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Loving the music, somehow it reminded me of "the Veldt" in Final Fantasy 6. And of course, in a good way. #6
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Definitely a Reyn amiibo lol "Man what a buncha jokers"
I'd LOVE to have an Elma amiibo personally. #3
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Why don't today's kids love Sonic, you ask?

Easy. Play the Sonic games of yesteryear, and then play the newer ones. You'll have your answer then. #25
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Agreed. Though it's convenient to have the game downloaded digitally. Nothing can beat having the physical game and case, tear its plastic, put the disc and power it on.

The. Way. It's. Meant. To. Be.

(and bonus, you get to show off the case/game to your friends too) #6.1
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Releases in Japan on May, Europe/US later on the year. #26.1
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I totally forgot about that dangit! I mentioned one time long ago, that they should make Club Nintendo into a Wii U/3ds app to have everything in one place. Shouldn't hurt filling out the surveys there too lol, a lot more convenient that way. #9.3.1
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Still it would be nice to try to steer people away from emulation with a compelling sales price (like how Steam is doing nowadays with most of the people) so they can't come up with a good excuse to keep downloading roms illegally(tho it's quite naive of me to think that way, I still hope).

And well, to be fair, trying to put a PS+ type subscription is not as easy as it is on paper. It has to be thoroughly planned, if they want it to be a hit. That would take years a... #9.1.1
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I'm not sure about a streaming service option, since I steer clear of cloud-based subscriptions.
But about a PS Plus-like service, I wonder why the hell haven't they done so already, with the HUGE back-catalog that Nintendo has tho the pricing should be a tad different from PS Plus of course, since it has to be competitive and justifiable.
I have a lot of friends complain that the NES and SNES VC titles get way too expensive at $5 and $7 for example since, as they say,... #9
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1080p/60fps is also a gimmick, albeit a sort of intangible one.
Seems effective since a lot of people fell for it (and got 900p/30fps in some cases cuz its more "cinematic" lol) #4.1.5
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"Explain to me how that adds up to three years."

That's easy, it's fanboy math.
and within it, fanboy round-up
2.08 years(25 months)= 3 years!!


ONE 4 U... great avatar! #2.1.6
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Of course there are top-scorers like Shadow of Mordor and Dragon's Age:Inquisition
but these are also NOT coming to Wii U:

The Crew = 61
Assassins Creed Unity(Rogue) = 71(72)
Destiny(The Dark Below) = 76(61)
WWE 2K15 = 62
The Legend of Korra = 54 #10.2
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The closest thing would be some retailers doing an unofficial bundle for this upcoming Black Friday.
Would definitely move quite a number of units. #2.1.1
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I was at Gamestop earlier today and I overheard an employee saying the there is only ONE copy in that store. I was like "What? Really? Only one copy?" and he said "Yes..."

I'm not sure if the retailer or Ubisoft decides how many copies go to each store. Still this paints a really pathetic picture for them.

On topic, the screenshots look nice. Almost as if they were "doctored" (Knowing Ubi-bullshot). But no videos seen of it.... #11
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I honestly had faith this game could be good. Then Sega flipped a BIG middle finger on me again. But hey, I flipped it back at you, Sega, by NOT buying this disappointing POS of a would-be-game. #9
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He was smiling and then he did that "tha fo' you looking at?" stare, lol. #2
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LOL, Incredible how many comments(and commentators) are here...

VERY FEW of them actually READ the article.

How sad. #42
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Looking great, moves beautifully and on top of that looks FUN to boot.

The wait is killing me. #7
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Hmmm... There were a few games(and one company) notably absent in the lists.

Questionable, to say the least. #2
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Isn't this game more akin to the Elder Scrolls or Fallout games(sans the bugs I hope, lol) than GTA/Red Dead games?

I think that the city is in a separate cell (a big one I speculate) from the overworld (a reaaally big one, like the ES/FO series).

GTA/Red Dead uses only one (really big) cell without (seemingly)separate cells(Sunset Overdrive uses this same structure too). #7
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So do I. Wii U (Bayo 2 fo' life!) and 3DS are my Gen-8 main systems, with the XBONE as my companion console (Sunset Overdrive is really good too).

The only bad thing is financials. If they keep dropping great games at this rate, I can only forecast bad things to my wallet. #10.9.4
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