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My case is not so bad, but back in the days of the bubble system. One of my comments was marked as spam by one of the mods here. All I said in that comment was something along the lines of "Uncharted 3 is a great game, even if U2 was better". It wasn't long after that when I stopped visiting this site so often, and basically stopped commenting for a long while. I even submitted a ticket, but never got an answer to my question, why was saying that wrong?

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Shadow of the Colossus

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"AN" for f**k's sakes.

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Suprise surprise. NA only _again_.

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Mankind Divided is a very good game, but I personally didn't find it quite as atmospheric and interesting as Human Revolution. Should you play it if you liked HR? Absolutely. But don't expect to be blown away by it. There are improvements in gameplay, but I felt like most of them were catered to the combat aspects of the game. Which is not my cup of tea in these games anyways.

Also IF you're a trophy hunter, play it blind first (naturally). And be ready to be di...

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And yet the PS Vita is nowhere to be found in stores in all of Europe anymore. I shouldn't have waited too long to get mine. I don't want one used either.

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@_-EDMIX-_ EA is the greedy publisher. Also there's just no way in hell you're saying that MT's are fine because DLC exists? Nobody is attacking the developers. I'm not sure if you understand who are the developers and who are the publishers here.

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It's the other way around. You're applying the GaaS stamp on games that simply are not GaaS. We must draw a line between traditional normal means of selling games and providing patches/fixes and GaaS, because otherwise this wouldn't even be a topic of discussion. You can't just say that all games which change in some way after the inital release are GaaS. That's not what it means.

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No, none of those examples are GaaS. GaaS is a new term and it can't be applied so freely to pretty much all modern games which receive new content or patches, like you over simplified it. Games that receive free updates or patches over time are not automatically GaaS. Neither are any games that are sold at full price and then get normal DLC content later on. There is a difference. GaaS is a midway point between transitioning future games closer and closer and eventually fully converting ...

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But it's not that black and white. Look at all the good DLC released in the last few years and all the free patches and minor updates from some developers like Rockstar and Guerrilla Games. There is absolutely no need for GaaS because there are other options available. And from a consumer's point of view it's always better to receive a finished product for one price than be committed to a game and get smaller updates every now and then. I detest the concept of GaaS and will not bu...

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GaaS is bad because in the end it all comes down to more unfinished games being released at full price and maybe hopefully with good luck being fixed later down the line. Also it's another step closer to MTs becoming the norm, quote me on that, you'll see. People defending this sh*t are idiots.

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If it was up to EA to make a successor to CTR, the weapon and wumpa fruit boxes would be behind a paywall. An even worse version of loot boxes. I hope they're not reading this.

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So basically you're saying that I'm not a gamer becaude I don't own all the consoles ever released?

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Forbes blogs from nobody's are still allowed here?

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Because they're a different kind of entertainment medium. GaaS and micro transactions go hand in hand and if everybody just lets this slide, then sooner or later having MT paywalls in single player games will be common, at least with some developers. Also I can easily imagine some developers taking advantage of GaaS by making more episodic games and thus perfecting the art of selling unfinished products at full price. Also more and more MP games will surely adapt the pay to win concept fr...

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I don't think even the worst Sony fanboys are saying that. MS is just losing the game of making games and selling consoles. That's why they continue to change their business tactics accordingly, from creating gaming experiences to creating paid services to maximize profits.

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"Naughty Dog brought in online passes in the past too."

As did pretty much every other dev which released a game with any kind of online capabilities between 2010-2013 on playstation, back when PS+ wasn't required for online play. What is your point?

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Boring? Why does a UI need to be fun? Do you want to manage your way through a menu by playing tetris? If it's just the looks you don't like, there are thousands of themes and backgrounds to make it look less boring. The most important thing in any UI is functionality; finding what you need fast and with ease, and that's what crossbar menu does well. I don't think you need any more than that. When I want to have fun, I play games.

Also Chris12, you just answ...

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