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Well as I always can't please everyone. Sometimes what you thinks is interesting will only please a few people. What you find weird might entice a lot of people. Hope you can find more awesome articles :) #2.2.1
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Haha I was actually going to post this up from GameSkinny :P Shocks me that a person would actually sue a company over a virtual item. If you paid for something and didn't get the item and the company did nothing about it, then you could do something but an item?'s just a game. Want to make money off a valuable virtual item? Sell it on ebay lol. #1
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@Stuart5756 - Well good for you :) Some of us aren't that informed. It's always good to refresh your memory about stuff specially if hidden details are added. First time I heard about it. Hope others find it interesting though. #2
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It's an article. I found it interesting, but maybe that's just me. I like learning about game companies. #1.1
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