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Why is this compared to PS4 if it obviously can't play PS4 games?

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Absolutely not. It would too expensive to justify the gains.

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The only people who ever "complained about power" were try hard xbox fanatics concern trolling PS3 when it was supposedly weaker.

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How is this comment inappropriate? Sometimes I wonder why I even visit this piece of shit site with it's piece of shit mods anymore.

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@Jinger, pot, meet kettle.

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Nothing hard about it, it's God of War.

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Are you a retard or just stupid?

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That game was awesome.

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I always try to enjoy the game at my own pace and wait until I've at least finished the story before paying attention to the trophies. If the game is good enough, I don't mind completing it again for some missed trophies. But if the trophies are too hard or boring to get, I'll just get the ones I want to and move on.

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I can play all of those on my PC, no need for an Xbox at all. And yes yes "console exclusive" "still not on playstation!!111!" blah blah. That's an old and false excuse. If it's also on PC, it's not an Xbox exclusive. And don't give me any of that "bu-bu-but MS and Windows" because that's not how it works.

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Who cares? Fortnite is lame and crying for crossplay is just another excuse to whine and complain about Sony for people who have bought only an Xbox or Switch.

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Another one bites the dust.

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Dat 15fps Blighttown vibe. *drools*

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Oh well I guess it really is one big escort mission then. /s

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Not really, when you think about CELL processor and it's many cores. I think that eventually a PS4 emulator will work better than a PS3 emu, because of the much simpler and "PC-like" architecture.

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And now we have admins encouraging clickbait titles? Nice.

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Pathetic clickbait. I read a preview and interview from a gaming magazine, and it was made clear that you can actually ignore Atreus in regards of the gameplay. I'm not going to read this clickbait, but I guess maybe the meaning was that it's an escort mission storywise.

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