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There's really no way for it to keep growing so fast, that it will actually ever be truly competent with consoles. Consoles have the size and ventilation advantage, while phones and tablets have extremely limited space and no ventilation. When a tablet can physically be on par with current consoles hardware on paper, consoles will already be another gen ahead. Console hardware gets better too, it just gets updated on longer intervals. #2.1
Has there even been a sensible opinion piece from Forbes? Because I don't remember reading one. Ever. #19
I was looking forward to this too, but ended up disappointed. #1.6
For those missing your local times, you can see how much until the start for Sony's stream here.

And Microsoft's here. #1.1
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I wouldn't get my hopes too high for that. RE4 and Code Veronica X didn't even have one. I was disappointed by that. #1.2.1
I much prefer a smaller area with something sensible to do, than a huge area with nothing to do but collect collectibles and hunt a few animals. (AC3 Frontier...). #2.1.4
Textbook example of aggressive clickbait. If the writer is serious, I would recommend seeking help. #2
That reminded me of MGS2. The soldiers fired a grenade at the feet of Fortune but it turned out to be .... "a dud!" #2.1

Just because some people can't understand it, doesn't mean that it's not coherent. Sure there are some unrealistic stuff happening but nothing that seems incoherent to me. Takes a lot of patience to get to the bottom of it but I've understood and enjoyed every cutscene and codec call over the years. #1.2.4

I bet he's so worried because he just has to be the best in the world, and he won't stop at nothing to achieve it.

At least that's the picture I sometimes get from these kinds of statements from Kojima-san. Lol. #1.1.8
This. So much this.

I don't see a point in remastering last gen games. The difference isn't really that big. I'm a lot more excited for the remake of Ratchet & Clank than any of these PS3/X360 era game remasters. #3.3.1
I was hoping for more footage about Rime. :( #125
It was nice to see only games this time. But I was expecting some actual megatons. The only big exclusives we didn't know about before this were Scalebound, Crackdown and Phantom Dust and we only got trailers of those. I'd give it a B grade anyways.

Oh and thumbs up for the friendly words towards Sony and Nintendo at the beginning. #86
And sometimes they turn out to be classics.

cough Ico cough #3.1.1
There's been a few screenshots and at least one video after the announcement. #1.12.1
Odd.. AFAIK, Domain Name Servers' sole purpose is to change a URL to an IP address. I don't understand how a change of DNS would have an impact on file download speeds.

Any tech wizards out there to clarify this? #45

That would destroy one of the most important strengths of a gaming console; their hardware uniformity. It's what allows console games to be programmed so effectively. If you want to upgrade your hardware, you should buy a PC. #1.1.10
Unless they can magically make Sony's first party studios disappear, there won't be any "killer blows" to be seen from Microsoft. MS needs to step up their game and really start pumping out some good quality exclusive stuff and keep at it. It's not enough to buy a handful for the first 5 years and then rely on the sequels of same old IPs, like they did last gen. A few 3rd party exclusives won't do much in the long run.

Sony needs to start releasing m... #29
TBH they kinda brought it on themselves. #3.2
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As much as I love MGS, I refuse to buy this tutorial. I will wait until they eventually release this and Phantom Pain in one package. #14
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