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I don't agree.I will give you all a very simple example as a reason:
You have a GPU that is good in raw poly count but not so good with anti aliasing,yet you don't know this because it is too early on the machine's life cycle or you simply want to shove standard AA on the frame anyway,and that implies in reducing the amount of detail you can have per model on the scene.That ladies and gentleman is not using power that IS there...waiting...untapped.

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People got to understand that both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses.They are very particular in the way they render the frame so much so that Carmack himself said to us that even after 5 years in this generation he is sure no developer know each one of the threads on the machines.To be honest I do believe that the PS3 is the most powerful one,based on what we see from Sony's first party studios and the fact that the 360 is much easier to understand.But in the end it does not m...

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This game is just shaping up to be another masterpiece carved by Naughty Dog!How could their engine have evolved so much inside the same old PS3?Not only that but seeing the footage is inspiring to see how the design is blending gameplay and cinematic experience in such a fluid way.Congratulations for Naughty Dog and on a side note thanks a lot to IGN for the read.

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''John Romero is one of the few names in the industry that everyone knows. One of the co-founders of id Software, the game designer worked on such influential shooters as Castlevania 3D, Doom, and Quake.''
What?Castlevania 3D?

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Max Payne was out loooooong before Uncharted was even a concept.

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Kurt Russel,You are completely right son!

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This game is shaping up to be great,to be honest I care a lot more about mechanics than visuals,and this game seem to have some of the most refined shooting mechanics I've ever seen..About technical graphics...on pc I don't doubt they can add whatever tech they want,on consoles let's wait and,see after all we all know what Happened with Crysis 2,Rage,Halo games,Alan Wake and so many games that went overhyped about their visual and fell short comparing to expectations in the end.

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I did just that,and in fact it seems a better solution than MLAA.Altough I wonder if both consoles can run the solution in parity or if T2x favours one architecture over the other.Anyway thanks again for the interesting read.

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Nice post Shaman,although it seems that they are not scrapping temporal AA,but using a more mature temporal solution

''We joined forces with Tiago Sousa from Crytek, to deliver a very mature temporal antialiasing solution. It has been integrated into CryEngine 3, checkout the SMAA demo movie.''

To Mrmagnunmman357.You are almost right,but got to point that MLAA is not less expensive than MSAA(direct comparison is really hard,one uses more bandw...

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I'll give you all just TWO reasons to why this will NOT happen:
1.Square Enix is way too busy making bad RPG games
2.They know they cannot get things right anymore,considering that it's FFVII a fail would just further hurt their name.

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Shaman,the low-res shadows are pretty noticeable in the video.But somehow i really doubt that we are seeing console footage here.Unless what we are seeing here is the game being upscaled from a sub-hd resolution holding a decent degree of filtering,there is way too much stuff going on to the game hold 30 FPS without any tear in HD (speaking about consoles).

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Because it's better to stick with the original name than translating it under the risk of it sounding idiotic or losing it's meaning in the process.

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Rest in peace,may God grant you peace and eternal rest. It saddens me when a talented person like this guy leave this world because today is pretty hard to see true talent,much strength to his family and everyone that is either fighting any decease,love someone who is or the families of those who unfortunately lost the battle.

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Props for their mature and realistic attitude.

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I can only laugh at this pathetic attempt to troll TW,the developers never said they would go for realism,but would keep going to the same direction as always while tweaking and evolving gameplay,so either the guy never saw a TW game in his entire life,or just desperately wanted his 15 minutes of attention.Gameplay is perfectly balanced,steering is the way it is because this is VEHICULAR COMBAT and not racing.And yeah going for the amount of physics,effects,explosions,des truction at huge map...

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He is right,we play games not books.

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Look people,you shouldn't worry so much about review scores.When it comes to like or dislike a game,we fall in a pretty subjective area.An old example would be Legend of Dragoon that lots of critics bashed but to me is one of the best games ever made.A more recent one would be the fact that there are people who actually like AMY.So let's wait to see what Golden Abyss is holding for us ok? =] Got to agree with Final Fantasy XIII-2 though Square Enix is setting the standard for mediocri...

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Agreed. Do you remember when Jaffe gave an interview about GoW during a party in the Playboy Mansion? hahahaha Would have loved to be there.

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There's always an extremist feminist bit** isn't it huh?
Funny thing is feminist women think so highly of themselves,they try to make themselves seem like members of a superior race.They always do what they want,spit sexist rants and jokes openly but whenever there's something they don't like they pull the sexist card (it's almost becoming as bad as the over-sensetivity in racism (accusing someone to be racist,when they are not,usually because of a joke).The party ...

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