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Sword of a Thousand Truths or.. headshot if zombie #5.1
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The western cartoon is based on eastern cultures though. Even its style is more similar to the dominant Japanese animation style than any American made shows of recent years. Also it's not like the Japanese focus solely on their culture in their games or entertainment in general. #10.1
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That argument is ridiculous. Netflix has the same problems with movie studios as Sony does with third parties. PS Now should eventually be $20-$25 a month for access to everything the service has. That is enough to to pay the publishers royalties from the games industry version of syndication. Netflix streaming and subscription model was very basic and not a good value at all when it launched and they fixed over time. It was like one dollar an hour or something similar. Then it became unlimit... #5.3
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I agree with your first sentence and that Monsanto has terrible business practices, but let's be realistic here. There are no small full time farmers anymore. It has been near impossible since the 1940s, even with subsidies which benefit larger corporations far more anyways. All the independent farmers left are large scale and its been that way longer than either of us has been alive unless you're in your nineties. Considering this, you can understand why people don't care. The si... #1.2.2
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Things like the bottomless box glitch and deleleving in the Asian Deomns Souls is what ruin PVP. Infinite souls puts less skilled/less experienced players into the fray if they are playing online which if they are using that glitch they are not at first and probably aren't into PvP. #1.2
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That's how Xbox people are. #30.2
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Consider this. In the first two games playing good meant slower, more precise, and more powerful attacks. When playing evil while the crowds attacked you but you could also kill them all simultaneously because of the much larger AoE(i.e. a cluster of grenades). You could also drain people giving your health and energy back. This means you had plentiful and quickly gotten energy during the blackout areas so you didn't have to electrify the trash can and drain it during a fight. Evil is als... #1.2.2
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Naughty Dog is a huge game in terms of download size though. Look at them next to Infamous 2. 40 for U3, 15 for Infamous. The demo for TLOU which like 15 minutes was bigger than Ground Zeroes. However GZ on PS3 is going to be compressed a lot more. #2.1.3
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After FFXHD sells well on Vita as it already has been in Japan, Square will reconsider a port and localisation. Also the problem isn't it would not be profitable. It would be. Enough people would buy the localized version to be profitable on day one. The issue is how profitable will it be. If it doesn't make as much of a profit as they think an equal investment in another project will, then why wouldn't they use those resources on the other more profitable project. #2.1.3
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Video games can only be hazardous to those without emotional control. If you deal with your emotions by punching a pillow or yelling obscenities(i.e catharsis), then you are most likely to it again in the future and other types of violence. On top of this, you're dealing with your anger long term. However, if you deal with it proper, the only thing games do is desensitize you to violence which everything on TV including watching the news does. Being desensitized isn't necessarily bad... #5.3
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Comparing it to the first form Frieza as PS3, it'd somewhere between Piccolo's Power level fighting Nappa on Earth(i.e. 3000-4000) and Nappa's power level which is about twice as much. Keep in mind the Wii was slightly stronger than the original Xbox. #4.1.2
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@abzdine Ground Zeroes is two hours for campaign,not the the side and extra ops. It likely has more than ten hours of gameplay #1.1.3
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According this article only 250,000 have tried remote play. The Wii U's gamepad isn't a failure. Wii U is a failure in sales. This is mostly due to price and lack of power which the gamepad contributes to but is far from the sole issue. Wii U should have launched with an account system tied to purchases and gameplay, organized e-shop and virtual console, some sort of take on trophies/achievements, and power relatively close to being as strong as the Xbone or better yet PS4.
... #2.1.2
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Yep he missed the point entirely. They start with older games then move to newer ones once the service builds up just like PS+. #1.6.1
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To clarify, Zelda is very much hardcore. 4 player sidescrolling Mario, Mario Kart, and Wii Fit U, especially the latter, is less so. Look at 3D World. The real game for the hardcore Mario fans starts when you get past all the easy stuff for the broader audience and play the challenging levels. Its great they have content for both, but the resources for that game may be used elsewhere like Zelda, Metroid, or even Smash Bros. Once you have the hardcore, word of mouth gets the casual audience in. #3.1.2
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@iistuii Okay I see what you're saying now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I have a similar problem with KZ Shadowfall multiplayer trophies. Lots of grinding bot kills. Dying letting my bots kill people and then respawn. Its not the most fun way to play the game.
@JoGam Fair points but shitty is subjective. If you already plan on doing everything the trophies require then they're not shitty to you so separating them would allow some reconciliation between the two groups. The... #3.2.3
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People with few exceptions are total pervs. If the average young physically fit female form fully clothed isn't enough for a heterosexual male or bisexual anything, or lesbian to get off to, then the person's sex drive is very low, he or she has no imagination, or he or she is very committed to your religion. #19.2
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Lol The Senrun Kagura girls have DD's to E's. Backs to reality C's and B's are not almost flat. That'd be the lower A's. #5.3
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@frostpants Fair point but bad example. They are stripped down in real life because the women are sexualized in the game. Gears is being sold to heterosexual men. The games are like a bad Hemingway novel. The characters are testosterone filled men's men. As it turns out women aren't necessarily attracted to this. If was let's say God of War then the guy playing the part of Kratos should have no shirt on and look somewhat like Kratos. Not because of sexualization but for the conte... #1.2.3
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"Enjoyable" should be changed to "not tedious" Getting 10000 kills on a game is not an accomplishment because it requires no skill. It just takes time that could spent elsewhere. @JoGam What istuii meant to say was the process of playing a game in the way that unlocks the trophy(read: getting trophies) should be something you want to do or will enjoy after trying it. If the game forces you to use a weapon you don't want to a few times to exose you to it, it was a good... #3.2
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