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Responding to that question, I'm going to quote an earlier post:
"Nintendo seems to be held to a different standard than other companies for some reason."
... uh huh, sure.

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Kudos for mentioning this one. Still play this with a few friends of mine twice a month 1 years after its release.
A damn shame that didn't get localized.

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Incoming crickets...


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The attention to detail in Zelda BOTW makes me remember what Half-Life 2 did for FPSes back in the day.

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Make it happen SquareEnix. You know you can do it.

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You should check out Battle Princess Madelyn then. The closest thing to a Ghosts N' Goblins game for Switch in the immediate future.

If you have an Xbox One or PC you can also check out Maldita Castilla/Cursed Castile. This game is also awesome. It even has arcade-style late 80's/early 90s music and sound.

On the same note, I wouldn't mind a new MAXIMO game either.

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My apologies, sarcasm is damn hard to convey on text. The point flew right past and over my head.

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Oh yeah, he doesn't know squat. He just happened to be in the team that made the BEST DAMN MULTIPLATFORM MULTIPLAYER GAME OF 2016. But yeah he doesn't know squat, lol.

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Definitely, BOTW is the Demon's Souls(the one Souls game I played the most) of the Zelda franchise.
Man, did I die A LOT in that game, lol. My death count in BOTW is fast approching my total deaths in Demon's Souls to boot, lol.

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Like I said in a post a few days before, this is Halo 2 vs Metroid Prime all over again. Both sharing a lot in common, both being great and and being an 'apples vs oranges' argument. I might add, It was a great year to be a gamer back then when that happened, and it's certainly the case now.
In a way, history repeats itself, and I am damned glad it does in this case.

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Agreed. Looking forward to that too.

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This reminds me when Metroid Prime and Halo 2 came out. It was the same thing back then. The release window was really close to each other. And had some things in common like the first person view, space/sci-fi theme, and both great games in their own right. Other than that, apples vs oranges.

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IDGAF which version is it.
If it has mod support, I'll be buying.

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That's what my $40 128GB Samsung Evo SD card comes in. In any case, it should be no issue considering that SD cards keep dropping in price. By the time this game comes out for Switch, IF it comes out, the SD card prices may have dropped even more.

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Nice! Picking this one along alongside Zelda. Loved FR Neo on Wii U back then(and still love it). So this one is a must-have for me.

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Even so, if you need space, you can get 128GB cards for as low as 40 bucks right now. Good quality too.

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My answer? To BOTH.
(RIP dear wallet of mine T_T)

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That Real Arcade Pro SW looks really sick!!! Liking that HORI Pad too! Wondering what high-profile fighting games(apart from Smash Bros.) will show up on Switch now.

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So choppy! I am now having flashbacks about Saturn Daytona every time I watch that footage.
Probably would have a day one patch but I think this problem should be addressed BEFORE release.

@EddieNX: I agree but I read somewhere before that Sony made it clear to devs and pubs that EVERY game released for PS4Pro MUST work with the older one PERFECTLY, down-scaled of course but running properly.

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Such a great game when it launched over two decades ago. Still looks, sounds and PLAYS great after all these years. Same holds true to Dracula's Curse and Rondo of Blood as well.

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