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It can. PC run the games however you want them to.

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Fair point but this is "Ephebophilia"(teena ger 15 cognitively capable of making their own decisions) not pedophilia (child definitely not). Honestly there is not much difference developmentally between an 18 year old and a 15 year old so the age of consent laws varies by country and have some nuance. Why anyone that old (30) would want anything to do with someone that young(15) is still beyond me. If you're paying for it, don't you want someone who knows what the fuck they&...

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The game you should be using is GTAV and Minecraft. Sales don't matter to us consumers though. The fact is Sony gets more third party exclusives because it has a massive install base. If you have 50 million PS4s out there, your game is CAN be profitable even if you don't do an Xbone version.

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Why did the console player cross the road?

So the other side of the street would load.

That one kills my master race parties.

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Nintendo is their brand name. Everyone drops the entertainment system part when talking about it. It's the Nintendo, the Super Nintendo, the Nintendo 64, and the Nintendo Gamecube to a lesser extent.We only don't use Nintendo on the Wii and Wii U. However the consumer very much knows its a Nintendo product. Whereas with Sony they have made the PlayStation their brand name because they are known for more than games. Sony doesn't present the PlayStation 4 as the Sony PlayStation 4 b...

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It's harder to hack and easier to change things with always online. That being said it doesn't really benefit consumers who just want to play single player because the combat could be fun. I went from only being mildly interested for a couple multiplayer matches and single player to not being interested at all. If my data cap runs out, it's bye bye to a game I should being able to play without a connection. To be fair though, this game is being marketed for multiplayer. so those...

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Look where you are. N4G the assembly line for sites with clickbait articles. Its the reason you see most as clickbait because you need a bunch of sites with a poor reputation using this site. There's very little curation. However there's a reason the Kotaku review of FFXV has stayed the hottest since it took IGN's spot. It's a really good review. No score. If you simply pay attention you know which reviews line up with your opinion or at least are an honest opinion.

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Thats definitely fair. I'm just pointing out it has always been Microsoft's strategy to stand back and watch before trying their own ... anything. Windows phones are there to take a cut out of the established Apple and Android markets. Xbox started as the same thing. Xbox Live is really the only thing they've done in the past 20 years that they beat their competitors to in every way.. Xbox Live was 2002 and Steam was 2003. Now did Steam improve faster and surpass Xbox Live? Yes. I...

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So their strategy is the same as it has always been with games. Watch others get the tech up to speed and figure out all the hurdles, then buy a couple companies with experience, and use others work to launch your own. This is exactly what they did with xbox after Sony and Nintendo figured out 3d gaming on consoles for them.

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Which only proves they're still on the mountain top. If the next Cod wasn't going to do so well the video wouldn't have gotten views let alone dislikes.

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Um Gary Johnson, the other libertarian, Green Party's Jill Stein, that crazy guy who says he's from the future, writing in Mitt Romney. I mean you have choices here. Not good choices but choices.

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Nah man. El Chapo sent me. I want 100 million dollars. Hillary doesn't have that much to throw at me without taking it from the Clinton foundation. Bill would never allow this.

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While there are factually more males than females playing games. I'm not arguing a percentage but there are certainly a lot more than previous generations. The gender role thing that is slowly dissolving away not just in gaming but everywhere. My nieces play with G.I. Joes and watch DBZ. Am I responsible for making the introduction? Yes, but if they didn't like why are they doing when I'm not around?

Assuming that it has to be a male character is stupid on the indu...

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The codenames suggest that is what ps4pro was for in the first place. Neo and Morpheus. Sony wasn't exactly hiding its intent.

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And Sony will drop the price if Scorpio is cheap.

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4k digital downloads solves this. Instead of streaming and receiving compressed quality on Netflix just download the video. Digital games also would solved this but if you look at the power of the system, it's not good for full 4k gaming. It's not meant to be. The 4K part is being oerplayed because of Scorpio. This system was clearly built to give better frame rates to allow for better VR and do some basic improvements for 4K streaming. It is just to keep up with what is going on now....

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I can see where you're coming from. They have not shown anything yet but filler. I am looking forward to it though. After playing Episode Duscae and its patches, I think I see where they're going with the main game. Now it is going to be like FF6/FF7 good to me? No. I expect it to be about as fun as Kingdom Hearts 2 from what I played though. Its definitely a step on the right track from the detour that was 13 that played itself. The two battle modes are cool. I personally prefer the...

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You don't have to. Some men/women have rape fantasies they play out with their spouse. Bondage and S&M are things that happen. It's weird, definitely not the norm, but you have to respect those people enough to say do whatever you want. In this case it's the fictional character that adds that extra bit of weird to it but who the hell cares? It's not real. As long as people don't go out and become actual rapists, then they're not hurting anyone.

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The reason for this distinction being important if that if the rest Sony goes down, PlayStation does not and the parent company does not go completely under either. It's essentially a business survival mechanism that allows what would normally be a division to take risks without being a severe detriment to the parent company. Most of what people would call a division in Sony is actually a subsidiary.

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PS Now is way ahead of its time in the sense it will be far in the future before it is feasible for a large install base. It is great idea but right now it hasn't fully realized its potential. Eventually it will have PS4 games and latency will be low.. The problem is the bandwidth that is required to make latency go to its absolute minimum would have to have a ridiculous ping time which means the servers would have to be close to your house. There would still be latency but it wouldn'...

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