

Older movies are claimed to be much more engrossing and overall better films than contemporary ones."

Why are examples from older generations as heralded as the pinnacle of certain mediums? Are they actually better in their regarded fie... #7
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Part 1

Another great read. (I apologize for not being able to respond to your last reply...studying CONSUMES me. I do want to mention though that regardless of what I said (about the intro), and for writers in general, don't worry about what people comment on, critical or not. Stick by your writing and be proud of what you wrote. If it seems like you do agree with certain comments, take those into consideration for future writing. I think the only need to edit would be u... #6
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Couldn't have said it better myself. #28.1
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Nice read. As a fellow blogger (not on this site though), your writing style reminds me of my own (the introspection, the quotes, the self-awareness, the parenthetical thoughts, the lists of examples, the logical progression of questions and answers, etc.) The intro comes off a bit pretentious and trying to be overly clever, and a bit redundant/nonsensical ("irony of the question being questioned" (I too admit to do the exact same, especially with my intros) and at first I was confu... #2
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About Lens of Truth in general, I'll agree that it seems 360 multiplats get the better end of the deal, but I can't take the site seriously when they down and out give many times a tie to multiplats that are superior on PS3, or the edge to the 360 when the difference is negligible (see Wolfenstein or BlazBlue):


Or the fact that this comparison between GT and Forz... #1.5
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Hilary Goldstein is an idiot.
I've followed IGN closely since the PSOne days and they have definitely been on a downhill spiral - in terms of content and quality.

Former great editors like Dan Adams, Adam Douglas, Chris Roper, and Jeremy Dunham are all but gone and replaced by idiots like Goldstein. Goldstein's been a huge part of the 360 team, and is a clear fanboy of the system in general. Even besides that, you can tell from his review on Rock Band 3 that his writing is not only godawful but... #1.7
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For those asking about the 300k polygon count...


"You're going from 300-polygon cars to 300,000-polygon cars," Laverty pointed out. A polygon is like a pixel, except it's mathematical instead of physical."

10X more polys than Forza 2...but still 300k. #1.1.15
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Both true comments but the average speeds by continent are not good indicators so much as by country, especially compared to other developed nations:


Notice that the U.S. is at numbe... #1.3
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People seem to be missing the point...
...that this official statement doesn't even touch upon the clearly doctored screens.

It isn't even a response to them. It's essentially saying, "Yep, the two versions are pretty much the same."

That may be the case, that they are "comparable" but to look EXACTLY the same? Not a chance, especially when Square themselves said they are running on two different engines.

The comment should be on the purpose of the doctored screens a... #1.22
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So happy for yet another GotY award to Uncharted 2. Is GameSpy's GotY to Modern Warfare 2 (which judging by the complete gushing of editors over the game was already decided at the start) the only GotY award Uncharted has lost to thus far? (Btw, anyone notice that GameSpy uses the 360 box art for every multiplatform game that wins one of their awards? Wtf is up with that? Trying to associate/advertise the game toward one console?) #1.8
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Did anyone else also notice that every multiplat. game that won an award had the Xbox 360 box art as well, as if to associate/advertise that game's console preference. What a horribly biased site. That GotY choice was a complete joke as well...every single one of their editors gushing over Modern Warfare 2. #5
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I've spoken about this issue on here many times before...

So I'll just say this:

N4G is definitely not the place/platform to discuss this issue, seeing that 80%-90% of the comments consist of "Down with gays!", "I think men who stick their penises in other men are wrong....but girl on girl is ok!", or "Gay people whine too much", or saying "That's so gay is a-ok!" or "Jesus/God will judge you, you sinful mortals" or &... #1.8
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Great point iceman...

The success of Best Buy's program depends on how much they advertise it and really push it so that consumers/gamers who unfortunately shop at GameStop (I say unfortunately because I hate everything about GameStop and its business practices) are aware of it.

If the program is only known to gamers who follow games news strories regularly like N4Gers, then it sure as hell won't make much of an impact. But if it's posted all over their gaming section or even th... #10.1
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