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Originality is very important. Oddly, this seemed quite original from the outside, though I haven't played it. Except Elizabeth who looks like Zoey Deschanel (not a bad thing).

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I don't know if it's because I'm older now with less time, but I'm starting to really enjoy shorter games with laser-focused stories. But I can see why, when people drop £40-50 on new games, reviewers need to point out if a game takes just five hours to clear.

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Yeah I'm surprised as well. But hunting for clues etc would lend itself well to gameplay.

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Could be GT6 for PS3, GT7 for PS4, with simultaneous development.

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This is awesome, reminds me of an O2 advert.

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Touch works so well for RTS, I hope PS4 can take advantage of that and play host to a rash of RTS titles.

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Everyone does it, don't they? Even if you play nice 99% of the time, there's always that one time you mess with someone just because a 'hilarious' (read: not really that hilarious) opportunity presents itself to be a massive dickweed.

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Of course they wouldn't alienate half the market. But I don't know many girls who get hot over Killzone specs.

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It's half-heartedly, not heartily.

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Unlike in Wii U then. I hope PS4/720 take off better or with companies making $80million investments in a single year, the console cycle model will fall apart.

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