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I won't judge the gameplay based on short hand picked sections only. I hope the music won't be anything like what I heard on this video. Also I miss the yellow tint. #3
US has flash sales, we don't. It's about time other regions get something too. #1.1.3
I look forward to playing this when it comes out on PS4. I'm planning on buying one some time next year. It won't be a long wait any more and maybe there will be some possible DLC included by the time it hits the PS4. #7
6 pages for a list of 10 pokemon?

10: Raichu
9: Pichu
8: Lucario
7: Jigglypuff
6: Rayquaza
5: Eevee
4: Mew
3: Meowth
2: Torchic
1: Charizard #1
Because great games of such giant scope take more time than that. #2
Dude what? No, it's bluetooth! Don't confuse it with blu-ray. #1.4.2
1 was nothing special and 3 was one of the most tedious and boring games I ever played. I liked 2, Brotherhood and Black Flag the most. #5.1
Ummm no? This looks way much better than Crimson Dragon. Also very much different. Might as well compare this to any other game with dragons, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy.. Makes just as much sense; none. #2.2
From what I've seen this far, Scalebound looks interesting. Xbox is on the right tracks with this one. I hope they keep it up and come up with more interesting new IPs. #3
No I don't think so. The international version has the job system, which forces you to choose a class for each playable character. Each class has restrictions on skills, magics and gear they can use. I think the original version was identical in all regions. The International version wasn't even released everywhere. #2.2.2
I personally hope it's the original version. I didn't like how much the IZJS version limited your choices on character development. The restrictions on equipment and skills were too much for me, because having complete freedom for character builds was the reason why I loved this game as much as I did. #2.2
You could do that in the original. #6.2.1
"Not everybody likes Uncharted. This month has NOTHING for me. *sigh*" #2.1.2
While this isn't exactly what this article is about, I find it hilarious how in God of War 2, when you switch weapons from the Blades of Chaos to the Barbarian Hammer, Kratos pulls that gigantic piece of melee weaponry from under the backside of his kilt. #1
I wonder if these issues were regional. I've been playing my PS3 a lot more than usual these past 4 days, and only once wasn't able to sign in to PSN. Tried again after 15 minutes and it worked. #1.1.9
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I hated it the first time I played it. I wasn't expecting what I got at all, and didn't understand much of the deeper mechanics in the game. A year or two later I gave it another chance and it became my most favourite FF game. I've completed it at least 5 times already, and I'm still waiting for this HD remaster like a kid waits for christmas. #1.3.1
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"Seems like the clock speed of its CPU is a generation behind its GPU."

Wow. Just wow. The amount of ingorance left me speechless.

Edit: Someone else, please. Explain what's so wrong about that whole sentence. I find myself incapable, because I don't know where to start. #10.2.1
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How on earth do you place the blame on Sony, for a crappy game made by Nihilistic? Horrible games get released and the only one to blame is the developer. #2.1
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That's exactly the same amount of debris. They're just from a different angle and/or position, which hides some of the debris in the XO pic. #7.2
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It's Gamingbolt. I wouldn't be surprised at all, if they tried their everything to make the PS4 seem worse. Albeit, whichever version looks foggier, I think this is a non-issue. IIRC, the game has brightness and contrast settings in the pause menu. By changing them around, you could probably make the two versions identical. #2.1.4
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