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We are going to need a lot more than one patch... This game is hella broken. We can all agree with that... We meaning the GT5 community.

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I agree but the sad part is we need a patch for a game that has been in development for 5 years.

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@shawdow I do own the game. PM me for my psn name. I do indeed love parts of the game like the go carts.

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Like I said before, this game has failed us and I am own a ps3 so dont even call me a troll.

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This game is no where as good as we all thought it would be however still and OKAY game at best. I feel I speak for the entire GT5 community here.

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It runs fine on mine... i don't know what this article is talking about.

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I'll take Forza 3's quick load times over GT5's horrible network time outs and slow load times. The graphics look the same to us so they don't matter.

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I was watching a live stream and they said that even after the install the load times were pretty bad. I agree because when he was selecting a car the picture took several seconds to show up then loading a game took aprox 30 seconds.

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Sounds like ignorance to me. I disagree with what they are saying but I am not ignoring it. Opinions are opinions.

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wow you can only do weather (rain) on a few tracks... WOW is that serious?

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I am wondering the same thing... is this real or GT5?


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Now if only we could turn off the HUD it would make this game so epic with the lights off using an HDTV

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possibly ever

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I haven't opened the article yet but I surly would be surprised if God of War III isn't there solely for the fact of no multiplayer.

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May I quote the article "PS3 hardware < Xbox 360 hardware "

Nuff said.

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Whats up with all the bashing on me? Daymn. All I said is I like MW2 more than GOW 3 which most people can agree with. Look at the sales. MW2 over GOW 3 like 50:1. Nuff Said

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@ all the disagrees.

I live in america, freedom of speech. I should be getting agrees because everyone has a right of free speech.

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We can all agree God of War 3 was sooo over rated. GOTY imo goes to MW2.

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Everyone just wait till Killzone 3 comes out.

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