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But you haven't delivered anything yet. So shut the F up. Also it doesn't matter how powerful Scorpio will be, unless you start delivering on games.

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No. I don't even know how people have time to watch other people play games. When I can, I definitely want to play myself.

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It doesn't matter who's getting his money. What matters is that if you own a good enough PC, then there is absolutely no reason to buy an Xbox, because all the big games are available on PC too.

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Who cares? I have a PC, tablet and smartphone for services anywhere I need them. Aside from games, I only need my console to have Viaplay, Netflix and HBO Nordic available. And I think by now those apps are available on pretty much everything, including smart watches, oscilloscopes and toothbrushes.

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The only difference being forbes is anti-gaming, gamingbolt is only anti-sony.

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I'm starting to think forbes is a comedy site. Every time I read anything from them, I can't stop laughing.

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It seems to me that even the sales on PSN aren't as good as they used to be. For example I remember buying Borderlands 2 + season pass for less than 30€ just a few months after release back in the day on PS3, from 12 deals of christmas. Last years 12doc was more like 12 disappointments of christmas. Also where are the flash sales for EU territories?

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And also better performance. The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones we're damn close to being unplayable for me on PS3 due to very bad FPS, weird stutterings, audio problems and some other glitches.

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As per usual, Finland not included.

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Yeah I know. It's best to just not care about them at all.

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Huh, wasn't aware of that. I hope they keep doing that always from now on. In that case I take my previous comment back. :)

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In which region? Without that information, this article is pretty much useless.

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Also I can't agree with RE3 being the third worst game. I've played 3 almost as much as I played 2. IMO both of them are better than 4. And this may be a very unpopular opinion, but in my eyes Code Veronica wasn't so good, I'd rate 5 higher than that game.

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They changed it on the PS4 Remasters. You can jump straight to crushing difficulty.

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Awesome, can't wait.

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Your trailer is in another theater.

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As long as the price is right, I will gladly grab a platinum from my old PS2 favorites. BC would be cool if I had any of my old games left, but I don't. Although I think people who bought for example GTA:SA from the PS3 store, should at the very least get an automatic discount if they buy it for PS4 too.

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Me neither. Also I'm kinda glad I didn't buy MGSV yet, so I can make sure to buy it used.

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I've been very disappointed with 12 deals of christmas this year so far. I remember getting Borderlands 2 + Season Pass for less than 30€ back in 2012. Now that was a deal, considering it was just released a few months earlier.

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