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from where are all these Xbox fanboys coming from all of a sudden disagreeing with completely logical comments? 0_O

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XB1 Standard Edition is in stock in Top 50 but PS4's Standard Edition in Top 10.

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what? 0_O

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as much as I like Metal Gear I'd want to see something new from KojiPro after MGSV.

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I love how he says that when we are the ones paying $60 for the games. I mean, why we shouldn't worry about the fact that we are paying $400 for a console with half of its specs devoted to APPs and other garbage we don't care about when all we care is about having the best games we can get for $60. If I wanted a console with tons of APPs and crap I would buy a freaking gaming PC instead but consoles are for freaking game and the rest is only secondary but games should always come firs...

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I wonder why all of a sudden the PS4's skyrocketing like this? Not to mention there are more Launch Edition bundles available and all of them in Top 10.

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he engineered the hardware and architecture not the software. If the OS uses 3Gigs of ram it has nothing to do with him.

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at the end of the day:

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because of retarded competition is the reason we don't have a western version of Tales of Vesperia on PS3, so that kind of competition I don't like it.

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XB1 it's region free.

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I really don't understand the problem you guys have with my comment... You fanboys are sickening.

I'm just saying I'm tempted because of the price and because I'll be able to play them on PS3 but they offer nothing new like FF7 on Steam which has achievements. Who cares if they are PS2 Classics or not, that's not the point, you use your brain.

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Odin's Sphere > Muramasa

Better gameplay, better story, better everything. You'll miss the wide-screen though.

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Nocturne is just a boring dungeon crawler like Baroque with cool character design. If you like those kind of games then good if not then you're gonna hate it with a passion because it's very boring indeed, it requires tons of grinding, level design is super archaic like, all the maps are very blocky and so generic you can't even tell them apart.

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the fanboys of this site never seize to amaze me. They are comparing 2 unreleased games, Killzone and TitanFall, and then saying that Killzone is better just because... That opinion piece is of very low quality. The author's opinion is entire based on the fact that the game will get old fast just because it's an online multiplayer only game.

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when was the last time Nintendo gave a single f**k about what their fans want? This is pointless. =/

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I've seen PS2 games with better graphics than these... All the screens must be from the Vita version because there is no way they are from PS3.

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"Ambitious" 0_O

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so true! XD

But I do find funny how fast indie devs are already riding M$'s c**k after the backtrack by even calling Sony's trophies, "garbage knockoffs" and that nobody cares about them.

Look at the disagrees, it seems the fanboys are angry! lol

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this man speaks the truth. What makes FF feel like a FF game is the scope of the games not the battle system. And at the of the day, the battle systems were very simplistic anyway.

The side-quests, the epic story-line, the characters, setting, the customization, the locations you visit, etc. that's what FF has always been about. Meanwhile, they turned it into a boring corridor of death in FF13 with poor characters and absolutely confusing story-line all hidden in data-lo...

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