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And make TENS OF MILLIONS for their respective schools in jersey and ticket sales and receive none of that. Explain to me logically how that is OK.

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My prediction is that the 'NX' will be two separate devices, one a handheld and the other a console. They will have all the same buttons and specs, basically a little more powerful than the Wii U.

The 'new' thing will be they both will run the same OS and access the same eshop and games with seemless cross save function.

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Or else nothing. Nintendo will keep on trucking and making kick ass games.

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Gotta disagree man, I really don't see a huge deal that its a cross platform series.

I do wish they would give us a Crystal Chronicles or even maybe a classic style of the series for the Nintendo consoles.

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What does it matter? Its an article of a topic. Not everything has to be news.

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Maybe because...someone likes football...or other sports...your question really doesn't make any sense.

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Its football...what the hell do you want them to do?

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Good thing its only $49.99 then...

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I love my JRPGs so for me there is a lot to play

1261d ago 2 agree1 disagreeView comment love the game, yet youre going to allow other peoples opinions sway your purchase? come on man...dont be a slave.

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Truly, it is not you or I who decide if it is a waste of time.

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Seriously I would love GC VC games on my Wii U, hell even Dreamcast would be great! But let's be honest, they need to get the Wii U VC caught up to the Wii VC first. I can't believe we are nearly 1.5 years in and we don't even have N64 or Genesis titles. This is ridiculous.

Anyways my vision on Nintendo's NEXT platform will be a new universal OS for their handheld and console. They will go back to one screen and will unify their services similar to Sony and Apple...

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I agree not to mention what they showed at E3 appeared to be very polished and functional.

I think if they hit late 2014 or early 2015 they would earn back a lot of fans.

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Although it was disappointing, it wasn't a bad game and wasn't THAT bad anyways. The battle system kicked ass in X-2 it was the last true ATB battle system and was so smooth.

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thats exactly what it is lol

its like a season of an Anime and thats what i loved about it.

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Actually....the social features are great on the Wii U, the Wii U's biggest issue in my opinion is software and relaying to the consumer as to why they should own one.

I love my Wii U for many reasons, unfortunately the games are slow to come but Nintendo TV and the streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu are great as well as off screen pla....there are also games I'm excited for like X, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Mario Kart 8, SSB, and some eshop games....but th...

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MK8 is indeed a MK7 but in HD and on the big screen, why do you act like it is bad? When I played it, it was fantastic fun! Same goes for Donkey Kong, its HD Donkey Kong Country fun.

Seriously I think they should consider dropping the Wii U Gamepad as the primary controls pad and release the Wii U with the Pro controller and Wii remote And a game for $200. Use the Gamepad as an accessory or enhancement accessory and just go full retard on releases HD remakes and updates to c...

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You're quite the broken record with this 15 feet crap, do you even own a Wii U or you just trollin like a fool?

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I have a few picture disc records myself and I can personally say no quality is lost in their sound.

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How about changing my PSN Id I've had for like 5 years.

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