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If these people are so confident in the quality of their review, why do they need the clickbait headline? Look at their Dark Souls III review? How come that doesn't have a subheading. The only reason this review is so hot is because of the headline, which was clearly designed to get clicks. Bit sad really, needing a headline such as that to draw viewers.

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BrettAwesome - We are a UK site, we spell in English, not American.

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It's the you got paid to write a review argument all over again. Whether it is a website, a retailer or a YouTuber, everyone is always accused. I know I'm honest when it comes to writing, I always have been whether writing for a retailer or freelance for the larger sites :)

You can never win though in this industry. Just need to be yourself and hope people see that.

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I wrote that review and have been doing so for years. You might want to read it before you accuse me of being biased ;)

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So many good scores.

Metacritic - 94 -
Opencritic - 93 -

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That's actually I slow motion filter. It doesn't happen unless you want it to. The game has many filters, including a cell shaded one.

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Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted 4, The Last Guardian, No Man's Sky, Horizon Zero Dawn that we know of. You could say it's gonna be a great year for exclusives on PS4.

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Use PS Now if you're that desperate.

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The indie games aren't on the list, so no Cuphead etc. If those were taken into account then there are lots of games missing from the Sony list too. It's just a list for 'AAA' games for now.

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7/10? Are you having a laugh. 1/10 and that's a compliment. Worst game I have ever played. The framerate is atrocious, the humour is cringeworthy and the graphics feel like they belong on PSOne. Awful.

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I think it is awesome. PS4 all the way for me though.

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No sure why you can't see that this blatantly uses Uncharted's formula. Tomb Raider has a poor story though. On the other hand the exploration and Tombs are great, just wish the game was more focused on that.

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Ok, it's not a 5/5 coming from someone who reviewed it himself. My opinion tho.

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No way is this a perfect game, IMO.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider is a poor Uncharted clone as far as story and action goes, but when Lara does what she does best (i.e explore Tombs) the game really shows its potential. I hope next time they forget about Uncharted and focus more on what Tomb Raider is famous for in the first place.

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They are the same on XB1, it's a big game. Not a big deal really.

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There are certainly some bad points. I completely agree about the lack of a campaign, that's annoying. Hard to judge how much content there will actually be though. It's be nice to play the whole game.

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Lighten up guys, it was only a joke.

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Or get a PS4 and change the HDD = Nothing sticking out the front.

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