Gods gift to Earth


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And I'm just sitting here waiting for them to announce Witcher 2.

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Your a special kind of retarded, aren't you? Thats why they call it a TIMED EXCLUSIVE! Because its exclusively available for platform X for a certain period of time, meaning it wont be available anywhere else until that time lapses..

Might as well get pissed off that UC4 is a PS4 exclusive too, seeing that its just one on platform and all.

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Wut??? Might as well say the same about Castlevania Symphony of the night thats also on XBLA.

Plus this game was on Sega too so your lack of video game knowledge is disturbing...

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I dont care anymore.. I already traded this game in on Friday for Tomb Raider. If Chapter 3 is indeed meant for a future release I'll Youtube it.

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Give this man a Bells! This summarizes exactly how I feel about MGS V.

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Prepared for the most blunt ending you ever seen. Makes ME3's ending look poetic in comparison.

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Damn, an arcade turning into a simulator? Dont see that every day..

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Well the dash still have some problems here and there. But you cant beat that BC...

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Playing TR at the moment and loving every second of it. Ill enjoy TR now and UC 4 later. Love both franchises. I dont care which one is batter or not.

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You know some people are still gonna bitch about the slightly better graphics, 1080P and 60fps upgrade to make themsleves feel better.

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This is totally possible on PS4. In the beginning of this gen you could upgrade AC 4 and COD via the psn store for a nominal fee by just inserting the PS3 disc and typing the game code to download the ps4 version. Then after that always being able to play the game when you had your PS3 disc inserted.

Just like the Xbox one, but this time its FREE!

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Funny thing is I can download digital games I already bought through the Xbox Store via my PC. But any other digital games just say "Bundle" when browsing the store via the Xbox. Then Games like Assassins Creed 2 just say not supported, even 7 hours after releasing globally. Then browsing for its digital copy on the Xbox also says "Bundle". I dont get it...

This roll out is a disaster...

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Blades.. give us the option for blades.. For Nostalgia reasons...

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Whats the point of we preview members pointing out these bugs and glitches if they never even bothered fixing it. I must've reported blanked tiles about 7 times int he program!

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*Sees fans want to continue playing their games on Xbox One. Doesnt care.*

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Agreed, they're too busy making shovelware games like Minecraft story mode. I dunno who thought that would be a good idea.

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You BETCHA! Have fun paying for those "Remasteres" and convincing yourself services like PSN NOW is revolutionary.

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Not interested anymore. Trading this turd in for Tomb Raider on Friday. Tired of people praising a game thats as repeditive as Watch Dogs but gets a pass because its Kojima.

Plus what BS is this?? 3 weeks ago when I said Quiet doesnt return I got banned until now and lost bubbles for it. But let an article post it, then its ok. WTF I HATE THIS SITE!

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Guess we'll have to wait until Feb for some leaks.

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So much for Fallout 4 being the messiah.. I'll stick to getting ROTTR this Friday.

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