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Truly, it is not you or I who decide if it is a waste of time. #1.1.4
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Seriously I would love GC VC games on my Wii U, hell even Dreamcast would be great! But let's be honest, they need to get the Wii U VC caught up to the Wii VC first. I can't believe we are nearly 1.5 years in and we don't even have N64 or Genesis titles. This is ridiculous.

Anyways my vision on Nintendo's NEXT platform will be a new universal OS for their handheld and console. They will go back to one screen and will unify their services similar to Sony and Apple... #7
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I agree not to mention what they showed at E3 appeared to be very polished and functional.

I think if they hit late 2014 or early 2015 they would earn back a lot of fans. #2.1
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Although it was disappointing, it wasn't a bad game and wasn't THAT bad anyways. The battle system kicked ass in X-2 it was the last true ATB battle system and was so smooth. #8.1
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thats exactly what it is lol

its like a season of an Anime and thats what i loved about it. #1.1.1
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Actually....the social features are great on the Wii U, the Wii U's biggest issue in my opinion is software and relaying to the consumer as to why they should own one.

I love my Wii U for many reasons, unfortunately the games are slow to come but Nintendo TV and the streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu are great as well as off screen pla....there are also games I'm excited for like X, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Mario Kart 8, SSB, and some eshop games....but th... #7.1.1
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MK8 is indeed a MK7 but in HD and on the big screen, why do you act like it is bad? When I played it, it was fantastic fun! Same goes for Donkey Kong, its HD Donkey Kong Country fun.

Seriously I think they should consider dropping the Wii U Gamepad as the primary controls pad and release the Wii U with the Pro controller and Wii remote And a game for $200. Use the Gamepad as an accessory or enhancement accessory and just go full retard on releases HD remakes and updates to c... #1.2.1
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You're quite the broken record with this 15 feet crap, do you even own a Wii U or you just trollin like a fool? #13.1.1
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I have a few picture disc records myself and I can personally say no quality is lost in their sound. #1.1
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How about changing my PSN Id I've had for like 5 years. #7
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Yeah because Kinect totally wasn't anything like the Playstation Eye Toy.

Playstation has innovated more than you think like memory cards, the dual shock controller and obviously the DVD player and Blu Ray player. Xbox has done well but Xbox Live and Kinect (both their big "innovations") are only upgrades over Dreamcasts online and Playstations Eye Toy. #5.1
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screw a retro studios Zelda, Give me a monolith soft developed Zelda! #5.1
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Nintendo owns monolith soft and they are working on a new game code named X for the Wii U. YouTube it, looks amazing. #190.1
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Look at me, I'm disliking something big and popular. I'm different! #4
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Bring it in pink and white and I'll get my daughter one. #8
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Where the hell do you read 'Nintendo fanboy' out of what he just said? #7.2.3
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Its irrelevant if you didn't like the games but the article is about DISAPPOINTMENT so if you weren't excited for Uncharted 2 then it couldn't have disappointed you. You may find it overrated but that's another stupid article for you to go read. #7.7
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Dude what you just said is completely irrelevant to the article.

And grow up just because somebody may prefer the PlayStation 3 over the Xbox 360 doesn't mean they never played or are incapable of enjoying an exclusive on the 360. In the REAL world games are games and many people play many games no matter the platform. #5.4.1
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Your tablet cost $100 with a controller and everything? Your device supports a native controller layout and interface?

No it doesn't.

Look at how fast the mobile processor have caught up to everything else. What makes you think it's not a viable way to program games? The sooner you quit looking at the Ouya as a tablet the sooner you will understand its purpose. It is to bring a familiar and easy developing formula to the big screen with an open mind.... #2.1.6
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I can't disagree with you more buddy, I personally own one and everything on the OUYA is designed specifically for the OUYA and its controller. Its not a tablet or even close. It doesn't have the Play store so there is little fragmentation. It is simply a TV device that happens to use the same mobile tech as tablets and phones and is running is android but is very much for the TV. The xbmc hub and emulators are great on my TV and I even have my PC connected to my TV but its still not... #2.1.4
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