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I guess because it has been my job for 10+ years it's a habit I need to get out of really.

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Dev of a game no-one has ever heard of says something. Got any other news?

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Yeah, I think I mention that. Really a wrong move.

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Nice. Looking forward to reviewing this one myself.

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I disagree with you Kraenk, but that's opinions for you.

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It's a fantastic game. One of the best on PS3 and now even better on PS4.

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Totally agree. It was already a great game and now it is even better.

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Is it the Scottish accent? I can't help that :p

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It's funny, yeah.

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That looks so awesome.

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The soundtrack is just awesome. I kind of want to buy a record player now.

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This is a load of rubbish. Most of the article us presuming what Scorpio will have, when in fact it has not been confirmed. Based on what this site says, Scorpio will likely cost about $800 or more.

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lzgmrs seems an apt name, since they can't be bother to actually go hands on with the console before passing judgement on it.

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How stupid is this? CEX don't sell new things, they buy second hand and they bump the price up based on demand. You'll never get anything new in CEX.

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If these people are so confident in the quality of their review, why do they need the clickbait headline? Look at their Dark Souls III review? How come that doesn't have a subheading. The only reason this review is so hot is because of the headline, which was clearly designed to get clicks. Bit sad really, needing a headline such as that to draw viewers.

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BrettAwesome - We are a UK site, we spell in English, not American.

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It's the you got paid to write a review argument all over again. Whether it is a website, a retailer or a YouTuber, everyone is always accused. I know I'm honest when it comes to writing, I always have been whether writing for a retailer or freelance for the larger sites :)

You can never win though in this industry. Just need to be yourself and hope people see that.

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I wrote that review and have been doing so for years. You might want to read it before you accuse me of being biased ;)

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So many good scores.

Metacritic - 94 -
Opencritic - 93 -

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That's actually I slow motion filter. It doesn't happen unless you want it to. The game has many filters, including a cell shaded one.

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