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They do look cool :-)

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Heroes and X-COM sounds great hope they will manage to do all this as promised.

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same thing, still people could have a bit different opinions and point of views.
As well this might/might not be crucial to Nintendo future not only Wii U, so it is kind of thing you would make some noise.

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Probably more then that even, but good games are always welcome.

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It does a bit , but they have do do some better balance as you die more often from other ppl then monsters bit annoying on the start.
Again this proves that you should be worried more about other people then any other hostile creatures.

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Nobody cry about it. You miss the point of this article.
It is good that we got now option to get console cheaper (which should be the case from the beginning), but bad for people that where forced to paid additional 100$ for nothing if Microsoft decide to not put much effort onto further development of Kinetic.

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You can check GamesReviews rating system in here:
It is down to reviewer really, so total score is not arithmetic sum of Video,Audio and Gameplay score.
Still in my opinion Gameplay is more important then video or audio score.

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There is a contest hidden in this article. Enjoy :-)

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Not a big loss then I presume.

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If they just put more efforts to graphic side of it that would be very good game. Still gameplay is at its best so of you don't mind outdated graphic you should not be disappointed.

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Yep after reading review and watching game play I really feel great need to play this one :-)

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Same here. Hope it will be good. PC don't have to many games like that.

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This is the way things looks like those days and I doubt the publishers will learn there lesson as this is not the first time that people payed the money and got product which is not fully working.

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it is too late for that eaten alive ....

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