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Definitely has me interested. #1
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How many of us that have a dust collector for a Wii will go out and get the WiiU? I know I'm of the opnion, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice....

Definitely skipping the WiiU. #8
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Mine too. Not sure it would turn on. #3.1.1
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Looking forward to it, but bummed that it's a fall 2012 release. Thought it would be out sooner. #4
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Sounds cool. Split-screen as well as online? #1
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And I understand the Angry Birds/Doodle Jump view. But what about Sworcery, Inifinity Blade and some of the "higher end" experiences? I guess in this economy and with my dollars needed in other places, I lean more toward these experiences, which actually provide value, rather than the dedicated handheld. To each his own, I suppose. It will be interesting to see how Vita does in what is now a very competitive mobile market. The 3DS isn't fairing too well, I believe. #21.3.2
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Exactly. While I'm sure they would have liked game journalists to recognize all of the amazming hardcore games scheduled on their console, I really think they are well-positioned to sell more 360/Kinects. #53.1
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So I got banned on GAF for asking this. Maybe I need to be more diplomatic. I guess I'm wondering why everyone is so excited by $40 games for handhelds? I mean, I get that iOS/Android games are not of the same graphical quality, etc, BUT if I want to play a console game, I PLAY IT ON MY HOME CONSOLE. And I play mobile games, at a fraction of the cost, on my iOS devices.

Not saying that's the only opinion... Don't want to be banned for expressing my opinion... But... #21
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Regardless of how many Kinect games they publish, I'm still going to buy Deus Ex, Skyrim, Batman Arkhman City, BF3, Gears 3, MW3, ME3, Amalur AND a host of XBLA games on the 360. I'm not bleeding anywhere. #42.2
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Well written article, and I think they nailed it.

1, Nintendo fooled me once with the Wii... Not again with the Wii-U.

2, I'm one of those gamers who abandoned the DS and PSP in favor of iOS games. They might not be of the same graphical quality of the dedicated handhelds, but you can get very good games at a fraction of the cost.

3, MSFT won over hardcore gamers early in the cycle and continues to provide hardcore experiences (Halo, Gear... #52
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Not worth $60
This is another of those 8 hour games that just screams "I should have been priced at $40 Day 1." The publishers believe they can just throw everything out there at $60 and it will sell. Just not true. This looks like a fun game and I'm going to play it, but I knew that I could pick it up a few months after its release for half the price. #57
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They patched the screen tearing within the first couple of weeks. Much better. #15.1.2
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Darksiders was awesome. One of the best games of the year IMO.

I feel like Shank is gonna draw me in, but if it's less than 5 hours I can't see myself throwing down the bones for it.

Halo ... well, let's just say there's definitely a divided opinion on it. I'll be getting it day 1 and will likely enjoy it off and on for 3 or more years.

Mafia II is getting mixed/average reviews. Looks like you might be a little bored drivi... #24.1
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Reach is day 1.

Other M is intriguing. I hate the Wii. It's only in my house because of my kids. But I can't help feel that I'll be pulled into trying it.

Shank looks good. If it's not as difficult as The Dishwasher I might go for it.

And they forgot NHL 11, available 9/7 in the US. Best sports game available for the last 3 years running. #30
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Understanding Value
The publishers need to do a better job of understanding the value of the games they're putting out there. Not every game is a $60 game.

Should Activision charge $60 for CoD? Yes. Hell, they could probably charge $75 for CoD games and still sell as much as they have. Why? Because most of the customers are going to play it online for a very long time. It has value beyond the $60.

Now, should Activision charge $60 for Singularity? No. Let's face it, MP... #22
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Wow, lots of AW discussion here. I'll admit that I'm one of the gamers who believe that AW suffers from 1, being released the same day as RDR, 2, releasing a moody, atmospheric game in the middle of May vs. October and 3, being considered "too short" for $60. Whether you play it in 8 hours or play it for 12-15 hours, a single player game these days just can't stack up against a game that has MP in terms of value for the dollar.

I plan on getting AW late... #32
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Another list article
Ugh. Folks, game reviews are opinions. And therefore whether something is overrated or underrated is someone's opinion. And guess what, you can form your own opinions. Go ahead, try it. #84
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Lost Odyssey was one of the few JRPGs that I actually could stomach playing. There weren't any spike-haired wank-jobs running around. Great story, great characters. Of course, about 35 hours in I ran into a section of the game that I simply couldn't beat without grinding, so I bailed on it. Oh well.

IU was boring. I mean, I literally couldn't get past the 5 hour mark without falling asleep. That game was D-U-L-L.

I think I'll add The Saboteur... #31
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True but...
True, we have a Wii. We just don't play it. We play the 360. Now you're going to put that functionality into the 360, and completely remove the barriers to entry by not requiring a controller at all.

While I understand that there isn't anything for the hardcore here, it's quite a different matter when the subject of this topic is that this isn't for families. That's just clear bull*hit. #7.3
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The Wii blows. The damn thing is taking up space in my house because my kids turn it on maybe once a month for something. The rest of the time it's 360. I'm actually kind of hoping the Kinect makes the Wii obsolete in my house. #5.2
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