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That Real Arcade Pro SW looks really sick!!! Liking that HORI Pad too! Wondering what high-profile fighting games(apart from Smash Bros.) will show up on Switch now.

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So choppy! I am now having flashbacks about Saturn Daytona every time I watch that footage.
Probably would have a day one patch but I think this problem should be addressed BEFORE release.

@EddieNX: I agree but I read somewhere before that Sony made it clear to devs and pubs that EVERY game released for PS4Pro MUST work with the older one PERFECTLY, down-scaled of course but running properly.

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Such a great game when it launched over two decades ago. Still looks, sounds and PLAYS great after all these years. Same holds true to Dracula's Curse and Rondo of Blood as well.

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Yes. It's still out there, LOL.

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It is looking pretty good so far. Fans of Order of Ecclesia(and probably every SOTN-styled Castlevania) will really dig this one, since it doesn't only look similar, but play similarly as well. And that's a good thing.

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lol, thanks to your comment, I now have one less working monitor at work since I spat my drink onto it bursting of laughter.
On topic, I was somehow not surprised. Seeing that the game looks("breath"-takin g, excuse the pun) and plays like it does. And playable to boot(for the people that were there, lucky bastards! lol). Day one definitely.

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500 hours already sunk in. My only regret? Not being able to play more now due to time constraints. What a fantastic game.

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Although somewhat unrelated yet relevant, Street Fighter III's music is awesome. Specially New Generation and Second Impact OSTs.
Best chiptune jazz I've ever heard and one of the best soundtracks ever(in the series and all other games too) IMHO.
I use them on long drives in my car stereo, so soothing.

Other great soundtracks are Street Fighter EX(2 and 3), Darkstalkers and Castlevania.

BTW, though is not chiptune(like SFEX 3 or the l...

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Indeed we do lol. Though I understand the original one was even more powerful(or broken, in that sense)

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The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive had backwards compatibility with the older Sega Master System/Sega Mark III consoles.
Well, sort of, since an adapter was needed to play them.
The 32X sort of counts too LOL.

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For gamers it's always great, definitely more to choose from.
But for the wallet, sadly, is always bad.

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And, along with the hills, hoping that they include the angled pipes as well.

in the non-gameplay department, i am hoping they include the alternate night themes from SMB1 and alternate stage music from SMB3, World and NSMB.
I'd be happy personally if they happen to include Yoshi's Island music too.

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As far as I know, it's still on track(excuse the pun) but personally I don't know when is the final release date.

... the waiting is killing me.

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"You got boost power"
"FINISH!!! Alright, first place!!!"
"Broken down!"

Yeap those voices. Though they seemed to have an insinificant role at first but have an amazing lasting effect of familiarity that go way beyond.

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About. Damn. Time.

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yeah the empty side, the 00,000,000.
I'd love to see my bank account with a few of those zeroes at the right of my current balance now.

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Agreed. December can't come fast enough.

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There should be a few great deals for flash drives(or HDDs too, should you go that route) in Amazon and New Egg. Keep your eyes peeled.

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What the hell, Nintendo?
At this rate I'll be flat broke by Christmas!
I better start saving up.

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*police car engine starts, drives to the horizon*
"we are blasting off aaagaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn!! "

Heh, I tried to be funny but failed.
Same as those two bozos that got jailed.

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