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Well, I'm going to be in for a busy December, then :P

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I second this. It might happen one day. Keep your everything crossed.

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Hey dude,

I'm the guy that wrote the review, and just wanted to come on and talk about it a bit and have a discussion with you.

First, it's awesome you're having fun with the game. Don't let anyone take that away from you. If you enjoy something, then that's your business. Y'know, unless you enjoy murdering people or something, in which case that could be a problem.

Do you find the review itself pathetic, or my opinion...

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A demo? For a game?

What year is this? :D

Seriously, though, great news. I miss the days when demos were freely available so you could get a taste of the game and see if it was for you or not.

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Been meaning to play this and just haven't gotten around to it. Heard good things, so maybe this is the time to jump in :D

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Yes and no, really. I've actually found Heroes Reborn to be a reasonably solid show. It made some of the same mistakes that the original Heroes did in its opening episodes with so many characters, but it managed to pull everything together. 3/5 for me.

But yeah, it didn't really get anyone talking, so probably for the best it was just a limited run.

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Jesus Christ, if we're going to disqualify The Witcher 3 for having problems at launch then we're not going to have any games to actually nominate.

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Ugh, tell me about it. Feels like yesterday.

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If Origins did anything it was show that Warner Bros. want very much to keep producing Batman games, so I imagine we'll be seeing a sequel in which we'll get an answer.

As you say, though, it also gives Rocksteady a pretty solid (geddit? No. Yeesh, tough website) ending.

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A sequel of some sort is inevitable, so we'll find out eventually :P

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That didn't come off as edgy, quippy or blunt, just as utterly needless in its existence :P

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The processor is the weak link there, and that's coming from someone who uses the FX-8350. It gets trounced by i3s and i5s in a lot of titles, sadly. DX12 could potentially help a lot, though.

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I have absolutely no problem with an article talking about building the best rig possible when money isn't a limit, but why bring the Witcher into it?

The title implies it's a mnachine geared specifcally toward running THAT game, but it isn't really.

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Well, that was a bloody useless article. That PC build isn't geared toward the Witcher 3, it's just, and I qoute, "Let’s take a look at some of the best technology we can use to make a beast of a gaming machine, while also spending as much money as we possibly can in the process."

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I'm on the list for review code, and can confirm he is correct, or it least in the sense that that is what the PR manager is telling people.

The only outlets getting code at the moment are those with debug units, which is a pretty small selection mostly made up of the big players like IGN, Gamespot, Game Informer etc.

The rest of us have to wait for standard review code, which appearently isn't getting sent out until nearer launch, which is a bit of sham...

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These days, though, that's not much of a thing.

PC gaming is as simple as installing, getting the updates and playing, though you do have to quickly check requirements unless you've got a higher-end rig.

Consoles have become a tad more awkward due to now having mandatory install, plus updates etc.

I'd honestly say neither one is easier than the other these days.

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Mass Effect 2 would be right up there.

I'd love to experience Total Annihilation again for the first time, but with the deeper appreciation and understanding I now have of games. It's one of my favorite games of all time, and to be able to play it for the first time again would be great.

The original Gears of War would be on the list, along with Monkey Island. Oblivion, too. There's so many, really.

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Huh. Can't wait to get my issue to see why they thought MKX deserved that score.

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It's now past 38,000 signatures.

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For me the option to allow purchasers to pay what they want makes the most sense here. That way the community could help reward the most talented modders out there, while providing a degree of regulation to help stop the inevitable stream of tat looking to cash-in.

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