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I love the concept of this game. The gameplay sounds very interesting. I love the idea of the spy trying to act as an NPC to fool the other player character. Seems like it's hard for newer players to get established, but it's good to see that the community's great. Interesting project. #34
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Very interesting concept. As a cat owner myself, I can relate lol. This seems like a great time waster. #8
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I love that you guys are doing this indie month. I'm sure I'll find out about all sorts of interesting games this month. It's awesome you guys are giving indies attention like this. #15
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This looks neat. It seems like it has a good atmosphere going. It'll be interesting to see it develop. #12
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I'll be keeping an eye on EA's conference this year. I'm really hoping for Mass Effect. #3
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Whether or not I rebuy the trilogy will depend on if they include any DLC. If they're just going to sell the vanilla games, then I probably won't be too interested.

It's a fantastic series, though. I'm currently replaying the trilogy right now, actually. Just completed the first one. Mass Effect 1 is one of my favorite games. #57
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About time.

The time on this one is interesting, though. Most Directs have been in the 7-9 AM range where I live. Now it'll be 4 PM. Probably means nothing, but it did stand out to me.

At any rate, It'll be interesting. Nintendo could really use some positive press right now. I hope we see that one big announcement. #26
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I love the videos these guys make. They're really good at catching stuff. #4
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That's great news. One has to wonder why they just let the rumors linger over the last couple of weeks, though. Maybe it was because Watch Dogs was in the news again after a quiet period. IDK, it's still a relief to Wii U owners, though. #7
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I knew it wasn't legit. The much more sought after gold cart goes for about $20k whenever I see articles about its auctions. So a silver cart going for 5 times that seemed fake to me pretty much instantly. #9
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I wasn't talking about games. The briefing on the 30th has to do with management and policy, according to the article. If Nintendo has any structural/policy changes to announce, that is when they would do so. Which is why I'm curious as to what it's about.

I'm not expecting too much, for the record. I think they might announce a permanent price drop on first party software, but I can't see anything more dramatic than that happening. #9.1.1
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In regard to the article, I don't really think it's Sony's fault. It's a lot more complex than that, I think.

This event on the 30th should be interesting. I've never seen Nintendo in a situation like this, so it'll be interesting to see how they plan to remedy it.

I was hoping for a Nintendo Direct this month, but time's running out for that, unfortunately. #9
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I think not including the PWT from BW2 in X/Y was a pretty big omission. It's an odd exclusion considering how much GF loves past-gen fanservice. I loved that feature in BW2. #6
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Nothing for me this month. They need to include more games into the rotation. I know this is the second time I've seen 1080, and I think I've seen F-Zero offered before.

I'm not saying they need to be new everytime, but more variety definitely wouldn't hurt. #3
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I look forward to the article. It's kind of a difficult situation to solve IMO. I can see both sides of it TBH. Nintendo probably thinks they're adjusting to accommodate the hording mentality. However, raising the prices just ticks off the people that do use the system the way Nintendo desires. I think there's other ways to encourage code registration without random markups.

I have the same mentality as you btw. Once I hit 600, I stop. Although I will say that blo... #10.1.1
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Ah, it's in stock again. Luckily, I was able to get one last time before they raised the price. I don't know what Nintendo's doing with these price increases. I didn't notice most of the markups Admiral mentioned. They must not want very many coins in circulation or something. #10
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Storage wouldn't be an issue if the game didn't have SO many items that can't be reordered. There's a ridiculous amount in this game. So if you want to keep/collect stuff, you have no choice but to store the stuff.

Museum rooms help things, though. Also, I think that this game has the largest amount of cupboard space. Although, it still seems small due to the nonorderable's clogging up space. So I think a non-universal storage system would be great.
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That's pretty cool. Kind of pointless for me though since I'm already Platinum.

As for the Luigi statue, I'm about 520 coins away. Not only do I not know if I'll be able to get them in time, but I would pretty much have to forfeit next year's elite status to get it. I'm not a big enough fan of Luigi's Mansion to do that. #6
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I'm glad there's more Ace Attorney coming. I haven't finished Dual Destinies, but so far it's been a great game. Hopefully it sold well enough for the new one to get localized.

From the looks of things, it looks like Shu is truly done with AA. It seemed obvious, but it's a bit sad to me. I can't wait for his next game, though. Ghost Trick was a gem. #9
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I will definitely buy Mutant Mudds for 3DS. It's been on my list of games to eventually get, and with it being half off there's no reason not to get it. I'm thrilled. #6
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